Bosideng a truth +60 million supplies = 2500 children

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Bosideng a truth +60 million supplies = 2500 children

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The content mentioned Luhuo County, Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, may first think of altitude of michael kors shoulder bags 4800 meters plateau climate and enviable blue sky, but do not know where the lack of material and alarming prices, as well as the suffering of poor children suffering Sac de voyage femme from cold They. December 5, 2013 is an ordinary day for most, but it is the warmest memory of the 2500 impoverished children there. When the 600,000 Bosideng down jacket was delivered to the Upper Rocco Central School and to the Primary School, the children happily raised the Tibetan dance village Guo Zhuang, who, in their own way, thanked Bosideng for his sincere thanks to one From the distance of love. Bosnia and Herzegovina New Year's Gift Received in Advance Bosideng New Year's Gift on Arrival The Rocco Central School is a nine-year compulsory education school with Tibetan characteristics. The children are dressed in shabby Tibetan clothes but they are not uniforms.
Is their only clothes to cold. The children saw the full load of the truck, I heard that they are sent to the jacket, happy and jump, but also a collective dance of the characteristics of the Tibetan Guo Zhuang, that is their way of expressing happiness and gratitude. Early reception of Bosideng New Year gifts to see the happy children, some teachers eyes full of tears. Teachers said that because of the plateau climate, where the perennials are especially cold and sheltered, in order to keep warm children can only wear Tibetan clothes, but when the toilet and the entire upper body must be dragged down, it is very easy to catch a cold. A teacher admitted: 'With these Bosideng down jacket will be much better, down jacket is not only warm and convenient, children do not have to strip the toilet.' Getting clothes children are still immersed in excitement, they twitter talking about, One of the older children said: 'The teacher said it was our New Year's gift.' Because of the ruggedness of the mountain, they received few donations and donated less in the winter. The headmaster of the Upper Rococo Center School said the Bosideng down jackets were the last to be donated this year and the New Year presents were prepared in advance for the children. The teachers and children sewn their clothes to keep warm at noon on the Upper Rococo center. The reporter arrived with Bosideng's donation team along a narrow mountain road more than 40 kilometers to reach primary school. Due to the inability of the narrow bridge truck outside the school to pass, children lined up to help staff carry clothes to school. Most of the children who arrive in primary schools are orphans, and a small part of them are from single-parent families. Their basic needs for life are subsidies or donations from the state. When issuing down jackets, older children will take the initiative to give younger sell designer bags children the same care as their younger siblings, while wearing them and using the Tibetan language to tell them something. The teacher told sac coach bleecker crossbody reporters that because of the shortage of materials, these children are living a new life of three years of sewing and three years of old in the past three years. Some older children can not wear clothes that are clean and then they can be passed on to smaller children. No way, teachers and children will be sewing their own clothes. The teacher and the children themselves sewed clothes warm because there is no family, so the children are each other's family, they are optimistic, red face always happy smile. They will take the initiative to reporters back to poetry, but also to say hello in English, when the reporter saw the class, some children are drawing a house, asked him why he wanted to paint a house, he was shy smile did not answer there may be hiding He is unaware of the warmth ideal. Bosideng 600,000 Bosideng down too much love 600,000 Bosideng down jacket seemingly small number is also hard-won, because here not only covered the warm down jacket, but also many air max 2015 people love to reflect. In early 2013, Bosideng launched the 'Warmth' charity activity online and promised to donate Bosideng down jackets to those who need help with the points accumulated by the participants. These points not only Gillian, Li Chen, Ah Niu and other celebrities appealing to run, there are tens of millions of people's warm feelings. Bosideng Down 600,000 Covering Too Much Love In early December 2013 At a time when the campaign was about to end, Bosideng delivered its promise and donated the first 600,000 items in advance to the poor Tibetan children. It can be said that this 600,000 supplies cover too much love, celebrities, grassroots, the general public. Some of scarpe asics it is not only a truth of Bosideng, but also a warm and positive energy transfer, word of mouth, heart, Witness by action The power of the brand is to gather scattered individuals together and send out more energy. Just as Bosideng uses the warmth of its own to warm up the warmth of everyone, expressing this sincerely with practical action. I believe feel warm 2500 poor children, will continue to pass on this warmth, so that positive energy is endless. Statement: The above canada goose pas cher homme Bosideng a truth +60 million supplies = 2,500 children warm winter content collected by the 'China Apparel Network Content Department' from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you have any objection to the ownership of this article , Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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