Winter winter down jacket prices have risen 10% to 15%

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Winter winter down jacket prices have risen 10% to 15%

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:38 am

In May this year, due to the H7N9 bird flu, many places such as poultry and chickens were curtailed. After the outbreak of the epidemic, farmers have recuperated, but this year's feather supply was significantly less than in previous years, down prices to get on a 'helicopter.' At that time, many people in the industry speculated that winter down jacket prices will rise sharply, at least up 30%. Recently, the reporter specifically investigated the sales of Hangzhou down jacket and found that this winter down jacket rose 10% to 15%, some high-end down jacket prices rose more than 20%. Down production to reduce the price rise, why the retail price of down jacket market has not significantly increased? Raw materials rose fiercely, down jacket winter did not dare to rise Recently, the reporter went to Wulin Road, Ladies Fashion Street, in several branded apparel store, the flagship product prices are less than a thousand dollars, the clerk said 'this winter down jacket prices and Almost last year, basically did not rise. ' 'Red Sleeve' brand clothing store clerk said, 'This year zapatillas nike factory baratas down jacket prices more expensive than last year, like this one in your hand, the original price of 1499 yuan, 150 more expensive than last year, but the increase is still normal, and now engaged in playing 8.8 Discount. '' Boubfang Square 'brand clothing store responsible for sales, said Mr. Sun:' As far as I know, most winter this year, the price of most brand down jacket did not rise, and some rose only 10% to 15%, some high-end models (Excluding the flagship product) prices have risen by more than 20%. Like the beginning of next month, we also have to make chaussure nike air max 97 a 20% off sale. '' The H7N9 bird flu outbreak this spring resulted in a sluggish bird market and many cities in the country culling poultry , Resulting in down all the way soaring prices, and in short supply.With 90% of white eider as an example, last year's purchase price is 278,000 yuan a ton, after the Chinese New Year rose to 367,000 yuan a ton, Month was even more than 600,000 yuan per ton (maximum peak), an average increase of 60%, after which the price dropped slightly. '' Semir 'is responsible for the management of goods, Ms. Xu However, in fact, judging from the current market reaction, though down prices have risen sharply, the down jackets only show a ' Slightly up ', a down jacket up 30 to 50 yuan, little impact on consumers. 'Ms. cheap nike shoes air max Xu bluntly, Down costs about 30% of the overall cost down jacket, 30 to 50 yuan per piece price increases are not complete Is down by the impact of rising costs, but also includes housing rental, artificial salary (10% to 20% annual increase), logistics costs and other factors. 'Bu Yi Square,' Mr. Sun analysis, now the apparel industry is not as good as before, the decline in consumer purchasing power, coupled with the physical store by the impact of electricity supplier and other factors, manufacturers and channel operators can only rely on their own down costs of down, not easy The cost passed on to consumers. Fur collar price doubled this season down jacket advocating 'simple style' In the 'cloth Square' clothing store, the reporter ran into the selection of down jacket Miss Zhao, 'looking for a jacket with a fur collar so hard scarpe adidas donne 2017 ah, is not popular Fur collar? 'She muttered. Reporter carefully looked in the store in a circle and found that the original very popular large fur collar down really a lot less this year. Mr. Sun explained that the most commonly used fur collar collar down prices doubled this year, the mid-range fur collar prices from the average price of 40 yuan rose to more than 100 yuan, the specifications of the fur collar then have to be 200 yuan each Above, natural fur collar collar price more expensive. Coincidentally, in the outlet Square Wenhui Road, the reporter found that the figure of the big fur collar disappeared a lot. 'Like this down jacket, although there is no large fur collar, but the collar has a lace design, but also refined and stylish.' Hobbies shopping white-collar Zhang Xi Yi believes that 'no fur collar is also very good ah, can superfluous vision complete In the style and color, I found this winter's popular variety of profiles, such as A-type, H-type, O-type, etc. According to a garment manufacturer in Hangzhou reflect the fur collar prices doubled this year , A direct boost to the cost of manufacturers, in order to stabilize the price, it can only be omitted directly in the design of large fur collar, some with real hair collar high-end down jacket prices rose three or five hundred dollars. Imitation down jacket models of cotton into the market, 'new favorite' Outlet Square in the 'Lucky' brand clothing store, a pink short paragraph 'down jacket' to attract the reporter. 'This piece is as long as 550 yuan, nearly half cheaper than the down jacket Oh.' Miss Li said the clerk: nike free 6.0 'This type of cotton called 'science and technology cashmere', also known as 'down cotton', and now selling very fire, although the thermal performance is not strong down jacket , But in the case of similar styles and fabrics, many consumers are willing to buy this high-cost cotton-padded coat and can sell several pieces a day. ''
This was last year, but the trend is even more pronounced this year. Headquarters also set up a factory to nike-air-max-r4 study its fabric and technology, this year down the style and quantity of cotton is also significantly more than last year. '' Semir 'responsible for commodity management, said Ms. Xu. Reporter search Taobao 'Down Cotton', a total of more than 200 million pieces of baby jump. A 'Kai Shang clothing franchise stores,' a short paragraph of the original price of 198 yuan down cotton, actually sold 17,000 a month. According to Taobao's data, the search volume of Down Cotton increased 480.6% in the first month of the month and 91.9% from the same period of last year. 'It uses the down jacket fabric and technology, style and jacket down, the weight is also very light. The only difference is that the down jacket is filled with down, but most of this cotton padding is filled with polyester fiber, the price of this material than the duck down Cheaper nike shoes too much. 'Hangzhou Run Huang Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly to operate children's clothing, general manager Xu Keming explained. Statement: The above winter winter down jacket prices have risen 10% to 15% Content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you have any objection to the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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