Exclusive | Bosideng cooperation with third parties

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Exclusive | Bosideng cooperation with third parties

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Chinese clothing network December 18 Zhuangao: inventory every year, this year is particularly large. For the garment industry, the 'stock sac coach bleecker crossbody crisis' shadow has always been difficult to erase. China Garment Network reporter recently found that China Downing leading company Bosideng and related inventory companies clean up, including Bosideng, Compro, the feather, flying snow, including the four brands of tens of thousands of pieces of down jacket packaged for processing. However, Bosideng is also very cautious in handling the inventory, requiring the other party to take the money on behalf of the seller, while selling the above products, they should also be 3 kilometers away from the local Sac de voyage femme Bosideng brand stores. In addition, Bosideng also launched its own large discount brand factory in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, including Bosideng, La Chapelle, Sophiscated men's Wear, Weilode and other brands. Due to the low price, the surrounding residents went to the buyers in an endless stream. An industry source who declined to be named to the China Garment Network reporter said that the situation shows that as a leader in the down jacket industry boss, this year's transition is quite difficult. Mentioned from the above tens of thousands of down jacket point of view, if the one-time buyout, at best, each also dozens of pieces, though not new, but a resale to the market, it is estimated that not a small profit .
The person who estimates that Bosideng inventory only estimated at more than several billion yuan, but this year is not very cold, down jacket michael kors shoulder bags business day quite sad. Bosideng is constantly adjusting, seasons clothing has been no improvement, the market share of down jackets continue to decline, the product features a few distinctions, consumers are not willing to accept the more 'old-fashioned' style. Orin-V My Fangfang founder and president Zhang Bingliang here to China Fashion Network reporter said that at present, the weak performance of the consumer apparel market is far below expectations, resulting in excess inventory of low-end products, such a large-scale inventory clean-up move, will certainly be normal Of the retail market caused greater impact, thereby further exacerbating the inventory inventory in the next year. Previously there were experts in an interview with China Garment Network, said it expects the garment industry in February or March 2016 or a wave of inventory clearance peak. And Zhang Shaoliang also pointed out to China Garment Network reporter, the above point of view is in line with the actual situation, but the inventory status of the apparel industry should be quite serious, it is only the brand company's inventory, as well as the front-end franchisee hands and back-end OEO factory The stock has not figured in yet. This is also the inevitable result of the traditional clothing distributor and wholesale joining mode coming to the present day. It also forms the frontier, mid-end and back-end sell designer bags 'dammed lake.' China Garment Network reporter also learned that, in order to speed up the inventory cleaning progress, Bosideng use part of the third-party distributors in the first half sales off off-season or foreign sub-rent shops, the establishment of temporary stores selling second-hand, provided by its goods. Distributing the operating expenses by distributors, on the other hand, will save distribution costs for the Group as well as increase sales channels to clean up inventories. Data show that by cleaning up inventories and the implementation of strict production plans, Bosideng's total inventory fell nearly 4 billion yuan over the same period last year to 2.052 billion yuan, a drop of 14.8%. In addition, the average inventory turnover days from the original 271 days to 221 days, a substantial reduction of 50 days. In this regard, an apparel industry analysts pointed out that to some extent, this reflects Bosideng a series of clean-up inventory measures by-effect, so that stocks realized faster. Chinese clothing network reporter noted that Bosideng side had previously told the media that Bosideng's goal is to become multi-brand integrated apparel operators in the brand development, the future goal is to increase the proportion of non-down jacket business, the current sales of women's brand Obvious improvement, the future does not rule out the possibility of cooperation in the form of mergers and acquisitions or the development of women's clothing. Down jacket due to the seasonal strong, Bosideng down jacket business seems difficult to support the development of enterprises, so Bosideng began to explore more growth points of development, to enhance the development and development of non-feather field. The Zhang Shaoliang then introduced to China Garment Network reporter, Bosideng no matter what way to digest the stock, hanging in the head of the enterprise, 'Damocles Sword' will always fall, the way is slightly different, but the outcome and The consequences are the same. Bosideng cooperation with third parties to clean up the inventory of an effective but non-solution - Dialogue You Da International fashion brand investment company president Yang Dajun China Fashion Network: Yang teacher Hello, Bosideng and third parties to clean up the inventory of stock practices How do you think of? Yang Dajun: Turning to the issue of inventory, I have to combine the status quo of the down jacket industry to conduct a specific analysis. With the economic downturn, the development of the garment industry is also facing various unfavorable factors, especially the down jacket industry, 2012-2015 belongs to the ebb period of this industry, at this stage, the benefits of China's down jacket business is not much good , But also makes a lot of businesses have a lot of inventory, Bosideng is no exception. As a leading Chinese down jacket business, Bosideng has been in a downturn in the development of these years, both profit and turnover are declining, leading to the largest source of such a result I think is 'inventory', which caused huge inventory Stress, if only rely on online or their own channels to solve, there is no way to completely solve. So, Bosideng choose a third party to cooperate to deal with inventory is also an effective method. Doing so can further improve the digestion ability of the stock. In fact, this approach is canada goose pas cher homme very common in foreign countries, including some well-known luxury brands do the same. They also use long-term, stable sales channels to digest their inventory, scarpe asics so that since it can increase cash flow and reduce the risk of doing business, it is a bit late for Bosideng to do so, but it is in fact a last resort. means. China Garment Network: In other words, inventory problems and the industry's own business model? Yang Dayun: Yes, down jacket industry So far, the terminal distribution channels inside the sales are basically large wholesale model, this wholesale model allows the company itself for the terminal sales and the ability to control the entire supply chain relative Is relatively poor. And this wholesale model has become increasingly outdated and obsolete under the impact of the Internet. If Bosideng just third-party to digest inventory, can not effectively control the terminal increase and consumer adhesion, and then through the big data to improve the balance between production and sales, the future Bosideng inventory probably will also be more serious. However, this outdated model is also based on the seasonal characteristics air max 2015 of down jackets industry, including Bosideng, Islay, many companies want to build terminal channel transformation, but because of seasonal problems, down jacket products in spring and summer can not cope It is also taking into account these factors that a lot of down apparel companies sublease stores in the summer season and take back sales that are used to make sales in winter to stabilize growth through the sale of seasonal clothing. Not only will it not help development, but it will also be a new channel for increasing inventory. In my opinion, in fact, the real problem is not here, the key is how we learn from those doing good business, you know, down jacket is your strength, how to make the product more serialized before it becomes more important. Chinese clothing network: Yang teacher, including the solution to Bosideng down jacket business, inventory problems, what better advice? Yang Dajun: Do not put down a single product as the main sales target, consider the four seasons of the problem is also possible, I think down the industry inventory is mainly the industry as a whole business model is too old, as well as feather clothing industry control of the terminal capacity Too weak, so in the economic downturn and the impact of the Internet, the problem has not been solved before the outstanding highlights, I also think that so far, no one down jacket enterprises to find an effective solution to completely solve the inventory. And to solve the fundamental method of inventory, down jacket industry still have to learn some clothing business practices, from the terminal, stores, supply chain, how to communicate effectively with consumers, big data management and how to enhance the brand influence To seek solutions. I think the down jacket industry as a whole has come to the transformation of the era, if you do not find a new profit model can not be found, there is no fundamental solution to inventory problems, rely on the strength of third parties can not solve the situation down jacket industry profit decline. I believe that the down jacket industry only through their own efforts, after the industry's self-adjustment, after this round of reform, should be able to find suitable for their own development. Postscript: inventory for the apparel industry, not a short period of time can be solved, and how to digest the huge inventory, are testing the survival wisdom of many companies, including Bosideng, China Garment Network reporter will continue to track reports. Statement: The above exclusive | Bosideng cooperation with third parties Large-scale inventory experts said the effective non-solution content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you Objection to the ownership of this article, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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