Jiangsu Changshu down garment industry transformation and

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Jiangsu Changshu down garment industry transformation and

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Content Jiangsu Changshu textile and garment scarpe adidas donne 2017 industry has a long history and enjoys the reputation of 'the famous city in the south of Yangtze River and the world of clothing and garments.' For zapatillas nike factory baratas a long time, it has formed a complete industrial chain of chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing and related professional markets and is an important distribution center for domestic apparel . Textile and garment industry is the traditional pillar industry of Changshu City, people's livelihood industry, but also the city in recent years to promote high-tech industries, high-end, large-scale, and actively create one of the three billion-level industries. Among them, the export of down apparel is to participate in one of the products with obvious international competitive advantage, which has a chaussure nike air max 97 more important status and influence across the country. This year, Changshu export down jacket quality and safety demonstration area upgraded to a provincial demonstration area, at present, is actively creating a national demonstration area. Changshu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and local departments through the strengthening of demonstration areas of policy guidance and support to build a 'local government responsible for the negative, corporate responsibility, supervision and inspection and quarantine departments, departments concerned, industry associations self-regulation' export down jacket Outfit quality and safety management mechanism, fostered a group of outstanding 'down garment manufacturers' with high quality management, good product quality and safety and strong independent innovation capability.
The demonstration area has cheap nike shoes air max basically formed a series of industries featuring outstanding industrial advantages, clear functional positioning and obvious agglomeration effects , And the radiation is driving a strong force. 'It has become a model to promote the upgrading of export products and a model for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Quality control increased Product quality is the life of the enterprise. In recent years, in order to help enterprises in demonstration areas to improve the quality control of their export products, Changshu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has conducted a series of activities in conjunction with the founding departments of Changshu Bureau of Commerce and Clothing Association. Including the establishment of the promotion site to create a job site, 'going out, please come in' key enterprises in the region to observe the benchmarking activities, the quality and integrity of enterprises in the region commitment to hold a demonstration zone construction press conference. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Changshu also introduced measures to adjust inspection and supervision, strengthen public service platform construction, guide foreign technical trade measures, nike shoes help strengthen the eight measures of quality management, and strive to improve the quality and safety of the demonstration area. Demonstration Zone to take a number of measures to actively promote the construction of enterprise quality and credit system. Carry out quality credit enterprise selection activities, urge enterprises to establish and improve the quality of integrity education; carry out quality commitment, the implementation of credit management, and guide enterprises to implement product quality first responsibility. By strengthening self-discipline awareness, enterprises in the demonstration zone have formed a good mechanism of self-management, self-discipline and operating in a conscientious and honest manner. Bosideng Company took the lead nike free 6.0 in making quality promises to the whole society during the National Quality Month. It has successively won the honors such as 'National Quality Award', 'Jiangsu Export Quality Award', 'Jiangsu Provincial Quality Award' and the first 'Suzhou City Mayor Quality Award' Management honor title. In addition, in recent years, enterprises in the demonstration area have continuously increased efforts in hardware equipment and software management to further enhance the self-test self-control capability. In the procurement process, the company established a strict control system of raw and auxiliary materials and implemented the 'quality-one-vote veto system' for procurement of raw and auxiliary materials. In the production process, the Company established a strict online quality control system. In the after-sales process, the Company established and perfected a comprehensive Warranty service system, the implementation of after-sales service advice, such as free maintenance exchange. Bosideng set up its first testing center in the industry and obtained cnas approval. Over the years, enterprises in the demonstration zone have never suffered any claims of quality reasons, returned goods and investigated and recalled notifications from other countries. They won high praise from domestic and foreign merchants for their excellent quality. Significant increase in brand influence In recent years, the demonstration zone to speed up the cultivation of own-brand down clothing, and strive to enhance their core competitiveness. At present, there are 1 export-exempt enterprises, nike-air-max-r4 1 world famous brand in China, 5 famous brand products in China, 8 well-known trademarks in China, 20 brand-name products in Jiangsu and 8 famous trademarks in Jiangsu Province. Bosideng Company was appraised as the first 'China World Famous Brand' in apparel industry by the AQSIQ and was awarded as 'the leading brand of Chinese textile and apparel' by China National Textile and Apparel Council and the only 'China Industrial Award' in domestic consumer goods field. The company actively explore the international market with its own brand, and registered 'Bosideng' trademark in 68 countries and regions in the world. The products have entered developed countries such as the United States, Russia, Canada, Britain, Italy and other European and American countries. The day before the opening of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Bosideng opened its flagship store in Europe and opened its European headquarters. In cooperation with the top European e-commerce company, the European Top Group, Bosideng formed the mode of 'European Design, Chinese Production and European Marketing'. Earlier this year, Bosideng conducted product testing in New York, participated in the New York International Fashion Week and held a release show. In May, the China Enterprise Pavilion at Milan Expo was formally signed to exhibit and interact during the World Expo. Demonstration area Bosideng, Cathay Pacific BMW, Yashi Da, Sisi apparel and other benchmarking companies also take the initiative with the world-renowned brands such as nike, boss, tommy, gap, elle, the north face and other powerful combination, increasing brand added value, expand International market share. In order to expand the brand effect of the quality and safety demonstration zone for exported down apparel, the founding departments of Changshu City persisted in making use of special information, internet carriers and news media to promote the effectiveness of the demonstration area in time and achieved good social effects. In the spring last year, it was at the peak of the export of down-feather products. In the meantime, the domestic situation of bird flu was high and the price of plush plunged and the quality was worrying. In response, the Changshu Bureau conducted a series of investigations in a timely manner, sending law to home and warning education Measures and write special information, contact the news media, take the initiative to report on, publicity, has been AQSIQ, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government, Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Suzhou Municipal Committee, Changshu municipal government attention , CCTV, Jiangsu TV and other mainstream media conducted in-depth coverage of this, Changshu municipal party committee personally made a comment. Statement: The above Jiangsu Changshu Down Garment industry transformation and upgrading into the inevitable way Content from the 'Chinese clothing network content' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please Contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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