Bosideng appeared New York Fashion Week was 'like' Chinese

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Bosideng appeared New York Fashion Week was 'like' Chinese

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:17 am

Content New York Fashion Week autumn and winter 2014, the first day was handsome super male models put on Bosideng, the design combines the traditional British men's clothing, not to wear down jacket as the flagship. No wonder people did not regain their mind when they saw the men's label called 'Bosideng F / W 2014 New York.' Yes, it is Bosideng. On the Instagram account, Bosideng also released relevant information, which drew the 'like' from fashionable people like Neiman Marcus, the famous boutique department store in the United States, and Nick Wooster, the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman. Nowadays, when the Chinese clothing brand accelerates the pace of internationalization, they are also breaking the inertia thinking of winning by the price in the past and marching toward the world stage with a brand-new appearance.
However, they need patience to make real achievements. After the initial cultivation of the local market, the domestic clothing brand set off an upsurge of 'internationalization' in the past two years. Bosideng has had down jackets in the United States, Britain, Russia and other places in the retail channels for sale in 2012 Bosideng opened a flagship store in London, England, the media reported that its flagship store in the central business district of London and include Hugo Bo (HUGO BOSS), including the world's first-line brands are not far apart, and not to its most well-known down jacket product line as the main. 'Domestic brands in the international market pricing and positioning can not be too low, and now Chinese clothing brands want to take a good international step, sac coach bleecker crossbody on the one hand need to upgrade air max 2015 their quality and design level, on the other hand, from the positioning, brand image to the channel, Marketing in all aspects should be adapted to local conditions. 'Investment Advisor Light Industry researcher Xiong Xiaokun in the' First Financial Daily 'interview pointed out. However, the internationalization of the domestic clothing group Hekki, which is represented by the ochirly brand in China, is another way. In 2011, Hekki acquired the full service of Italian Sixty Fashion Group in 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region. If the Sixty Group is not yet familiar, then mentioning that many people from the Italian sexy denim brand Miss Sixty are familiar, it is all-star actress denim brand, it is the sexy guide of many young women, and it is Sixty Group representatives of many fashion brands. In addition, Hutchison in 2013 to further develop cross-border cooperation in the business, share the world's leading edge of fashion, design and sell designer bags art of the concept store 10 Corso Como co-explore the michael kors shoulder bags Greater China region. Whether it is 'going out to sea' across the mainland, or cooperating with international famous brands or marriages, the international strategy of domestic apparel brands has one common feature: that it wants to break the awareness of the people in the past and stop winning by the price. But 'by leaps and bounds' to become a high-end international brand. However, this is not easy. When Xiong Xiaokun analyzed Sac de voyage femme several international issues mentioned by him, one by one he thought: 'Chinese clothing brands need to upgrade their quality and design level if they want to go international.' In Xiong Xiaokun It seems that the biggest challenge for local brands to go to sea lies in the apparel brands in Europe and the United States have an absolute advantage in the influence and popularity of overseas markets. Second, the design should be based on consumer preferences in Europe and the United States to avoid 'acclimatization.' In addition, Chinese apparel brands have no reputation in the international market and the successful experience in the Chinese market can not be copied to other markets. 'The establishment of marketing channels requires a lot of energy to conduct a full investigation of the market.' 'Localization' is seen by Bosideng as an important measure to localize the brand, whether it be fabric, design or apparel. Consumers, the goal is to understand the local market, nurture consumers, enhance brand awareness, is clearly a systematic project, but also a project that takes time. In replying to this reporter, Bosideng disclosed its greater ambition to nurture the Chinese market by building brand awareness overseas. 'We hope that people can see Bosideng's brand while traveling overseas and also hope that the overseas brand shows can boost the scarpe asics domestic brand value.' In this regard, an international brand executives suggested that many Chinese clothing brand is unfamiliar to foreigners, in order to go out to be recognized, we must first grow bigger and stronger. 'In the familiar Greater China and even the Asia-Pacific region to get a good response, set a benchmark for fashion, and then gain the favor of overseas markets is a good practice.' Statement: Above Bosideng New York Fashion Week canada goose pas cher homme was 'point Like 'Chinese brands need to be leapfrog to the sea content by the' Chinese clothing network Content Department 'collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once verified , We will change it! page flip
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