Costs soar Price is hard to rise This winter

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Costs soar Price is hard to rise This winter

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:26 am

Content With the arrival of the first snow in winter in Shaoxing this year, duvet and down jacket began to enter the sales season, but many down products manufacturers are not happy. 'This year raw sell designer bags material prices, down products costs air max 2015 increase, but the retail price is not up.' A down jacket production and sales told reporters. Bird flu down half the price of down raw materials michael kors shoulder bags 'For the down products business, the bird flu is a sudden natural disaster.' Qixian Zhen Yang Ka Long area is the focus of production of feather products company in Keqiao District, where Yang Ka Long Down Factory is the largest manufacturer of down products. Chenghai Ming told reporters that the plant owner, a bird flu in May this year, resulting in an unprecedented shortage of feather raw materials. 'Last year, down raw materials down 300,000 yuan per ton up and down this year found H7N9 bird flu, the down raw material prices all the way up once the price rose to 650,000 yuan per ton, the current remained at 450,000 yuan per ton.' Cheng Haiming pointed out , Rising raw materials will inevitably lead to down jacket, duvet costs. Qi Xian, a duvet manufacturer said the same 1.5 kilograms of duvet, ex-factory price of 600 yuan last year, at least more than 1,000 yuan this year, mainly due to the rise of feather raw materials. 'Feather products rose little retail prices Yesterday, Reporter interviewed Keqiao Texhong, Wanda and other shopping malls counter down jacket learned that although down prices, but the down jacket on the retail terminal only showed a slight rise, a down jacket rose only 30 to 50 yuan. In Wanda Plaza, thousands of department stores, ladies wear down jacket business lady, down costs about 30% of the overall cost down jacket, 30 to 50 yuan per piece price increases are not entirely by the down cost of the impact of Including housing rentals, wages and other multiple factors. With the down raw materials rose, ex-factory products exponential growth, but to the retail market, this winter down jacket but did not see up, and some even anti-fall.
WoOPS (WOOPS) is a well-known down jacket brand in Keqiao District, with more than 20 direct sales stores and nearly 10 agents all over the country. As a small scarpe asics well-known regional brand, this year the market launch of its down jacket retail price between 450-700 yuan, not only did not increase prices, but the retail price of 500-800 sac coach bleecker crossbody yuan last year, pricing, a decrease of 10%. 'The current domestic first-line down jacket brands are the price trend.' Xia Xiaosi responsible for sales of apples analysis, now the apparel industry as before, the decline in consumer purchasing power, coupled with the store by the impact of e-commerce and other factors, manufacturers can only rely on I digest rising costs, not easily passed on to consumers the cost of head. Emphasis on creative design so that down jacket out of 'winter' How to make down jacket is no longer limited to winter? This is the first time in summer this year in the down jacket design focus on the issue of thinking of the summer. Best clothing design studio is focused on cultivating the fall of Keqiao District clothing design agency, Ya Ying and other domestic brands to provide down jacket design. A common down jacket with a volume of 120 grams or more, but the Best clothing company designed a thin jacket only 70 grams of velvet jacket, but the best-selling market. 'This jacket is suitable for wearing in the late autumn or early winter, with T-shirt, shirt and so on.' Summer introduction, the past down jacket by the cold winter to pull, especially this year by troubled down prices, coupled with the weather has not seen the winter Arrival, as a down jacket design company, how to stretch down jacket wearing the season has become an inevitable exploration and try. According to reports, Best clothing company in the future will shift to light and thin down jacket, canada goose pas cher homme down dress design, hoping to use a wide range of products, down jacket manufacturers rely on the weather Sac de voyage femme 'meal' predicament. (Shaoxing County News) Statement: The cost of soaring prices soared Hard winter feather industry a bit cold Content collected by the 'China Apparel Network Content Department' from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you Objection to the ownership of the copyright, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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