Bosideng together Zeng can talk warm warm fashion can not af

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Bosideng together Zeng can talk warm warm fashion can not af

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Content In 2013 Bosideng redefined the concept of warmth, spread the image of fashion, the banner of 'hot fashion' proposition, and Star celebrities to carry out a series of campus activities aimed at establishing emotional communication with young consumers. September 10, 2013 Bosideng Campus Warm Talent Show At the launching ceremony, fashion-conscious Zeng Yi could use a 'down jacket' to convey his warm fashion ideas - warm off. Her fashion ideas also coincide with the fashion attitude of young people advocated by Bosideng. Bosideng together Zeng Yi Fudan talk warm fashion warm off at the launching ceremony, Bosideng canada goose pas cher homme also invited the representative of Bosideng autumn down 'color light warm,' the depth of interpretation of 'warm fashion' content, emphasizing that fashion is not just the appearance of fashion , But also a warm positive energy transfer. Zeng Yi talk about warm fashion and warm in parallel Zeng can talk about warm fashion and warm in parallel 'I like Bosideng autumn down' under the light warm 'in the light word, the light word not only represents my request down jacket, but also convey my life Attitude, relaxed and happy. 'Zeng Yi said she likes Bosideng down jacket, especially this autumn down, fashion sense is very strong, and Bosideng made this year's' warm fashion 'is also her and young fashion needs. At the launching ceremony, Zeng Yi also explained his Sac de voyage femme idea of ​​'warm fashion' with a piece of 'down jacket'. The down jacket is a garment that can not be undone in autumn and winter, and is most capable of giving warm clothing. Like the lyrics in 'Down Jacket' Can not afford to take off, your smile is more important than my heart, that I can not afford to off the warm, Bosideng autumn down is to fashion and warm in parallel. Celebrity Daren hand in hand to tap the young consumer groups Celebrity Daren digging young consumer groups In the past two years, Bosideng to the fashion change has a more prominent performance. Bosideng establishes a branded 'Chao Fan' community. Through a platform that brings together warm and fashionable energy, Bosideng allows young people to learn more about current fashion trends and recognize more friends with common fashion insights through Bosideng. Bosideng set up a brand under the banner of 'Tide Fan' community line, Bosideng conducted various forms of interactive campus activities to show consumers the pace of Bosideng fashion change, celebrity Dian people hand in hand to deliver Bosideng's warmth concept. The campus warm up show start ceremony, Bosideng will be invited to fashion young people favorite Daren live interpretation of 'warm fashion.' Bosideng to carry out various forms of interactive campus activities Illustrator Lin bamboo sharpness of the color, not only to Bosideng autumn down 57 kinds of colors with the show before everyone, but also let the guests saw a 'color' of life wonderful; traveled air max 2015 Leona, a dancer from more than one country, interprets the joy of 'light' scarpe asics life with his light dance steps. Taking the creative costumes of people, you can make your life more colorful and full of personality. Of course, the most important thing about 'warm fashion' is 'warmth'. Jiang Yong, the vice sac coach bleecker crossbody president of the South Association of Choi Wan and the kind-hearted person from Fudan University, conveyed the warmth of Bosideng 'warm fashion' with a touch of warmth Connotation. They organized volunteers to go to the village to teach and help people with intellectual disabilities better life and a series of public welfare activities. It is to convey a voice to the community, warm from action, warm from the heart. Four people with action interpretation of the 'light warm ride' is Bosideng emphasizes the 'warm fashion', not only a stylish appearance, michael kors shoulder bags more warm and new energy fashion. 'Warm fashion is a fashion subdivision concept that we strongly build and hopefully we can resonate with young people through the concept of 'warm fashion.''
Mr. Liu Jie said that today's society is an era in which young people fully demonstrate their individuality, But all the personality's performance is inseparable from the human nature, warmth, positive energy is the soul supporting the heart, Bosideng is also meeting the consumer needs of young people at the same time, to convey the sell designer bags positive energy, the establishment of emotional and young people Communication, digging young consumer groups. Statement: The above Bosideng together Zeng can talk warm warm fashion can not afford to remove the content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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