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  • Use WebKit for accurate presentation of articles, including all formatting, colors, images and links.
  • Support for different file formats of dictionaries, namely:
    • Babylon. Bgl
    • StarDict. Ifo /. Dict /. Idx /. SYN
    • Dictd. Index /. Dict (. Dz)
    • ABBYY Lingvo. DSL - the original dictionary files.
    • Sound pronunciation dictionaries
      • ABBYY Lingvo. Lsa /. Dat audio archives.
      • Possible to use as a dictionary of arbitrary set of audio files.
  • MediaWiki . Support search definitions in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or any other sites on the engine MediaWiki.
  • URL. Ability to use arbitrary sites as dictionaries, using the template URL.
  • Hunspell . System of morphology, based on Hunspell. Used for Stemming, and hints for spelling.
  • Full support for Unicode, diacritics. 'Grüssen' ё'grüßen'. You can type the words without the accents, not case sensitive, punctuation and, for example, typing 'Grüssen' in German dictionaries, there 'grüßen'. whitespace folding , Also used equipment whitespace folding, allowing to omit gaps / need an example /
  • Function ToolTip - Chosen translate words right in the window of another application.
  • Support for global hot keys. You can call up the program at any time, either directly translate a word from the clipboard.
  • Qt 4 Modern interface Qt, 4 with the use of tabs.
  • Cross-platform: Linux/X11 and Windows + possibility to port to other systems.
  • Free software: License GNU GPLv3 +.
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