Bosideng won the China Textile and Apparel Industry

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Bosideng won the China Textile and Apparel Industry

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:17 am

Content 'Social sac coach bleecker crossbody Responsibility in Diversified Development of the Industry' --In 2014, the annual meeting of the social responsibility of China's textile and garment industry was held in air max 2015 Beijing michael kors shoulder bags recently. Bosideng Co., Ltd. actively strengthened its capacity building and practice in aspects of social responsibility management, information disclosure and accountability innovation, and released its corporate social responsibility report for three consecutive years. It was awarded as '2014 China's Textile and Garment Industry Social Responsibility Information Disclosure Practice Demonstration Award. '
Bosideng is a multi-brand integrated apparel group whose main business is down jackets. Since its establishment, Bosideng has assumed social responsibility and has been giving back to the community with various public welfare Sac de voyage femme activities. In 2012, Bosideng entered into a period of conscious action and introduced CSC9000T social responsibility management system in business management, creating a corporate social responsibility system and responsibility management level of public responsibility, social welfare and ethical behavior. The achievement of performance has made great strides. The Bosideng 2013 Social Responsibility Report is the third annual report released by the CSRC. According to CSC9000T system requirements, the report elaborates on the commitment of enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities from aspects of organizational development, brand consumption, harmonious labor, green security and social participation, Action and performance. In the past year, Bosideng integrated the concept of social responsibility into the operation of the organization, sorted out, adjusted and standardized existing corporate governance behaviors to comprehensively enhance the practical ability and performance of responsibility. By promoting the brand-name cultivation, value growth, brand consumption, scientific research and innovation, Bosideng down jacket ranked the forefront of sales in the Chinese market for 19 consecutive years. The Company achieved a revenue of over RMB28 billion and a tax payment of RMB1.293 billion. AQSIQ organized by the Chinese manufacturing industry independent brand value evaluation, Bosideng brand strength of 95.5, the brand value of 18,403,000,000 canada goose pas cher homme yuan, column clothing and footwear industry first. Adhere to the people-oriented and 'family culture' concept, continuous improvement of staff life and career development environment, and establish a harmonious labor relations. Bosideng business school invested 9840000 yuan innovation internal talent training system, promote knowledge management and organizational learning, to create a garment industry demonstration enterprise university. Effective implementation of the energy-saving emission reduction, recycling economy, social participation and other responsibilities, Bosideng brand founder Gao Dekang initiated the establishment of the Dekang Bo Ai Foundation donated a total of more than 16 million yuan. Xu Cheng, deputy director of the Bosideng Center for Administrative Management who attended the annual meeting, said that in recent years Bosideng has taken social responsibility as a vital opportunity for modern enterprises to survive and innovate and develop from the strategic thinking of their core values ​​and sustainable development. Integration of values ​​and business operations. Bosideng as sell designer bags a member unit of China Textile Industry Federation Social Responsibility Construction Promotion Committee, will further from the strategic point of view, starting from the details, more initiative to environmental, social, economic and other issues into the business management, from the ideological, organizational and institutional level Deepen the construction of social responsibility and create an excellent organization with innovative performance and social responsibility. Statement: The above Bosideng won the China Textile and Apparel Industry 'Practice Demonstration Award' content from 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the scarpe asics source indicate the source, if you have any objection to the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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