Flu bird flu will lead to large price increases Insiders

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Flu bird flu will lead to large price increases Insiders

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:27 am

Pictured: Live duck supply has gradually sufficient, but the down jacket price is still 'up' sound one. 'Up, or not up? This is a problem.' Looking down at the end of the down jacket market, the application of 'Hamlet' in the classic sentence is more appropriate. Rumors will rise 30% of the domestic industry down jacket, whether this fight will be true this winter? In recent days, the reporter traced the ducklings, ducks, slaughter, canada goose pas cher homme cashmere, processing, feather products manufacturing six links, combing the bird industry has just been hit by the feather industry, down jacket down bird flu will rise rumors. Live ducks: After the trough experienced price increases 'During the bird flu, slaughtered duck no one wants, but the price of duck feathers can be really low.' Recently, Henan Xinxiang Duck farmer Shen boss told reporters. Most of his raised ducks supply to the Wuhan market, and in the bamboo poultry market and Hubei Honghu duck, Jingmen duck a higher. Recalling the bird flu a few months ago, Shen boss is still lingering fear: put ducklings not want, live duck to be slaughtered. Before the bird flu, his ducks pound for more than 6 yuan, the peak of the bird flu sold 3 yuan a pound no one to buy. What is unexpected is that the price of duck feathers is soaring at this time, and some even went directly to the farms to collect duck feathers.
Shen boss raised duck duck duck ducks hybrid white duck breed, a fat plume white, the white duck down is considered superior to gray duck down and higher prices, 'the highest when received 17 yuan per catty, how much income How much, unfortunately, too little goods. ' Shen boss's argument has also been confirmed by the duck vendor. July 15 morning, the reporter visited Zhuye Shan poultry trading market, flocks of ducks, white duck uneven size, from time to time to attract buyers to see the goods. 'The market is recovering somewhat, but the number of ducks is still too small.' Pan boss, who has done nine years in this line, told reporters that until the end of May and early June the duck farmers recovered because of bird flu in the previous period A lot of raising ducks, but far from the conventional level, 'You see, some ducks are not big enough to send, even so, the number was also to about half of the same period last year, air max 2015 so ducks prices have doubled More than two or three yuan per catty, and now every catty to sell seven or eight yuan. ' Fleece: domestic orders have little effect on the price of duck rose, duck prices will be how? Under Pan's guidance, the reporter found owner Lee, who specializes in slaughtering in the poultry trading market. Several workers in his factory were busy killing the slaughter of duck. 'Some time ago, duck hair really up relatively crazy, but now has plunged.' Lee told reporters, duck hair can not be directly sold to the down jacket business, the middle to go through multiple processes, 'We sell to collect duck hair, Received duck hair transfer to sub-cashmere, fine processing can be resold to the manufacturers. 'Lee said the past three months, the price of duck feathers really ride a roller coaster, the peak, the water-white Duck feather rose to 9 yuan a pound, more than twice the price of hair in the same period last year. However, this month has dropped sharply to 6 yuan per catty, and there is a tendency to continue to decline. The number of ducks has not recovered, the price of duck rose, why the price of duck fell? Journalists then engaged in the cashmere business Lu Zeyong 30 years where to find the answer. In an interview with reporters, Lu Zeyong just finished delivery of all export orders this year, the whole people are relieved. 'Bird flu during the hair, every catty should lose a few dollars. No loss ah, signed a good export orders must be completed.' Lu told reporters. It is understood that the down industry signed an export order early each year, July for delivery. During the outbreak of the bird flu, it was michael kors shoulder bags exactly when purchasing the export order supply that Lu Zeyong had a gap of 80% in the amount of duck and orders he had. He had to raise the purchase price and some more than double the purchase price. Prior to the outbreak of the bird flu, the price of raw duck feathers he acquired was about $ 56,000 per tonne. At the height of the outbreak of the bird flu, the maximum purchase price was as high as $ 20,000 per tonne. 'But I think the price of the domestic down jacket will not be affected too much by the bird flu.' Lu Zeyu said domestic orders are usually signed in September and will be delivered before the end of the year. At this point, the poultry market is gradually recovering from the current purchase price of 10,000 yuan per ton to predict that by September, this year's order price should be slightly different from last year. Processing: Bird flu is not the deciding factor of price increase Even though the price of down jacket will increase at the end of the year, the bird flu will not be the determining factor. 'Li Lixin, deputy sac coach bleecker crossbody general manager of Huafa Down Products Co., Ltd. in Wuhan said in an interview. Li Lixin introduction, the company from the hands of such a cashmere down Lu Buying the dried, disinfected, raised cashmere dry duck hair, the purchase price this year, down an average of more than last year high of 60,000 yuan per ton, which is also directly As a result, the cost of down is up, but the main impact is the export order price. The price of domestic orders will not fluctuate too much. This statement coincides with Lu's comments. Knight Garment Co., Ltd. Wuhan Jian Wang, sales manager, said that China's labor costs rose about 10% every year, coupled with rising raw materials, the end of the fall jacket is inevitable. Reporters call the well-known down jacket enterprises Yalu Group, Wuhan area manager Su accepted an interview with reporters. He said that by the end of this year, the company's down jacket production will not be reduced, the price increase will not be too large. This is partly due to the limited affordability of consumers due to rising clothing prices, which scarpe asics are unacceptable to consumers. Coupled with the fact that the finished down prices have dropped to about 400,000 from the previous 620,000 per tonne, 'the price Rise is also based on labor costs, CPI and other factors rise, and the bird flu Sac de voyage femme does not matter much. ' In this regard, Central China Normal University School of Economics, Professor Liu Shunzhong also expressed his sell designer bags approval, he felt that people now pay more attention to fashion, clothing choices are more diverse, the market is different types, a variety of costumes have snatched down jacket market, 'high Cost, high price, low efficiency, 'the traditional down jacket is not optimistic about the prospects, so the market should not have much growth. Disclaimer: The bird flu will be uploaded to the big price rise Insiders: little domestic content from the 'Chinese clothing Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you copy Belonging objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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