Bosideng join hands 邰 night to open the downhill art tip

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Bosideng join hands 邰 night to open the downhill art tip

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:20 am

Content 'Love is too easy to see the wounds too true so it is difficult to scarpe asics split a thousand pairs of paper cranes knot a thousand hearts legend heart and heart can meet ...' 'The end of 2014, accompanied by michael kors shoulder bags blue sky and sunshine, the rose Sac de voyage femme Prince邰 Zhengxiao appeared Shijiazhuang new hundred square, open the Bosideng Down Art Ice Shijiazhuang trip. This event is invited to 邰 night, Hong Kong famous singer, actor. He, vertical and horizontal song and song three years 20 years, always maintain the noble temperament and moral character. He abandoned the doctor from the music, clinging to the pursuit of music.
He always sings with love, so every song touches the hearts and turns into a classic. In the event site, 邰 Zhengxiao candid enthusiasm, warm and elegant temperament won the audience favorite. Thousands of cranes, nine hundred and ninety-nine rose and a song of the first classic, the presence of the audience deeply impressed. Innovation, Bosideng's soul. As the industry leader in feather industry, Bosideng, with vision unique vision, has created a new era of feather. Every winter comes, indicating that Bosideng creative elements once again facing the world, everywhere Bosideng down jacket dress, are exudes a confident beautiful temperament. Innovative sac coach bleecker crossbody awareness leads Bosideng's endless pursuit of quality. From the selection of fabrics, to carefully sewing, and then to the exquisite mix of superb technology and modern science and technology will be canada goose pas cher homme the traditional and modern integration, every sell designer bags aspect of the designers are projected contemporary life, every stitch combines the craftsmen People heart sincere love and warmth, therefore, each Bosideng Down has become a classic handed down, after time and space changes, still never fade. Bosideng Group today, is still constantly starting from innovation, and constantly sublimate the inherent quality, the brand step by step to the pinnacle of life. The Bosideng 'downhill art of the iceberg trip' together Xunzheng in Shijiazhuang new hundred square special activities, will be the most exciting winter activities in Shijiazhuang, let us witness the warm and very air max 2015 unique one's gift. Statement: The above Bosideng 邰 zhengzheng night feast down the art of the tip of the tip of the provincial capitals travel by the 'Chinese clothing network content' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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