Broken inventories 2 billion Bosideng how to solve the 'indi

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Broken inventories 2 billion Bosideng how to solve the 'indi

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High content of stocks overcast, Bosideng recently released as of sac coach bleecker crossbody March 31, the latest fiscal year results show that the company inventory remains as high as 2 billion yuan. Bosideng side of the inventory increase attributed to 'lack of digestion.' However, the industry believes that cut, discounted and other means to solve the problem, improve the channel canada goose pas cher homme response speed, with the pin is the key production. Inventory rose for five consecutive years At the end of September last year, Bosideng stock reached 2.703 billion yuan 'high-voltage line', after nearly six months of digestion, the stock remained high. As of March 31 this Sac de voyage femme year, the stock amounted to 2.043 michael kors shoulder bags billion yuan. Zhang Yuning, director of investor relations at Bosideng admitted in an interview with the Beijing Commercial Daily. 'We also realized that inventories are a relatively big issue. The increase in inventories was mainly due to the fact that the digestion was not strong enough.' And explained that for the September 30 last year, higher inventories, mainly for the second half of the year to prepare for sales, production in advance, the goods have not yet sent to the hands of dealers, so the stock inventory higher. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter Bosideng in recent years, the annual earnings review found that its inventory since 2010, the rise for five consecutive years. The huge inventory of a serious occupation of funds, resulting in a number of Bosideng financial data poor performance. For the year ended March 31, 2014, the company's revenue dropped 11.7% YoY to approximately RMB8,238 million and its net profit decreased 35.6% YoY to approximately RMB695 million. Down production and consumption down jacket belong to a very seasonal product, high temperature sensitivity, if the company is too optimistic about the market estimates, stocking more, it is easy to cause sales difficulties, high inventories.
Investment Advisor Xiaoxiong Kun light industry analysts said that by the impact of electricity suppliers, Taobao platform, there are a large number of sales down jacket businesses, the price is lower than Bosideng, will undoubtedly divert the latter's customers; the other hand, affected by global warming, down jacket market Decreased demand. In response, Bosideng made new inventory control during the reporting period, and automatically reduced its production due to factors such as weather, market competition and sluggish market consumption. In addition, Zhang Yuning also said that the main reason is not enough to digest the old inventory, not thorough enough. Therefore, the company plans to intensify its digestion this year sell designer bags and adjust its rebate on product rebates in the next quarter, as well as increase sales channels such as group buying. Channel reaction speed imminent 'increase digestion' and 'guarantee profit' is often a must-eat and bear's paw. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter had previously seen in Beijing's flagship store Bosideng saw the brand down jacket hit 4-6.5 fold. In accordance with Bosideng 'intensified efforts' in the planning, this wave of big discounts quite spread in more stores potential. Bosideng also acknowledged that the General Assembly has some impact on the gross profit margin. Xiong Xiaokun that Bosideng revenue and net profit double decline, the company is a danger air max 2015 signal. Down jacket is a seasonal commodity, if produce higher inventory, longer digestive cycle, backlog of inventory if more than a certain period of time, it is difficult to sell, difficult to realize, will be a loss; and substantial discounts will also cause the company's image Negative impact. The view that can sink through the channel to digest the old stock. 'In the premise of ensuring quality, some products through to the third and fourth tier cities to expand and increase access.In addition, the e-commerce platform, though also an option, but also through the selection of formal business partners and publicity, and guide consumers Buy, to prevent the impact of fake brand. 'Discount is only an expedient measure, the industry generally believe that to enhance channel response speed is the key. Down coats enterprises should strengthen the timely feedback of the terminal store sales information, according to the daily operation of the models, production and other detailed production plan, 'the need to quantify' the need for stronger. Bosideng area has also realized this point, Zhang Yuning introduction, the company in the production of new products, make up a single frequency from the previous two weeks once a week. The company hopes to March 31 next year, inventory can be down 10% -15%. Another insiders said that for the 'sales of fixed assets,' the sales terminal on the enterprise's information feedback is a very important part, and this time should be as short as possible, or even the best can be achieved real-time data collection, through big data analysis Means to plan out as short a cycle of production. In addition, this feedback mechanism should not only be limited to direct sales stores, third-party distributors should also be added to the statement: over 20 billion inventory over again Bosideng how to solve the 'indigestion' content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' scarpe asics collected from the Internet , And clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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