Bosideng UK layoffs return to Made in China

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Bosideng UK layoffs return to Made in China

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:23 am

Content Recently, it is reported that down jacket leading company Bosideng (03998, HK) is laying off jobs in the United Kingdom. The canada goose pas cher homme layoffs targeted the UK headquarters and the London-based purchasing and design team, which owns the only overseas flagship store. After this adjustment, Bosideng subsequent series of products will not be manufactured in the UK, the Chinese team to take over. In response, Bosideng side yesterday (April 23) to respond to the 'Daily Economic News' reporter said that layoffs based on product design to integrate more Chinese elements, the local team is more appropriate this consideration. However, in the analyst's view, Bosideng layoffs or based on cost considerations. This reporter has learned that Bosideng's international strategy is still in progress, in addition to the flagship store in London, this year it is entering the United States market, recently in other European countries have also scarpe asics developed new brands. However, in the opinion of the industry, there are still many challenges in its road to internationalization. Industry: layoffs or cost considerations Yesterday, it was reported yesterday that the British industry media Drapers reported that Bosideng's layoffs against the United Kingdom mainly focused on the company's headquarters in Bradford and its sole international flagship store Location London procurement and design team. It is reported that the layoffs, including Brad Bradford 3 buyers, a design assistant and design director and at least one designer in London, the purchasing and design team was completed last summer.
The report also pointed out that the local staff was informed that Bosideng subsequent series of products will not be manufactured in the UK, and its Chinese team to take over the relevant responsibilities. As Bosideng's first international expansion, the United Kingdom has always placed extra emphasis on it. In July 2012, Bosideng invested 300 million yuan to open a flagship store in a six-story property on South Molton Street in London. It is reported that michael kors shoulder bags the project mainly operates men's upscale routes. In October last year, Bosideng spent more than 40 million yuan to acquire Greenwoods, a British menswear brand, to strengthen the Group's men's clothing business platform and its market position in the United Kingdom. However, the acquisition plan is also a rock-solid. The layoff rumors, Bosideng side yesterday, 'Daily News,' the reporter sent a reply said that the opening of the London flagship store by hiring foreign design team really realized a more thorough understanding of foreign popular concept, to understand the purpose of the international market . 'Through the operation of the past few years, as a brand from China, we now prefer to incorporate more Chinese elements into the design of the London flagship product. To achieve this goal, the domestic design team is obviously more suitable.' London flagship products will no longer be made in the UK. In the reply, some products with production advantages, such as down jackets and jackets, will be produced domestically. Products that are more manufacturing abroad will still be manufactured abroad. However, the above explanation does not seem to convince the industry. In the industry view, the trend is changing from time to time, the use of local talent to understand and grasp the trend faster. 'In the international market expansion, the localization strategy is very important, and the British sell designer bags design team will have more understanding of the preferences of British consumers,' said Xiaogong Kun, a consultant in light industry at the investment adviser. Tao Wen Sheng, a consultant with Peking University, believes cost should be air max 2015 an important reason for Bosideng's move. He said Bosideng's size in China is relatively large, but its reputation abroad is not high. The investment in this area should be substantial. In addition, from the perspective of input-output, it is very difficult for Chinese enterprises in general to be willing to spend a long time waiting for the results to appear. In addition, Bosideng is a listed company and shareholders certainly demand investment returns. Bosideng Announces Earnings Warning Notice In the opinion of the industry, Bosideng intends to open stores in the UK. Bosideng intends to showcase its brands to tourists from all over the world with the help of the London 2012 Olympic Games and at the same time, promote the sales in the domestic market. However, for now, neither of these goals has been well achieved. Bosideng recently issued a profit warning notice, it is estimated that its fiscal year ended March 31, 2014 year-on-year consolidated revenue will decline. It is reported that this is Bosideng for the first time in five years, the annual revenue fell. In response, Bosideng explained that the downturn was caused by the fierce competition in the industry and the relatively high temperature in winter last winter. Tao Wensheng pointed out that Bosideng's products are relatively single, even if there are also products for the extension, but did not make the brand up, its income is still dependent on the down jacket. 'The weather is indeed a factor, and from the market competition point of view, although Bosideng is the industry leader, but the weak retail market, coupled with the impact of e-commerce has also had a greater impact on it.' Nevertheless, Bosideng's international ' Ambition 'has not stopped. This reporter learned that in January of this year, Bosideng entered the United States market, opened in the Rothmans men's boutique in Manhattan Union Square Bosideng brand guerrillas. It is reported that in the U.S. market, Bosideng plans to visit 15-20 top retailers before the autumn of this year. In addition, Bosideng plans to open temporary stores in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami in spring. In addition, in just the past March, Bosideng also launched an sac coach bleecker crossbody expansion in the European market, which launched in Italy a new European brand BosidengPlusZero. In Xiong Xiaokun's view, Bosideng's overseas expansion strategy has two characteristics: the acquisition of local brands or the introduction of new brands to expand, the choice of property more inclined to buy directly. He said the latter increased the company's financial pressure to a certain extent. Tao Wensheng believes that Bosideng investment in the UK market is still not good results appeared, but also plus the size of other markets, once the construction of international personnel do not match, do not fully understand the local market, the internationalization of the more will be adverse one side. Statement: The above Bosideng layoffs in Britain to return to 'Made in Sac de voyage femme China' Decline in revenue to block the pace of internationalization Content collected by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you copy the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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