Bosideng autumn down seven kinds of character early

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Bosideng autumn down seven kinds of character early

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Bosideng autumn down seven kinds of character early autumn color with the law
Content Quiet and sweet princess Van range of children quiet and sweet princess Fan children like quiet, slightly introverted personality, wearing a light blue Bosideng autumn down, with a gauze skirt or light skirt, matched with a shallow smile, sweet The princess's feeling will be immediately highlighted. If you look tired of their own sweet range of children, may wish to make a slight change, with a light pencil pants, wear white or black mirror high heels, rational impression will come sell designer bags into being. To some new ideas, personality I only respect to something new, personality alone I alone green with green seems never been approved by the fashion industry, however, in this era of individuality and publicity, who do not care about secular vision, who lead the fashion. Green is the color with the most bad, but also the sac coach bleecker crossbody most play a new color, advocating self-personality of the pro, we must challenge it. Wear Bosideng fresh grass green autumn feather with pale casual trousers, put on a pair michael kors shoulder bags of dazzling yellow candy-colored shoes, a jelly fresh blustery.
If this is not enough with the match, it's downright transformation! Light green with orange short paragraph, red stockings under a pair of black and white stripes 'Hentian Gao', this personality enough to let you look back burst table. Spin-up flower splicing goddess driving play Spin-flower splicing goddess driving to a large area of ​​irregular printing and splicing from early spring until the early autumn, it also became the exclusive Queen and Royal sister, printing with monochrome shorts or dress, the mysterious woman Add another heavy, confusing feeling can not be described in a single word. In addition to printing the Queen adults also have the option of stitching, the depth of the color mosaic stitching with a monochrome professional skirt, you will certainly be surprised some, a small Bosideng autumn down jacket can also get the occupation goddess aura. Enthusiasm Cooked girl Wind Enthusiasm Cooked girl Era Urban Mature has great enthusiasm for work, full of positive positive energy for life, full of energy to meet the challenge, strong face all. This character with a warm red Bosideng autumn down to explain more appropriate, but with the sauce purple canada goose pas cher homme or light red tights, single Sac de voyage femme with high heels, the early autumn season blew the enthusiasm of the Mature wind. Naive little girl Naive little girl Every girl lives in the heart of the most pure, lively, naive and naive to use pink and pink color to decorate, pink Bosideng autumn down with light blue or light Yellow candy color, needless to say the fresh taste has been revealed, who said naive only childhood, in fact, your dress has exposed your heart age. Eloquence Elite Humorous Eloquence Elite Humorous Humor Yellow fresh on the basis of a layer of competent, eloquent eloquence air max 2015 and no lack of humorous female elite must not be missed. Dazzling yellow, whether with black, white, gray, blue can reflect the skillful personality, with skirts, accompany shorts, leather pants, with leisure, feel you want to go. Calm and quiet interpretation of low-key luxury calm and quiet interpretation of low-key luxury peace and quiet do not like publicity character most interpretation of low-key luxury, not hurried impatience, neither overbearing nor overbearing, Bosideng slightly deep scarpe asics earth color autumn down most suitable for this trait, the pursuit of fashion Do not drift, highlighting the gas field is not aggressive, wild colors, but also allow these calm and quiet angel save with the stereotyped troubles. Statement: The above Bosideng autumn down seven kinds of personality early autumn color with law content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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