Bosideng transformation is far from reaching the online

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Bosideng transformation is far from reaching the online

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:25 am

Content In the 2014 China Brand Value Evaluation released by AQSIQ and China Association for Building Brands, the strength of Bosideng brand reached 918.00, the brand michael kors shoulder bags value reached 19.749 billion yuan, ranking No.1 in the textile and garment industry, demonstrating the strong brand power.
According to the information, Bosideng 2010-2014 annual average compound growth rate (CAGR) of 8%. It is reported that sell designer bags as of 2015, Bosideng won the first consecutive sales of China's winter clothes market champion for 20 consecutive years, the only representative of China's winter clothes released fashion trends. Although the honor to add body, but in recent years, textile and garment industry has been crowned 'the hardest part of history,' the industry continued downturn, high inventories, but also makes Bosideng this traditional garment industry leading enterprises, experiencing a lot of pressure and development thinking. Homeopathy and seek long-term transformation of the market Most people think Bosideng as the traditional garment industry's leading enterprise is 'a big mistake,' but for the current market share remains Bosideng said, 'This is not a turn or not Problem, but homeopathic! 'Bosideng President Gao Dekang said so,' big ship 'does not mean' U-turn difficult, sac coach bleecker crossbody 'for Bosideng,' but thanks to Bosideng channeling resources and brand value for many years. 'Early In 2012, Bosideng realized that consumer order is changing the trend of apparel brands in the face of continuous industry weakness and the rise of people's consumption concept. The low-level competition of a single brand is not enough to support the sustainable growth of garment enterprises. It is necessary to break down the mode of taking down jacket as a single main business and establish a strategic positioning of 'four seasons, multi-brand and internationalization', opening the full-speed transformation path of the major shipping industry in the field of garments. In the face of fast foreign fashion and the trend of Japan and South Korea, Bosideng in addition to deep plowing down business, subdivided multi-brand coverage of the market, but also continue to adjust the product version based on the consumer market features. Bosideng R \u0026 D launched in 2011, 'Autumn Down' thin down jacket, since its introduction by the market, not only to the brand into the new concept of fashion, and the successful extension of the sales cycle. On the other hand to the men's and women's diversified development to make up for a single business deficit, diversification of business risk 'four seasons' strategy. The industry believes that multi-brand clothing company's development direction, multi-brand apparel companies in the pipeline layout, production and procurement, marketing and other areas also have greater influence, the brand covers different areas also help companies in different trends or The economic cycle has a more stable and balanced sustainable development. International big apparel scarpe asics groups such as VFC (THE NORTH FACE parent Wevel Group), Itochu, UNIQLO and other brands all have their own, as well as the recent acquisition of the Japanese clothing Baroque Belle shares are in the multi-brand strategy to avoid single The risk of production. Taking a similar development strategy just reflects Bosideng has maintained a good mood as it passes along the coast and is not discouraged. Change is everywhere Rationalize the layout of the layout As the saying goes, change everywhere, changes in consumer attitudes, changes in consumer patterns, consumer habits are also changing, so Bosideng is also transitional change. Bosideng's annual sales decline in recent years, a large number of stores closed, let people pinch sweat for this well-known clothing brand. But in fact, this is precisely the result of the company's persistent transformation and reform and continual readjustment and perfection of its route. It is understood that Bosideng gradually from the partial management mode to the meticulous transformation of hard work, mainly from the wholesale business to enter the retail slowly, a change in the past to expand sales push to expand sales focus on strengthening the retail capacity to carry out the brand According to the regular market assessment and analysis, the Bank rationalized the rational distribution of the retail network, promptly shut down the poorly performing and over-selling outlets. At present, the proportion of self-operated stores in Bosideng has reached nearly 40%. Bosideng insiders said that both the down or non-down business, both to clean up inventory, optimize the retail channel, optimize the product mix as a priority. Bosideng comprehensive analysis of all aspects of business, for inefficient and poorly managed retail outlets decisively closed. For the second-hand goods, the Group added more sales channels dedicated to digesting inventories, including discounters, casual promotional shops, chain stores and large shopping centers and factory outlets in remote areas. It is hoped that with substantial business adjustments, the Group will be able to achieve steady growth and lay Sac de voyage femme a more solid business foundation for future development so as to achieve healthy and sustainable development. Public information shows that as of March air max 2015 31, 2015, the proportion of the Group's self-operated retail network in the entire retail network increased from 32.8% at the end of March 2014 to 38.3%. At the same time, Bosideng tour this year, with the canada goose pas cher homme concept of Pop-up Store in different cities to promote the new season down jacket, the first station in Changchun results satisfactory Pop-up Store overseas such as retail new format successfully led the popular Live events and games caught the eye of consumers, not only successfully creating topics, but also driving sales in the area. It seems the industry, the clothing business, direct sales model, in addition to improving gross profit margin, the more close to the market, develop a marketable product.
I believe Bosideng is aware of this, so gradually build self-employed Network, to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. Large area of ​​the shop reflects Bosideng fully understand the market changes, on the other hand can also see its great determination to carry out the channel reform. Internet thinking get online and offline channels With the influx of the Internet tide, Internet thinking is a subtle influence on the traditional industry model. Who can effectively combine the two, who will seize market opportunities. In 2014, Bosideng began to explore ways to gradually open up online and offline channels with the help of internet thinking. Has now achieved in Shanghai, Beijing and other 19 national sales of offline goods sharing, online orders can be nearest delivery and return, shorten the delivery time and effectively enhance the customer shopping experience, while the micro-channel side sweep activities combined Dimensional code, the use of member information to promote store promotions and other online and offline platform to pull each other more and more forms are also used. And in September this year, Bosideng men's first O2O smart stores in Changshu Square pedestrian street upgrade opened, officially opened a new era of Bosideng men O2O mode. Consumers to enter the smart store, open the two-dimensional code on the WeChat scanning tag to check product information and related apparel, direct share spike, card coupons, shake shake and other promotional activities. Consumers can now select a section of clothing in the shop to pay, you can also order through WeChat, or collect the appropriate style, go home to order after the courier sent home coupons can be used directly in the store, you can also micro channel 'Micro Shopping 'platform to truly achieve the whole process of online and offline 020 experience. In the meantime, some Bosideng brands, such as Compro and Bingjie, have been transformed into regional brands and main electronic sales to meet the changing shopping habits of consumers and the market. This not only saves sales costs but also meets consumers' needs. Close to Bosideng stakeholders said Bosideng deep down jacket field for many years, because go too steady too deep, so to change direction is not an overnight thing, the courage to go out of their own familiar areas to do down jacket, but also reflect the courage to Bosideng Shabbiness and innovation, planning and planning for the future development in the longer term. The most important thing is the process of self-adjustment, according to the actual situation in a timely manner to amend the strategy, such as the termination of the average performance of children's clothing, women Rui Qi. More importantly, each time the actual market experience will help the company to do better next time. Disclaimer: The above Bosideng transformation is far from reaching the online and offline channel content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you have the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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