Helan House 'down wonderful exhibition' and alternative

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Helan House 'down wonderful exhibition' and alternative

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Content - to do root brand consumer down jacket As a man's wardrobe must have a single product, many apparel brands to open the winter men's nike free 6.0 market of choice.
Now, warm and warm is no longer the only attribute of down jacket, with the improvement of Chinese men's clothing tastes, down jacket version also put forward higher requirements. 'Warm' and 'type' take into account, 'quality' and 'benefit' both in order to be in the down jacket men's clothing market invincible. Traditional cognition, a down jacket want to maximize the warmth, it is bound to fill a large amount of down, accompanied by the inconvenience and bloated. Recently, a marvelous exhibition of 'Outstanding Quality' feather down at a Hailan home in Shanghai's grand square broke the stereotype of established thinking. Organizers Heilan House with a fantastic feather show presents a subtle relationship between the quality of feather and beauty degrees, but also with a feather collar fashion show by the Chinese and foreign models to jointly demonstrate the brand this winter warm men's charm-type equipment , Both temperature and grace, not bloated, only the type. 328 yuan on-site commercials in the price of the viewer even more excited. Hailan home with such a creative and interesting exhibition highlights the advantages of category, professional and confident, I believe this will also play a role in the down jacket men's market to strive for the upper reaches of the horn. Quest for Excursions, In-depth Communication From November 4 to November 9, 2014, Heilan House 'Extraordinary Quality' Down Wonderful Exhibition commenced at Shanghai's Grand Central Plaza. The magnificent and fantastic exhibition pavilion attracts many visitors with its relaxing exhibition facilities. The exhibition will be defined as a home of Hailan Quest on the Quest for Down travel, formally get rid of the boring preaching meaning, originality. Throughout the exhibition, 'Feather Down Do not You Know', 'Experience in Personality' and 'Fashion Show of Feather Collar' will be launched to showcase the unimaginable performance of the feather products through the unique and interesting installation art And content. Not only to provide consumers with a free learning, understanding, interaction and experience of the platform, leaving consumers more intuitive to see the quality of the sea-lantern down the real material, the sea-lan house down jacket's 'quality' and 'benefits 'Sincerely show in the consumer's eyes. This is a specially designed for consumers scarpe adidas donne 2017 Down Quest Journey, clever and interesting means to achieve the intimate communication with consumers, the release of the Hailan home down force hair products strong signal.
Mind the quality of the decision As a national brand specializing in men's clothing, Hailan House has always considered Chinese men to provide a full range of excellent wear experience as a responsibility. Not only caring most appropriate version of the Chinese man's version, the selection of surface materials is also excellent selection, and strive to give Chinese men the most satisfactory dress. The 'extraordinary quality' feather down wonderful exhibition, Hailan home is to use 'quality' to open the men's down jacket category Hailan Men's market, the 'quality' and 'benefit' to benefit a wide range of men in China. Heilan home down jacket design director Mr. Huang Qi said in an nike shoes interview, Heilan House, every effort to make every dress, the quality of Heilan House down jacket, not only filled with a high content of high loft selection down, and even A small zipper to go through hundreds of thousands of opening and closing experiments to ensure durability, and even a small button to test the opening and closing when the crackling sound, to determine the button inside the steel is good Bad. Sincere mind for the clothing determines the halal home harsh production technology, and this harsh also ensures the excellent quality of the halal home clothing, so Hailan home dared to stand up and consumers do a deeper level on the quality Communication. From the national brand to the world Hailan as early as in 2002 to create a real national brand layout. From the establishment of China's first discount-style clothing store to the over 3,000 stores that cheap nike shoes air max now cover the whole country; from single business men's wear to today's suits, cotton, coats, shirts, T-shirts, underwear, belts and ties , Scarves, footwear and so on 17 major series of more than 5,000 varieties. Heilanzhulan constantly for men in China to create affordable men's wear, men's optimized shopping experience; 'Hailan home, man's zapatillas nike factory baratas wardrobe' has also been more and more people are well-known and recognized. In April chaussure nike air max 97 2014, Hailan House Backdoor Keno Technology to achieve market value of more than 40 billion yuan, becoming the largest A-share clothing company. Hailan House stakeholders said that after the completion of asset securitization, for Hailan House, the annual savings of 200 million or 300 million advertising costs, the supplier is equivalent to ensuring the sales of products, while the Chinese consumer In terms of, the most intuitive feeling is to Heilanjia clothing cost-effective. 'Parity' is the commercial feature of Heilan House in recent years. Every Chinese man can get the best quality clothes at the cheapest price. This is also the insurmountable business gap of any other clothing brand. Mr. Zhou Jianping, chairman of Heilan House, once said that he will never do the job. For more than 10 years, Heilan House has been intensively working in the old bank. But that does not mean there is no breakthrough. The supermarket chain, e-commerce, own brand, commercial chain ... ... almost every year, nike-air-max-r4 companies are leaping to new areas. In Mr. Zhou Jianping's grand blueprint, Heilan House, a Chinese national garment enterprise, will certainly represent China's garment manufacturing industry to the world. Any one to the world's brand, in addition to quality, but also have their own cultural core and emotional communication with consumers. In 2014, Father's Day Feelings for Father Love Campaign, 'One Warmth of One Year's Love' donated to charity students and teachers in poor mountainous areas, and this wonderful performance of 'Outstanding Quality' feather down. Heilan House continuously builds Consumers emotional resonance, but also continue to build a brand more profound emotional content and influence. Disclaimer: The above Hailan House 'down wonderful show' and the consumer's alternative communication content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the content of the source, if you copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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