Change in the apparel industry forced Bosideng strategy

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Change in the apparel industry forced Bosideng strategy

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:33 am

In recent years, the textile and garment industry suffered a 'winter', the industry continued to slump, high inventories, sac [url=]sell designer bags coach bleecker crossbody[/url] artificial rent and other climbing, at the same time due to the rapid expansion of the early, some companies increased pressure on cost increases so sharp this year, the entire apparel industry, Continuing. Data show that Belle in the first quarter retail outlets to reduce 167; nine animal husbandry Wang earlier this year had plans to close the store the goal is 50 to 100, while the first half of the year has closed 134; Septwolves also severely net reduction of 519 stores .
These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. The traditional apparel industry into the era of change, sometimes means shutting down regret exit, and sometimes heralded a strategic shift. The garment industry in the past rely on the low-cost, large-scale advantages gradually lost, is entering a new period of change. Some analysts believe that the traditional 'brand + wholesale' business model not only leads to low product market adaptability, but also increased the cost of management of enterprises, and suppress the growth Sac de voyage femme of gross profit margin. At the same time, with the development of e-commerce and changes in consumer habits, the performance of some non-competitive physical stores has been underperforming and has to cease operation. In fact, the tide of closures persisted as early as a few years ago and is not a new phenomenon this year. In 2013, Bosideng down jacket pressure on the stock already appeared, nearly a thousand stores reduced. However, it is learned that Bosideng is gradually making efforts from a partial management mode to a meticulous one. It is gradually expanding its business mainly through wholesale business to retailing retail business, which has changed the way of opening shop sales in the canada goose pas cher homme past. And the shop is not necessarily representative of the micro, the peak period of nearly 13,000 stores, but the vast majority are 'shops.' Most of the closed stores are poorly-suited and inefficient distributors, while the newly opened ones are dominated by well-decorated and well-served 'big stores'. At present Bosideng self-operated stores accounted for nearly 40% of the total. According to the latest data, Bosideng has won the first consecutive sales of China's winter clothes market champion for 20 consecutive years, the only representative of China's winter clothing for the past 19 years released the trend. At present, Bosideng is making every effort to create a 'pull' supply chain management mode that is customer-oriented and efficiently coordinated so as to create a better shopping experience for consumers. This year, scarpe asics with the concept of Pop-up Store, the company toured the new season down jackets in different cities. The first station in Changchun achieved satisfactory results. The success of Pop-up Store, a new form of overseas retailing driven by popularity, attracts the attention of consumers with live events and games, creating not only successful topics but also local sales. At the same time, Bosideng with consumer shopping habits change, some brands such as Compro, Bingjie into a regional brand, the main electricity sales, both to save sales costs, but also to meet consumer demand. Exploring the Breakthrough in Higher-level Outsourcing In recent years, there has been a great change in the industrial environment. The new environment has led to the bottleneck of growth. Enterprise value chain optimization can not meet the needs of consumers more diversified and subdivided, and their contribution to the performance of enterprises is relatively limited, so had to explore new breakthroughs. The new breakthrough is the first extension of the multi-brand and multi-category extension, in this regard, the international brand has given a clear path to growth, including LVMH Group continued to mergers and acquisitions to become global fashion supremacy. In addition, international apparel groups such as VFC (THE NORTH FACE parent Wevel Group), Itochu, UNIQLO and other brands all have its own, as well as the recent acquisition of Japan's Baroque Belle shares are in the multi-brand strategy Avoid the risk of single production. Merchants Securities believes that some brands are also exploring a higher level of outbreak of the breakthrough, and actively layout of the ecosystem of the platform (multi-brand + multi-category + service) development; enterprises are from the brand model to the ecosystem mode, the strategic center of gravity, The elements of competitiveness and the mode of development all have new connotations. In 2012, in response to the continued weakness in the industry and the upgrade of people's consumption philosophy, Bosideng realized that the consumer order is changing the trend of apparel brands. A single category of low-level competition is not enough to support the sustainable growth of garment enterprises. It is necessary to break the mode of taking the down jacket as a single main business and establish a development strategy of 'four seasons, multiple brands and internationalization'. In fact, the courage to go out of this comfortable area of ​​their own familiar down jacket to do multi-try, reflecting Bosideng victorious generals down jacket courage to shabbiness and innovation, for future plans to try for future development. However, there are also industry questioned Bosideng the above strategy although the prospects for the better, but short-term difficult. For this phenomenon, some analysts believe that most of the investment in the short term structure does not contribute to performance, but the strengthening and development of the ecosystem will support the high valuation, and the huge space for the industry is expected to help it stand out in the long term . Bosideng also admitted that the transformation can not be achieved in one step, the most important thing is the process of self-adjustment, according to the actual situation in a timely manner to amend the strategy, such as the termination of the average performance of children's clothing, women's brands. More importantly, each experience helps to do better next time. Although the introduction of strategic investor ITOCHU was denied the dilution of the existing shareholders' equity by issuing new shares, the company will continue to seek the most favorable win-win cooperation. Family-style management is gradually changing In addition, it is worth mentioning that many industries in China are full of family-owned enterprises, especially in the traditional manufacturing industries. However, the business philosophy of family-owned enterprises easily lead to lack of vitality of enterprises. Some successful experiences of foreign countries are worth learning from, including the introduction of the modern enterprise system into the clan system.
The two are organically integrated, keeping both the clan system and the clan system. In this regard, China's outstanding textile and garment enterprises are working hard. It is noteworthy that for the entrepreneurial decision-making model, independent directors have become a new air max 2015 corrective checks and balances. Taking Bosideng as an example, with the opportunity of going public in Hong Kong as an international capital market, we will introduce modern management concepts and take the board of directors as the highest decision-making body to exert different business backgrounds or professional experiences of each director. The company's policy and strategic direction is formulated by michael kors shoulder bags a ten-member board of directors to ensure that the Group has an effective internal control environment and oversees the management responsible for day-to-day operations. Bosideng, four of them independent non-executive directors from apparel industry, auditing and finance sectors, can also provide objective and independent judgments to the board of directors. Statement: The above changes in the apparel industry Forced to break the brand Bosideng strategy planning ecosystem Content collected by the 'China Apparel Network Content Department' from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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