High Vatican: online down jacket business of the three

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High Vatican: online down jacket business of the three

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:34 am

Content to play the traditional brand: must 'give up' line down jacket nike free 6.0 market is rather special, although the country a lot of second and zapatillas nike factory baratas third tier brands, but renowned first-line brands with very few, nike shoes the big names often establish some high standards of industry rules, suppress the small brands Online market 'can not get the head.'
However, Wu Kunming said that the flattening of the Internet has given small brands a good chance of outcropping. Traditional big brands have two important weaknesses: the traditional big names in the Internet are often three or four operators, not the boss personally battle; the other is the traditional brand entity too many channels, the ship can not turn around. Many Internet brands just because online frontline battle with the front line to victory over online. As a result, Wu Kunming took over an important adjustment to GAO VAN after taking over the company's e-commerce business in 2012: the offline entities are developing lightly and the all-out force is fully committed to e-commerce. Focusing on the goal of fully targeting the Internet market, Wu Kunming began to recruit a large number of 80,90 employees cheap nike shoes air max with extremely Internet genes and even 90 designers. Organized all employees to participate in the training of Internet marketing knowledge at Taobao University. They paid close attention to and focused on the chaussure nike air max 97 development of e-commerce Platform rules to make strategic adjustments. In fact, the adjustment of such high-Vatican faces a huge risk: At that time, the high Vatican has developed 700 underline franchise stores, covering many domestic second and third tier cities, there are also a few first-tier cities laid. Letting go of these shops means that the future may break their own land. However, Wu Kunming said: 'This time we must rely on the bombing of the air force, we can lose at the starting point, but we must win the turning point. Want done big under the line, we must bet on the Internet.' Do short-term business: crazy Fight activities down jacket industry sales law and the general apparel season was significantly different. According to Wu Kunming introduction, down jacket sales from the start of October to the end of the Spring Festival for the season, generally four months, the rest of the time sales rarely. This is also the high goal of Vatican 150 million this year, and as of mid-August, less than 20 million sales completed only an important reason. However, based on historical experience, Wu Kunming told Billion Power Network: 'There is not much to be done in achieving the goal. Just lay the important battle between October and the Spring Festival. For example, Lynx double-breakeven.' Kunming estimated that this year's double eleven, high-Vatican Paul will complete the end of 60 million sales, and strive to 1 billion.
He disclosed that if we want to grasp such a big promotion opportunity, we must lay out all aspects in advance. According to reports, such a big double 11 is equivalent to the purchasing power of a period of time Xu Li to a day, the order of the outbreak will have a great impact on the entire operation, it is necessary to hone cross-sectoral collaboration ability. From customer service consulting to the user orders, picking, picking and logistics out of stock or even return to reinforcements and sub-groups in the form of multi-exercise. Before the promotion activities, all departments will be pulled out to open the general assembly and work around a target point. In the process, what products have been put on the diamond booth or on a cost-effective basis, and what departments should increase manpower, what should be fully met to discuss the discussion have to do. In case of thorny problems, we can look for foreign aid to do internal training or cross-departmental training in the project, and finally achieve the purpose of 'each department in one project is very clear about their duties, rhythm, goals and efficiency.' In the big promotion activity, inter-departmental high-efficient collaborative operations often created great value for Vatican. According to reports, Lynx 626 activities and mid-year promotion, Gao Van won the first title of CAT category. Since most of the sales of down jackets are concentrated in the forthcoming 4 months in scarpe adidas donne 2017 October, it is very necessary to lay a good foundation for promoting short-term sales from February to September. Save the future competitiveness: to do multi-point layout industry leader to establish the industry rules, second and third tier brands can only play with the back, in fact, still do not have their own core competencies. Ghosn Fan has done more than 30 well-known domestic brands ODM, but very few people have known before Gavan this brand, we can see that a single product capabilities and can not directly become its core competitiveness. For those brands that have lost their preconceived advantages, multi-point layout can borrow stones from other hills to attack jade, such as high Vatican. Kunming Wu said that Vatican made a multi-industry investment in Anhui based on its headquarters. There are three main areas: establishing an Anhui cooperation institution with Taobao University, setting up an E-commerce Industrial Park with relevant real estate developers in Anhui Province, and cooperating with Wuzhou in online e-commerce logistics. Taobao University in the future can provide education for more network nike-air-max-r4 operators nearby; and attract e-commerce companies to locate and build e-commerce industrial park can also make high Vatican in terms of capital, context and so on strength; cooperation with the logistics company, which is equal to making money At the same time this piece of business contracted to save energy. The network channels, high Vatican has not only sold in their own, now the development of the entire network of distributors, layers of layout. 'The future must be systemic competition, for small brands, in the field of advanced related to do some early layout will be an unexpected gain.' Wu Kunming said. Statement: The above high Vatican: online down jacket business three unconventional play content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you have attribution of copyright Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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