Bosideng online and offline interactive launched 'warm home'

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Bosideng online and offline interactive launched 'warm home'

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:18 am

The content of every Spring Festival, New Year home has become a hot topic. Spring Festival Chinese people look forward to the reunion, the blessing is passed, of course, bring warmth home. In the spring festival of 2014, Bosideng launched the 'warm-to-home' activity in the brand-warming tidal range community to attract consumers Sac de voyage femme to bring warmth home through the fun interactive activities while spreading 'warm fashion.' Bosideng launched the 'warm fashion,' is a straightforward and very meaningful words. The warmth is not only the body's warmth but also a positive energy embodiment; and fashion can be both avant-garde dress, but also can be a way of life. Bosideng interprets the 'warm fashion' from different aspects and conveys the concept of fashion and warmth michael kors shoulder bags in parallel. Autumn and winter 'warm fashion' Men down jacket, people first thought is warm.
However, with the development of the times, people demand more and more fashion down jacket. However, to make stylish down jacket is not an easy thing, how to give the fashion elements down jacket, Bosideng focuses on the issue. In August 2013, Bosideng Autumn Down went public and quickly became popular with trendsetters. Bosideng autumn down with 'warm light' feature, light and warm, suitable for design fashion models. At the same time, Bosideng introduced winter down to meet the needs of most consumers. Bosideng winter down into red, black and silver standard, red highlight the youthful vitality, black mark for the wild Joker, silver is the high-end atmosphere. Different standards have their own characteristics, but there are Bosideng down jacket common - warm. Bosideng use their own products that: fashion elements and the combination of thermal quality, consumer demand is the fall and winter, 'warm fashion.' Possessing positive energy Bosideng 'warm fashion' rich in content, in addition to the product to bring fashion and warmth, Bosideng more emphasis on the positive energy each person from the inside out. In an effort to appeal to more people to air max 2015 deliver positive energy, Bosideng organized a large-scale campus roadshow and a hundred school street filming activities in early September 2013. As Bosideng 'warm fashion' celebrity spokesman, Zeng Yi in Fudan University with a unique sound of sheep started Bosideng campus activities. Since then, Bosideng in Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Jinan and other colleges and universities held a multi-university and University City, 'fun and warm fashion' as the theme of road shows, including 57 seconds to grab pats and cosplay tide full range of interactive sessions, many students relish Road. At the same time, Bosideng organizes hundreds of photographers to walk into hundreds of colleges and universities to find 'warm fashion' upstarts. It emphasizes that 'warm fashion' is not a cool one, but a positive and optimistic attitude toward life and a smile filled with faces. Under the leadership of the campus fashionista, setting off a 'fun and warm fashion, delivering positive energy' wave. In addition to the campus fashionista, Qin Lan, Li Chen, peace, Gillian, bull and other stars also joined the Bosideng positive energy transfer ranks. Since October 2013, Bosideng has invited many scarpe asics celebrities to participate in the 'Warm Star Family' tour, performed in more than 30 large-scale shopping malls sell designer bags in 23 cities, celebrities signed the auction down jacket at the event site, and contributed a warmth to public welfare undertakings power. Online and offline interactive Internet age people's canada goose pas cher homme lifestyles and sac coach bleecker crossbody habits more fashionable and avant-garde, Bosideng to explain the 'warm fashion' connotation, not only have product support, cable activities under the interpretation, but also to have both online fashion and fun interactive activity. To this end, Bosideng brand in 2012 warm flow tide Fan community launched a series of interactive activities. In October, Bosideng brand warm flow tide Fan community launched 'warm moment' large-scale public welfare activities, not only attracted tens of millions of ordinary consumers, but also attracted Li Chen, peace and other stars to participate. They called on people to say goodbye indifference and reach out to make love more warm. And Bosideng will be collected in the activities of the warm points into donations donated to children in poor mountain areas, the worth of one million yuan down jacket seemingly small, but more than 2,500 warmth in winter students. Subsequently, Bosideng launched double-bargain 'bargain' activities, life shopping scene bargaining scene presented online, set Bosideng insurance master shop sophomore and participants one-on bargain, full of fun. At the same time the celebrity activities and promotions are closely linked to the celebrity down jacket implanted online activities, gift coupons linked to Lynx flagship store, so that consumers are full of fun way to buy down jacket. Interesting activities will not only show the fashion style down jacket to consumers, but also convey another meaning of 'warm fashion': to follow the trend and enjoy the most warm, happy and full of fun lifestyles. Spread 'warm fashion' On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2014 Horse, Bosideng once again launched 'warm home' activities in the warm flow of tide community. Bosideng's Warm Home campaign is interactive. Consumers choose different postcards scenes and upload their own photos, making personalized postcards personalized postcards to send warm greetings to parents or friends who are far away from hometown. . And Bosideng is the selection of beautiful postcards, free mail for consumers to friends and relatives, and send New Year package, down jackets and other gifts. Fashion and warm in parallel, is the common pursuit of many clothing brands, and Bosideng as a leading brand of down jacket, from products to brands, from offline to online, with a variety of activities to explain the 'warm fashion' connotation, so that 'warm fashion 'Pass on. Statement: The above Bosideng online and offline interactive launched 'Warm Home' content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you have any objection to the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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