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Welcome to the GoldenDict Wiki!

This Wiki is created in order to aid writing the GoldenDict documentation.

The usage of the same installation of MediaWiki for all languages is considered the best choice at the moment, but should the community and it's documentation project expand to them point when separation will be a sane step, this will be done.

It's up to you, and that really means you to help documentation project grow and expand, to see it changing and actually going somewhere.

Please feel free to do so.

Have you found a bug, want to suggest a feature or ask a question? Please use the forum, use Wiki for the purposes of documentation only.

List of existing articles


How to translate and compile GoldenDict in other language

Feature suggestions


Frequently Asked QuestionsStart here if you have a question. If there is no answer, ask on the forum . When done, please add your question and the answer you recived to this FAQ.

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