Spot checks showed that: net sales of down jackets only 20%

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Spot checks showed that: net sales of down jackets only 20%

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:26 am

Content Shop in the shop to buy more than 100 yuan down jacket, there are two possibilities, one is that you may actually pick Sac de voyage femme up the 'cheap', and the other may be that you bought only a 'jacket.' In full swing 'double 12' on the occasion, China Down Industry Association released a random inspection results, online sales down jacket sampling pass rate was only 23.7%, the remaining products were identified as 'non-down jacket.' China Down Industry Association announced on the 12th for online shopping platform in the sale of down jacket quality sampling data. Relevant professionals told reporters that 'sampling was shocking.' The sampling was 38 samples, only 9 samples pass rate of 23.7%. Of the 29 failed samples, 26 samples were actually filled with pulverized wool, wool or chemical fiber. 'This product can not be called a down jacket at all.
It is a fake and shoddy product that maliciously deceives consumers and not only can not keep warm and keep warm The role of the existence of allergies or asthma and other diseases there are hidden dangers. ' In the feather association 'double 11' anonymous purchase of 38 'down jacket' According to reports, the sample purchase work in the November 11 end. The feather association sell designer bags in Lynx, Taobao on the anonymous purchase of the sales ranking of the top 38 down jacket, of which 8 men, women 21, children's clothing 9. 38 samples were sent to two Chinese testing laboratories approved by the International Feather and Feather Bureau respectively from November 15 to November 18. Laboratory to GB / T 14272-2011 'Down Garment' test as the basis for the sample of the velvet content, bulkiness, cleanliness, oxygen consumption and other major indicators were detected. Of the 38 samples sampled, 29 failed. Velvet content of 28 failed, fluffy 26 failed, clean 3 failed. 26 were identified as 'non-down jacket,' published in the feather Association test results show that 26 were identified as 'velvet content, fluffy, clean unqualified, non-down jacket.' One of the 'no obvious logo lining, tag white duck down 90%, 10% of the film', the actual test results actually no velvet content, 'the filler is 91% crushed hairs + 9% chemical fiber, Child, non-down jacket. ' Among the 26 'non-down jackets', the velvet content of both products is only 0.8%, 9 velvet content is between 1% -2%, the rest is between 2% -3%, the highest is only 6.4% . 'These 26 air max 2015 basic cashmere-free products, marked as down jacket can be described as malicious fraud.' The other three failed products, the reason for the failure is the label deviation, such as marked goose down, while the actual is 100% duck down; or marked 70%, while the actual only 62.8%. Some unqualified 'explosion models' recently sold more than 20,000 pieces The 38 samples selected from the online store most of the 'merchants recommended', many of them are the recent sales of 'explosions', although many of them products Belong to emerging brands, and a considerable part of the non-down from the franchisee, but 'some of the untested products were measured, the shop records show that the recent sales of 20000-30000', more noteworthy is that after the gradual disclosure of test results, So far only one unqualified product was taken off the shelf by the store. Raw material prices led to an upsurge of false down jacket Insiders said that by the impact of rising raw material prices in 2013, down doping caused a significant increase in signs of false evidence, including flying silk, land fowl Mao exceeded; villi decreased; pulverized hairs, Mixed with chemical fiber and so on. Related parties, a regular down jacket costs should be about 200 yuan, while some online shopping down jacket price as low as 100 yuan, or even seventy or eighty yuan. Behind michael kors shoulder bags the low price, it is difficult to rule out the existence of sac coach bleecker crossbody hidden dangers of fake and shoddy. Online Down Yard Increasing Shipments According to reports, the sampling is also the first time in the Yu-fei e-commerce platform down jacket for similar quality testing. Related industry sources said that in recent years, the traditional business channels down apparel sales have shown a downward trend, but the overall volume of down jackets in the country is still showing a growing trend, which shows that online shopping channels down jacket sales continue to 'expand.' Although there is no exact online shopping down jacket sales statistics, but an industry survey conducted by Yu Yu Association shows that from May 2013 to May 2014, online shopping platform down jacket brand category increased by 20%. It shows that electricity suppliers are becoming an important sales channel scarpe asics for down products. There are people in the industry told reporters that the North Youth Daily, causing the proliferation of online fake down jacket main reason is that many products have not been tested. Text / Reporter Ren Xiaoyuan Related News sampling there are fake No. 1 shop said 'will refund a lose three' 11, SAIC announced on Lynx, Jingdong Mall, Shop No. 1, Amazon, Suning Tesco, the United States gifted Products, Vipshop and its network of Lebe Wang 8 e-commerce platform, 'Double 11' the same day the results of the sampling of promotional items in 207 batches of samples detected problems samples canada goose pas cher homme involved shoes, bags, accessories, gifts, cosmetics, Digital accessories 6 categories, the detection rate was 10.6%. 'BURBERRY classic plaid cashmere scarves,' 'Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing Plant Mask', 'ZIPPO windproof lighter', 'ADIDAS sports bag' and so on, just past 'Double 11' online shopping promotions, you grab these trophies are likely It is fake. According to the SAIC announced sampling results show that the sampling found that six batches of e-commerce platform 15 samples of counterfeit goods or highly suspected counterfeit goods, seven batches of samples of unqualified quality or label does not comply with the law Provisions. Detected samples of the sample involving Adidas, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Coach and other internationally renowned brands. It has been confirmed that 8 batches of samples for counterfeit goods. Among them, Tmall 3, respectively, from the 'Motion Outdoor sports franchise stores', 'Yungu sports franchise stores' and 'Jiu Bai degree outdoor franchise stores'; No. 1 shop 2, respectively, from 'Amumu franchise stores' and ' Instrument music Accord Club franchise stores '; Le Bee, Suning Tesco, Amazon each one, respectively, from Le Bee network self-employed, Suning Tesco on the' Oriental Fashion franchise stores 'and Amazon on the' Nine Goods Hall e-commerce '. In response, Shop 1 responded yesterday, said the relevant businesses will be cleared back processing, and the relevant categories of businesses qualifications, authorization and purchase channels to re-verify. Next, Shop No. 1 will, in accordance with the relevant state regulations, process the 'counterfeit and compensated three' products in accordance with the processing procedures of No. 1 shop to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Statement: The above sampling results show that: only two into the net down jacket down is the real content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you have disagree with the ownership of this article , Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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