Bosideng hand Korea SMART F \u0026 D expand China's uniforms

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Bosideng hand Korea SMART F \u0026 D expand China's uniforms

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:14 am

Content December 30, Bosideng Group and South Korea SMART F \u0026 D signed a contract to set up school uniform custom Sac de voyage femme company to jointly develop the Chinese uniforms market. Bosideng Group as the largest down jacket brand operators, with brand awareness, professional and strong domestic sales outlets and other brand advantages. Since last year, Bosideng Group has expanded its group buying business and launched a custom business for apparel groups for governments, agencies, enterprises, institutions and social groups. In the past two years, Bosideng has won the bid for the centralized procurement of garments in the fields of energy, electricity, transportation and education, winning wide recognition with its excellent image, excellent quality and considerate service. SMART F \u0026 D is Korea's leading apparel company and a leading brand in sell designer bags uniforms customization. With 229 franchise stores and more than 10 manufacturing facilities in Korea, SMART F \u0026 D won the Korean school uniform market title for 13 consecutive years and won wide acclaim in the Korean market. 2014 SMART brand uniforms in the Korean market share of 23%, sales of nearly 60 billion won. At present, the market size of Chinese uniforms is huge. In the next few years, as the demand for individualized and fashion school uniforms grows, the size of the domestic uniforms will further expand.
It is reported that through this cooperation, Bosideng michael kors shoulder bags company and SMART F \u0026 D companies will jointly invest to set up a joint venture company, for the Chinese market uniforms custom business. SMART F \u0026 D company is mainly responsible for the design and technical support; Bosideng companies give full play to the Chinese market channels, marketing, management, rich canada goose pas cher homme resources, responsible for business and services. At present, Chinese school uniforms are dominated by sportswear, while Korean school uniforms are scarpe asics dominated by suits and more stylish, in line with the needs of young school groups for fashion. In his opinion, the future of China Uniforms will gradually fashion the direction of development. Therefore, as early as 2014, SMART F \u0026 D companies have plans to enter the Chinese market and actively looking for partners, this cooperation with Bosideng, SMART brand will be the first step towards international expansion. In this cooperation, Bosideng Group said SMART brand uniforms not only stylish and beautiful, sac coach bleecker crossbody more excellent product features, in the Chinese market has a certain competitive advantage. The cooperation between both parties will further enrich the Bosideng Group's product portfolio, cultivate new growth points in the segment and enhance the overall profitability of the Group. Statement: The above Bosideng hand Korea SMART F \u0026 air max 2015 D to expand the content of the market in China uniforms by the 'Chinese clothing network content' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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