Harbin City enthusiasts eager to renovate a clothing store 3

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Harbin City enthusiasts eager to renovate a clothing store 3

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:36 am

Contents Li Shuang, 35, from Harbin City, has gotten up. After washing her hands, she and her husband came to the store to start a new day's work. Unpacking, come up with down, the amount of size, cut the fabric material ... ... In the outer area of ​​Harbin Road, Chong Jian Street, a clothing store, a scene in full swing. 'Yesterday has been to work until 11 pm, there are a lot of work did not finish, do not seize the time to delay the customer wear ah ...' Li Shuang told reporters, spending thousands of dollars compared to previous years to buy a new down jacket, the winter has been more The more people are willing to spend hundreds of yuan to play a 'renovation.' WeChat photos came in as soon as possible to do, 'My boss, this piece of my down jacket can be changed, looks too old, another style.' 8 am, Li Shuang ushered in today's first guest, 'as long as you What to say,
I can do as you said, 'Li Shuang said with certainty. nike-air-max-r4 Reporters in Li Shuang's shop to see whether the model wearing the sample or hanging on the wall has done a good job of finished products are very stylish fashion avant-garde, and even some of the major international brands, shopping malls sell million down jacket styles are Have. 'One day I am about to pick up a dozen or so new bar, from October last year, three months I received a total of nearly 2000 single, really busy.' Li Shuang said the fashionable has become a renovation of the down jacket Big selling point, no matter what style in the mall optimistic, can be done as it is. 'You see, the clothes pictures or Taobao screenshots directly to my WeChat, I can follow this way to do, the effect is not bad.' Li Shuang said young people like to pass from the WeChat map, but middle-aged People prefer to go directly to the store to try on, if you do not have ready-made nike shoes clothes, choose from the book, there are always hundreds of looks suitable, optimistic about the scene set, cheap nike shoes air max and no trouble. Save more money mall down jackets Thousands of thousands of renovations down to get Down style look good to attract so many customers? Reporters learned that the affordable price is another factor selling hot down jacket. 'Now the price of down jackets brand is too high, at every turn on more than two thousand, it would be better to put the old renovation look, the style of their own set, the price is cost-effective.' Ms. Lee has come to renovate the third down jacket, the first two are for themselves and her husband This time I intend to make one for my mother. 'The price of renovation down jacket from 200 yuan to scarpe adidas donne 2017 1,000 yuan range, mostly three or four hundred yuan, compared to the store thousands of dollars at ordinary down jacket is indeed a lot cheaper.' Li Shuang told reporters, 'spent thousands of yuan renovation of the down jacket Mainly expensive in the fur collar and rough edges, and if you do not add these things, a few hundred dollars will be able to get. 'More assured new market goods Difficult to zapatillas nike factory baratas distinguish good or bad comes down the most reliable' Now sold the jacket is very thin, a little Not warm, not what I bought a dozen years ago, but looks really outdated, idle and idle, took down and reuse, and wear a new one, but this can not be bought in the store 'Ms. Zhang, a 50-year-old who came up with a refurbished down jacket, told reporters. This reporter learned that the quality of the mall down jacket can not be assured of the quality chaussure nike air max 97 of down, down is that many customers want to renovate another main reason. 'If the old down jacket in the dull, then nike free 6.0 the general two old feather can be renovated into a new one, usually an old down jacket can be refurbished into a new, if not down enough to buy directly in the store. See the raw materials, I believe every customer can be assured. 'Li Shuang said that if customers do not have the old down jacket, but also in the shop to buy down, a section of down jacket almost four hundred twenty-two velvet, a down jacket to do the most A few hundred dollars, a lot cheaper than the mall price. Statement: The above Ha people are keen on down jacket renovation a clothing store 3 months to 2000 content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you have the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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