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want to fix stardict files to render better in goldendict IF

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want to fix stardict files to render better in goldendict IF

Postby naphelge » Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:20 pm

I made the switch from stardict interface to goldendict one. I really like the dictionary grouping function and am already using that quite regularly to increase my efficiency (I write lots of essays and papers, so yeah I use my dictionaries a lot!).

Anyways I have written a lot of my own dictionaries that render fine in goldendict, but the more commercial ones like Oxford Concise and Merriam have problems displaying the associated img files included in the dict dir that display correctly in stardict interface. I have gone ahead and opened up a couple of those dicts but oh my gawd what a mass of a mess those entries are to make much sense of. Can anyone possibly let me know what I need to change in those .dict (uncompressed) files to have the anchored <img...> tags properly render in goldendict as well as special chars like '014D' used for pronunciation.

Also, my Oxford thesaurus displays individual entries each in just a single, unbroken line in goldendict whereas in stardict (interface) the entries observe and render in logically divided lines, perhaps one for verbs and another for nouns (I hope that makes sense). What is it I need to look for to alter to fix that as well, as single, unbroken lines of 200 and 300 words is difficult to parse.

I am quite proficient editing text files using the appropriate linux tools, which is how I make all of my own dictionaries, that all work fine. So I really just need a bit of help figuring out the anomalies that need to be addressed to properly render stardict files in goldendict interface.

Oh yeah, while looking at those .dict files I noticed a lot of ctrl-chars like ^W ^@ <97> etc. I also do a lot of text editing converting text books to ebooks so I run across these kinds of ctrl chars often and usually fix them. So should they be replaced with proper char equivalents or left as is?
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