Hailan House moved a lot of thought for a good jacket

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Hailan House moved a lot of thought for a good jacket

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:37 am

In recent years, the home of the Hailan home will be more focused on product development, this is not to divert marketing sight, to maintain brand freshness, but in order to truly inject high-quality products, high-tech and innovative . In Hailan home strong brand appeal, how to make product value and function of selling point more enjoys popular support, it is worth pondering. 2015 is the sea-lan home product quality year, spring and summer Hi-T series due to fabric comfort, style colorful and big sell; autumn devaluation 'to +' series, Oxford shirt, fleece and 100% full cashmere sweater Won the excellent word of mouth; autumn and winter last fall, first devaluation chaussure nike air max 97 will be acclaimed, much less conservative than the enthusiasm of consumers to buy, light down the quality of performance actually gave a similar international fast fashion brand no small impact.
2015, Hailan House to spend more thought, to achieve excellent iteration down series. In order to change the sense of down jacket down, Hailan down jacket design team focused on international trends, the use of V-routes, the leader will be inside the mix and match the leader color fluff, leather and other free splicing. Suitable waist fit oriental man body type, fresh color breakthrough winter gray tone. High-quality goose down velvet padding up to 90%, so tight between the cashmere to form the perfect airbag barrier. The new double intertwined technology and technology texture fabrics, not only can effectively resist the snow, but also enhance the body heat. In order to let the down jacket in the rainy day is not afraid of water, Heilan home with waterproof stitching, pressure line width exactly appropriate, with protective coating to prevent infiltration of water droplets, even suffered storm, the inner velvet still intact fluffy. Hailan home fully consider the actual wear of different climates, whether it is mild or confrontation with cold, have the appropriate style to calmly face. Hailan home has always been obsessed with the ultimate cost-effective, not because of the quality of the price and let people lose their favor. Outstanding product is the best ad cheap nike shoes air max 'Let the product speak for themselves' is the core challenge of this season's down jacket marketing. This spring and summer, Hailan House 'Hi-T Rainbow Wall' stunning Shanghai, called the Chinese fashion industry marketing success stories.
An instant winter in early December, in Shanghai Lujiazui and West Lake Cultural Square subway station in Hangzhou, people once again feel the wonderful products and brand confidence in the quality. Looks like a nike shoes simple display of 'color down wall' behind a lot of thought, through the transparent glass, carefully selected 20 down jacket laid out in order, the light sprinkled on the down body without losing the character, engraved on the glass Letters tell the wearing experience: Lightness, Warm, Comfort. If the closet has such an excellent jacket, the body and mood will certainly become warm and bright in winter. Intuitive products, television commercials also revealed the brand mind Hailan home escape ice and snow in the stereotypes, this season TV ads will be down jacket into the city life, spokesman Du Chun wearing a variety of colorful down jacket freeze in the dynamic scene, there is no chill. Heilan House will be down jacket as a fashion into the urban life of a single product, intuitive products in the consumer moments also experience the brand's young vitality and the pursuit of wonderful life attitude. A good jacket is like a warm companion along the way, just as the Hailan House brand has been inseparably linked with hundreds scarpe adidas donne 2017 of millions of Chinese men over the years to share their daily work nike-air-max-r4 and life. With you all the way out of color, both to say the emotional value of products, but also revealed the brand mind. This year, apart from 'Running, Brothers,' Hailan House also won CCTV's 'Great Challenge' clothing sponsorship. With Ruan Jingtian, Yue Yunpeng and Sha Yi starred in the grasslands and chased the streets , The high skill of the product also withstands the great challenge. December 1, 2015, Hailan Clothing Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhou Lizhen couple and spokesman Du Chun in Hebei South Buzi primary school, will be specially customized color down jacket zapatillas nike factory baratas for poor children in mountainous areas and teachers. For two consecutive years, Hailan House jointly launched the 'Multi-gram Warmth' public service operation jointly with the 'Warm Current Program' of China Social Welfare Foundation and Netease platforms. It hopes to take care of society and pass on brand love with the power of clothing and the warmth of down jackets. Into the mind a lot of nike free 6.0 down jackets, innovative and rich marketing intuitive display of products, high-tech, variety and warm fashion care and enhance people's trust and loyalty to the brand. In China's industrial upgrading, emphasizing the 'quality of China,' the era of the background, there is no perfect product brand will have no foundation and soil for survival. The sluggish market environment for many clothing brands can not get rid of the downturn in sales, was forced to close the fate of the store, and the sea-Lan House market performance in 2015 has always maintained rapid growth, which devoted themselves to do a good job with the product is not unrelated. Down jacket hot, is bound to bring a beautiful report card in the fourth quarter of this year. Statement: The above Hailan House moved a lot of thought for a good down jacket content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you copy the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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