The 19th China International Down Fair and the 5th Xiaoshan

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The 19th China International Down Fair and the 5th Xiaoshan

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Content by the China Down Industry Association and Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's Government, Xiaoshan District People's Government Xintang Sub-district Office and Zhejiang Province Down Industry Association contractors of the 19th China International Down and the Fifth Xiaoshan International Feather Festival (below Referred to as 'Feather Fair') will be December 6, 2013 to 9 in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang New Agricultural Exhibition Center was held. The current feather exhibition total exhibition area of ​​10,000 square meters, exhibitors (units) more than 50. This year's Feather Fair to sales, exhibition sales one. While opening up the sales boom this winter, it will show the image of China's feather industry to consumers and the rest of the world, promote the domestic and international exchanges in the industry and help the feather market open up.
At the same time, Yu-fei also provides a platform for feather enterprises to exchange and publicize information, promote mutual understanding among peers and upstream and downstream industry chains, and promote enterprises and brands while promoting mutual understanding of the industry chain and perfection development of. In 1995, the first feather feast was held in Beijing China History Museum, from fest feast kicked off. More than a decade, Feather Fair continue to grow and develop, is now the world's feather industry's largest and most professional exhibition. Chinese and foreign down manufacturers, distributors and commercial organizations, the strong support and active participation, Yu Fe will become the feather industry at home sac coach bleecker crossbody and abroad an annual focus of attention. So far, Yu Bo has been held in Xiaoshan four consecutive. With the cooperation of China Down Industry Association and Xiaoshan District Government, every past feather expo achieved good results. This year, the two sides further strengthened their communication and cooperation and continued to expand the influence of Feather Expo and Xiaoshan Down Festa Festival, bringing greater help to the development of the industry and enterprises. Moved to the popular new museum to facilitate the audience to see the exhibition moved to Zhejiang New Nongnoo Exhibition sell designer bags Center. The convention center is located in the center of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, the geographical position is superior, has opened in air max 2015 Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District and the subway station bus lines 6, 5 minutes away from Metro Line 2, 10 minutes from the Hangzhou downtown area , Convenient traffic conditions are more conducive to the audience come to view the show. As a new stadium put into use soon, modern, formal, service in place, complete supporting facilities so that it has a certain hardware advantages. As 2012,2013 two years in Zhejiang Province Agricultural Fair venues, farmers during the agricultural fair flow of 100,000 people also proved to have considerable popularity. Geographical advantages coupled with convenient transportation, coupled with the Shaoxing Xiaoshan District Government provides a variety of facilities for the Fair, the popularity of this year's Fair will not be underestimated. Focus brand gathered in the new boutique collection As the industry continues to progress, production capacity has entered the ranks of the world leader in brand building has gradually become a new demand for the industry. In recent years, the industry has emerged a large number of outstanding enterprises and brands in the world and China's down market occupies a place. Every year, Feather Fair is the stage for collective outstanding debut of the industry. This year, it will also bring a wonderful Feather Feast to its audience: Bosideng's 3 major down-jacket brands Bosideng, Duck, Chi scarpe asics Chi, Tai Yu, Ying Lake and down bedding brands Di Ouda, North Swan, Fei Li Hong michael kors shoulder bags and many other well-known brands will also be displayed at the feather expo. Although the international big names have joined to make the feather market competition more intense, but the feather industry's local specialty brands are also continue to grow and develop, feather Expo is the brand showcase the strength of the company and brand image window. Upstream and downstream copolymerization to create industry chain event Many years ago, in the feather association is committed to cultivating the brand exhibition, trying to build the feather feather industry down into the world of feather industry and the benchmark for the feather industry to become the feather industry's largest service platform. And now, Yu Bo is in this attitude continue to move forward. This year, in addition to down companies to exhibitors, Yu Bo will also have some testing agencies, feather washing machinery and equipment, sewing machinery and equipment down industry chain companies and units on display. By then, feather plush will be the event this year, down feather industry. Show down products to pass down feather knowledge In the past 30 years, China's feather industry ushered in a period of rapid development, China is already the world's largest producer of down products, exports, consumer countries. However, the feather products in the domestic market share, especially the canada goose pas cher homme share of down bedding there is still much room for development. The purpose of hosting the feather fair is to showcase the outstanding brands and businesses through the centralized display of feather products. As the industry's largest and most professional feather and feather products Expo, Feather Fair will continue this year and major brands in the industry work together to bring consumers the latest and best products for consumers to bring warmth. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will also make a small handbook of exquisite feather knowledge to be distributed at the exhibition site to pass down feather knowledge to audiences at the scene so that consumers can recognize, recognize, approve and subscribe to feather products. This year the down industry has experienced fluctuations in raw material prices for the development of the industry has brought some impact on the performance of the public this winter industry has a high concern. Feather Fair held in this context, will be the wind vane industry development this winter. In the domestic market down the critical period for the development of enterprises and industries to provide a platform for the exchange of great significance. Xiaoshan is the capital of China's feathering industry and one of the important bases for the processing of down and products in the country. Yu-fei Fair has been held in Xiaoshan for 4 consecutive years and achieved good results. Xiaoshan District Government feather feast, the feather industry's strong support for the Feather Fair and down the development of the industry has provided a powerful impetus. The Feather Fair held Sac de voyage femme in Xiaoshan, Xiaoshan also improve the visibility and influence of down industry play a positive role in promoting. Statement: The above 19th China International Down \u0026 Expo and the 5th Xiaoshan International Fellowship will be organized by the 'Content Department of China Garment Network' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you copy the copyright Belonging objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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