The 21st China International Feather Exposition and Yu Bo re

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The 21st China International Feather Exposition and Yu Bo re

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Content by the China Down Industry Association and Jingdong Mall co-sponsored Xiaoshan District People's Government Xintang Subdistrict Office, Xiaoshan sac coach bleecker crossbody District, Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Bureau contractors, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's Government, Zhejiang Province down industry associations in twentieth One session of China International Down \u0026 Sac de voyage femme Expo and 2015 Beijing Dong-Dong Yu Expo will be held on Somerset International Building Materials Plaza on December 4, 2015. The China International Down \u0026 Feather Expo (hereinafter referred to as 'Yu Bo') has an exhibition air max 2015 area of ​​10,000 square meters, with an exhibition period of 4 days (December 4-7). Exhibitors include domestic companies down and products, machinery and equipment and raw materials, and other upstream industries.
Online Yu Bo will be the same period in the opening of Jingdong Mall, launched high-quality brand marketing. At the same time, Jingdong will organize pavilions to participate in the offline display and promotional activities. Consumers can experience on the site of the exhibition canada goose pas cher homme hall, engage in interaction, and place orders by scanning codes. The exhibition will also set up an exchange platform for feather products enterprises, machinery and equipment, fabric accessories and other enterprises over the same period to promote understanding among peers and upstream and downstream industry chains and promote the perfection and development of the industry chain. Founded in 1995, Yu Bo has been successfully held 20 sessions. Over the past 20 years, Yu Bo has promoted the sales of down products from the initial promotion, popularized the down feather knowledge and set up an industry exchange platform; to build well-known brands in the industry to promote the development of industry production and design; and in recent years, it has promoted the combination of brand and promotion of sales, Set up a platform for upstream and downstream industry chain, the orientation of the exhibition as the industry continues to change. At present, China's manufacturing industry is making every effort to explore and keep making progress in the direction of 'Made in China 2025' and 'Internet +'. Affected by fluctuations in raw material prices, labor costs, warm winters and counterfeiting, the development of the Chinese down industry is slowing down. The industry will also look for breakthroughs in these two directions and explore the combination point of the Internet + down industry. To this end, the 21st Feather Fair will also be 'Made in China 2025' and 'Internet +' as the core, to carry out various activities. In 2015, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in his report on the work of the two sessions of the government that 'the emerging consumption that uses the Internet as a carrier and interacts online and offline is booming' ; At the end of September, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the Promotion of Online and Off-line Interaction, Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Innovative Development of Business Circulation. This shows that 'Internet + industry' and the online and offline interaction have become the national development direction of encouragement and support. With the continuous increase in the number of netizens in recent years, the development performance of the online down-products market is obvious to all. The industry has emerged with a number of emerging brands that have enjoyed rapid growth in the online market. However, the growth of the traditional professional brands has been relatively sluggish. How to adapt to the pace of development of e-commerce to speed up the online market expansion; how to use the powerful e-commerce market resources and the advantages of physical stores to enhance the online and offline interaction; become a traditional manufacturing enterprises to be solved problems and difficulties. During the feather expo this year, the Organizing Committee will set up a special online shopping mall offline experience zone and carry out online feather expo with Jingdong online and offline. On the one hand, the use of offline exhibition area to enhance consumer experience, on the other hand the sell designer bags use of online platform resources to strengthen brand promotion. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will also organize the exchange of traditional brands and outstanding e-commerce brands to share the experience of e-commerce operators and rapid supply chain development, advanced production technologies and perfect tools for quality control, complementing each other and promoting each other. In recent years, the quality of feather products has caused a great disturbance and impact on the industry. In order to improve the quality of feather products, safeguard the reputation of the industry, protect the consumers, Business and industry interests, and maintain the order of the feather products market, Zhong Yu Association has started to implement a series of measures, including: hold the industry quality oath assembly meeting, the implementation of the feather products credit guarantee signs, and e-commerce platform for the depth of co-operation of quality control, revision of the state Standards and international standards to promote feather testing laboratory proficiency testing and so on. Quality problem is the need to industry associations, government, enterprises, testing agencies and e-commerce platform to participate in and work hard to solve the problem. During this year's exhibition, the Down Association will jointly explore with Jingdong Mall management of quality supervision of e-commerce market, so that brands, manufacturers, industry associations, government departments of quality supervision, e-commerce platform and testing agencies gathered together to discuss the quality of the industry To control the implementation of the program to strengthen the quality supervision of feather products, feather products for the purification market environment, to maintain market order and work together. Industrial chain linkage to promote the feather industry intelligent upgrade Feather Fair in the industry chain to create an early attempt. In addition to the sewing machinery, fabric accessories industry into the exhibition links, but also carried out a lot of exchanges between industries. In 2015, Zhongyu Association further strengthened its interaction with China Sewing Machinery Association to understand the 'intelligent' development of the sewing machinery industry. In September, Chuo Association visited and inspected the 2015 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition and conducted an investigation on the 'intelligent' development of the equipment used in the down industry. During the feather feast this year, the feather association will continue to carry out the feather industry and the sewing machinery industry interaction, the 'intelligent' sewing equipment into the feather business, at the same time the actual needs of feather business feedback to the sewing machine business, for the industry Intelligent level of promotion, positive and useful exploration. As the largest domestic and international down industry, the most professional exhibition, China International Down Fair has gone through 20 years. In the past 20 years, thanks to the support from colleagues in the industry, Yu Fe will continue to grow and develop, not only by the widespread concern of all sectors of society, but also by the Chinese and foreign feather industry manufacturers, distributors and commercial organizations strong support and active participation, has become the domestic Down feather industry annual event. The industry is facing more and more complex market environment, Yu-Bo's mission is also more and more important. Therefore, Feather Fair michael kors shoulder bags scarpe asics is not only a window displaying the image of China's feather industry, but also a platform for enterprises to learn from each other, exchange information and expand markets. No matter now or in the future, Yu Bo will lead the industry in the forefront of the market for the development of the industry has played a positive role in promoting. Statement: The above 21st China International Down \u0026 Yu Plumbing poised content collected by the 'China Apparel Network Content Department' organized from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the content of the source, if you copy the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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