Bosideng strong into the field of e-commerce out of their ow

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Bosideng strong into the field of e-commerce out of their ow

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Bosideng strong into the field of e-commerce out of their own characteristics
Content Bosideng is the first 'world famous brand' in the michael kors shoulder bags Chinese apparel industry and is the big brother in the apparel industry on the 'Top 100 Most Valuable Brands' in China. Bosideng Group actively implement the brand development strategy, was named sell designer bags China Famous Brand and passed the national export-free product certification. Bosideng is China's largest and most technologically advanced down garment enterprises integrating scientific research, design, production, processing and sales. Now Bosideng has entered the new field of e-commerce, with challenges and development, from the traditional business model to the Internet Business model is gradually changing. The development of e-commerce for all traditional enterprises to truly the Internet as a cognitive channel to look forward to. For each business, the development of e-commerce is already a channel that can not be ignored and can not be ignored. According to Bosideng introduction, Bosideng's target population for the 30-45 year old population, from the traditional rational population gradually shift to the modern quality of people, which is to meet the escalating consumer demand. Bosideng persist in product research and development over the years to enhance the design and quality, to provide consumers with cost-effective products to meet the psychological satisfaction; the upgrading of the terminal store, and constantly improve the display, service standards; focus on after-sales service, as The follow-up needs of consumers to provide more services in place. The rapid growth of the Internet economy and e-commerce has brought challenges to the traditional retail business.
Also brought opportunities. In response, Bosideng said e-commerce has provided an emerging channel for retail sales, eliminating the need for expensive shop rentals online and controlling costs. In addition, the Internet can also be used to promote a new brand or new product line, a combination of online and offline. Faced with the tide of electricity supplier, Bosideng seize the opportunity, has now established Lynx flagship store, Taobao authorized stores, as well as third-party e-commerce sales platform, including: Jingdong, pat, Suning Tesco, Dangdang, and gratifying achievements Bosideng in the Lynx's down jacket sales is also the number one ranking. According to the company before the network carnival this year's fashion sac coach bleecker crossbody trends, selected hundreds of hot products, and grand launch of more than thirty main push, to meet the needs of young consumers network. At the same time, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the Sac de voyage femme system, Bosideng split the logistics module on the basis of the self-developed order system and set up an independent WMS logistics system to prevent the sales system from malfunctioning. The company will also order system and Alibaba Group poly stone tower system perfect docking, to ensure high-speed import orders smooth. To further enhance customer loyalty, Bosideng has also introduced a CRM customer management system to actively maintain the relationship with its existing customers. In addition, in order to lock more consumers in the event, Bosideng through the visual positioning, product shooting, copywriting design, page layout and other details of the control, the delicate product and perfect demonstrated most vividly. Bosideng official flagship store in particular, '38 years of focus, the achievements of pieces of quality' as the theme, creating a strong brand culture, closer to the emotional distance with consumers. E-commerce has provided an emerging channel for retailers, and Bosideng has enjoyed particularly rapid growth scarpe asics since its canada goose pas cher homme launch. Bosideng's vision is 'a century-old brand, hundreds of years of enterprise', its core values ​​is 'unity, loyalty, pragmatism, innovation and responsibility.' I believe Bosideng e-commerce in this new platform will seize the opportunity to go its own way. Statement: The above Bosideng strong into the field of e-commerce out of their own characteristics of the content by the 'China Garment Network Content air max 2015 Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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