Bosideng hand Youku potatoes 'big entertainment'

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Bosideng hand Youku potatoes 'big entertainment'

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Bosideng hand Youku potatoes 'big entertainment' to build a new paradigm
Content from ordinary to content marketing, from a single program to integrated marketing, from online to O2O, Bosideng Internet Marketing Innovation Road, in October 2014 usher milestone inflection point: Bosideng and Youku Tudou to fit the brand Toning 'big entertainment' as the main sac coach bleecker crossbody line, focusing on the core audience of Internet entertainment fashion, breaking the traditional single program cooperation model, unprecedented integration of all heavyweights in Youku Sac de voyage femme Tudou popular entertainment resources, film, Korean entertainment, drama, fashion, Entertainment and other major sections of Dacheng, to create tens of millions of apparel industry level annual marketing benchmarking. Gorgeous transition to open apparel brand entertainment marketing era Bosideng is China's largest brand down jacket manufacturers, the country always maintain the lead in sales.
As a leader in the domestic apparel brand, Bosideng has always been committed to optimizing its brand portfolio, and strengthening product mix adjustment to meet michael kors shoulder bags the needs of consumers at all levels to achieve Bosideng brand rejuvenation, fashion and internationalization. In order to expand the influence of the brand, and ultimately to achieve the brand transformation and upgrading, Bosideng follows the ever-changing characteristics of consumer groups, has been constantly innovative marketing. At the moment, with the rise of self-made video sites, Bosideng also turns its attention to the most potential home-made content marketing. After a series of trial runs, it decisively invests in home-made content marketing. With the help of the ace-made entertainment programs that are deeply loved by Internet core audiences, , Strengthen the brand high-end positioning, enhance the brand fashion impression, to achieve brand interaction and communication, increase product exposure and scope to ultimately help sales. What is more worth mentioning is that this cooperation broke through the previous cooperation mode of a single column to focus on young audiences, put forward the concept of 'big entertainment' and achieve the strategic cooperation with the superior content sell designer bags of Youku Tudou; across the film, the Korean entertainment, drama , Fashion, entertainment, etc. Several major trump forums, close to the latest hot topic nowadays, innovative and diverse cooperation. This cooperation opened the brand of entertainment marketing era, is bound to become a benchmark in the marketing industry events, integrated marketing will be pushed to a new height. Figure: Bosideng and Youku potatoes strategic cooperation section big entertainment main line ace self-made integrated marketing detonated eye The entire cooperation to entertainment as the main line, integration of Youku Tudou platform trump card entertainment homemade resources to meet brand whole population reach. Which a few archives homemade column is more accurate positioning of the Internet entertainment fashion core groups, around the hottest topic nowadays and widely loved by the young mainstream crowd. This is consistent with Bosideng's brand appeal, the use of brand penetration and integration of columns, the high-end fashion brand style will be more distinctive. Bosideng will be in depth with Youku Tudou 's nine stalls of the self - made variety section to start a deep cooperation, from October to January every day a new variety on the line, the daily hot push, all seasons. Among them, the 'Star Ying Diao' episode played more than 8 million times, 'Easy Time' scarpe asics episode played more than 6.2 million times, 'original selection' episode played more than 3.2 million times, 'Lu Qi came' Three programs on-line 24-hour click on it will break through 140 million times, the rest of the episodes are also set more than 200 million episodes. Home-made programs have shown tremendous commercial value and vitality due to their highly interactive content production and new and diversified advertising models. Their influence is also growing. This time, Bosideng will pass brand recognition through the acknowledgment of TVC multi-screen patch and nine-file variety show. Through the customized entertainment area and creative interaction of all entertainment artisans, consumers will be attracted to enhance the brand's impression through the customized edition of ace variety. Through the host dress to promote the wave of new products. For example, 'Star Fashion', a collaboration program with heavyweight, will open up a new customized section for Bosideng, recommending the most popular feather clothing for the audience each time and sharing the experience with the brand, Pass the interactive gestures of information to narrow the distance with the consumers, at the same time, the host's down jacket to wear models and street shooting content passers-by wear, further exposure and presentation of the brand. This multi-section, multi-time, multi-form continuous variety bombardment so that brands remain in the period of cooperation loud, high concern and strong influence. In addition to online marketing cooperation, this time 'big entertainment marketing' tentacles will also be extended to offline, offline activities through the release of public relations , Store authorized to create a full range of marketing. Take Lu Qi coming as an example, it will create four emotional lectures on 'Fashion Landmark - where Lu Qi goes' in the major cities of the first-line sales in Bosideng. At the same time, part of the group took this as an opportunity to initiate SNS interaction, the voting by the Internet users to decide the activities of the city, using Lu Qi's own star effect, divergent influence. In addition, offline marketing will also be extended to the storefront. Bosideng won the license of Youku Tudou, its offline stores will play the section of cooperation sections, but also through the storefront posters on the program and special events arrangements canada goose pas cher homme for dissemination, through the QR code of posters and users can also take the online area involved in interactive feedback , Thus fully open up online and offline marketing activities. It can be said that this cooperation with the 'big entertainment' with a full range of home-made content marketing, breaking a single part of the cooperation model, air max 2015 at the same time breadth and depth of communication coverage and integration, online and offline linkage, to maximize the brand Exposure and emotional communication, no doubt, will become the daring benchmarking case for home-made content marketing model innovation. Statement: The above Bosideng hand Youku Tudou 'big entertainment' to build a new paradigm content from the 'Chinese clothing network content' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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