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own development path

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General Secretary of the Heilongjiang study tour to visit: tell you how to revive the old industrial base in Northeast
May 23 to 25, Xi Jinping general secretary to Heilongjiang Province Yichun, Fuyuan, Jiamusi, Harbin and other places to study. Three days, the general secretary in-depth rural areas, enterprises, forest, scientific research units, to implement the 13th Five-Year Plan, to promote the northeast region and other old industrial base revitalization and development research. Along the record of the General Secretary of the study, the Xinhua News Agency reporters conducted a return visit. General Secretary to lead our forest workers down the well-off Xiaoxing'anling hinterland, Linhai Yu Yu, Song Tao bursts. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the first station to the national key state-owned forest area, known as the hometown of red pine hometown of the reputation of Yichun City. Yichun City Shangganling Forestry Bureau stream business retired workers Liu Yang Shun's wife Yang Qiu E to reporters recalled the scene. The general secretary into the nike shoes outlet house after a detailed understanding of my family living conditions, see the pot stewed beans and said 'look at the delicious \u0026 rsquo ;, see my home TV and furniture that' old and ' The house cold winter cold, my wife and my body Zeyang. May 23, Yichun City, Ganjiang Forestry Bureau of the stream of retired workers Yang Qiu e at home to show the pot stewed beans. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo in Liu Yang canada goose sale Shun home yard, the general secretary and the old couple and neighbors sitting together, chatter from the nibbling. Forest area workers Liu Zhimin through the opening of grocery nike shox turbo stores and restaurants a year zapatos nike para mujer income of nearly 3 million, forest forest firefighters Jia Cun leather led the local 17 forestry workers engaged in black fungus farming, forest workers Qin Ruiliang through blueberries, blue indigo fruit cultivation, picking year Income of 300,000 yuan in the forest work for a lifetime of workers who talk about homely, pulled out is the general secretary of the event: economic restructuring, ecological protection, forest workers after the death of workers. The general secretary affirmed and encouraged them, and applause and laughter from time to time in the courtyard. General secretary in the Yichun transition development of the critical period here, for the Yichun industry development pulse, concerned about the forest workers life, which makes us very excited and very moved. Yichun City Cui Luan District coach cases Secretary Yang Guoli said. May 23, Yichun City, Cui Luan District Secretary Yang Guoli introduced to the general secretary of the forest under the pork. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Songguo key state-owned forest area to stop the commercial logging, to follow the green mountains is Jinshan Yinshan, ice and snow is also Jinshan Yinshan ideas, groping to continue the development of the road to the Secretary of the General Secretary of this sentence, so forest nike shoes for men District cadres and the masses impressed. This is the general secretary in the development zone planning exhibition hall said. At that time, the General Secretary focused on watching the blueberries, black fungus, red pine nuts, North incense sculpture four display area. General Secretary told us as long as hard and hard work, guarding the green mountains and rivers will be able to harvest Jinshan Yinshan, which firm the confidence of the green development of enterprises. From the wood processing transformation Blueberry deep processing of private entrepreneurs Wang Xiaohui said, we have to combine the reality, the new development concept implemented. May 23, in Heilongjiang Yichun Ecological Economic Development Zone nike free Planning Exhibition Hall, private entrepreneurs Wang Xiaohui to reporters to show blueberries as zapatos nike raw materials of alcoholic drinks. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo talked about the general secretary of the economic development under the forest requirements, Yichun municipal party committee secretary Gao Huan said: This is to remind us to take precautions to prevent risks, the real market in accordance with the law of the market, the development of forest industry. To innovation to power, to fill the deep processing of short board. At the same time, we will extend the forest vegetables, forest medicine, forest frogs, forest pigs and other industrial chain, with multiple industrial chain to carry the forest under the continuous development of the Michael Kors Jewelry economy. Look, this is adidas y3 the general secretary to lead moncler di sconto our forest workers are well-off it Yang Qiu pointed to the news on the phone in a general secretary with their photo said. May 23, Yang Qiu (left seven) and his wife Liu Yang Shun (sixth) in their own yard and other neighbors sitting in a circle, recovery and learning the secretary of the scene when the nibbling. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo to the country's food security in their own hands in the Pentium of China and Russia Jiejiang Heilongjiang ho ho soup, clear river in the rain reflected in the ink, and the black blind island of green meaning constitutes a natural landscape painting. Visitors visit the Heixiazi Wetland Park (photo taken on August 17, 2014). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei good ecological endowment and a unique island of the two landscape, so that Fuyuan City, the Chinese Dongsai small city fame, the arrival of the general secretary of the more here to become the focus of the crowd. Fuyuan development late, the ecological is particularly good, black blind island is an undeveloped land, we must bear in mind the general secretary of the entrustment, this piece of green water to protect the true green. Fuyuan party secretary Zhou said. Green ecological gold seeds, but also in this piece of cold soil on the peasant hearts take root. Reporter saw Fuyuan City, Dongan village grain big Sun Guoliang, he is Jiuwei rice cultivation professional cooperatives check the seedlings, planning this year 10 垧 duck rice cultivation. May 24, Jiu Cheng rice cooperatives members, Fuyuan City Tongjiang Township Dongan village committee director Sun Guoliang at the time he introduced the transplanter on the scene. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei ducks are bought, with rice ducking insecticide, weeding, with duck manure fertilizer. Rice has not been produced on the Internet was booked light! For nearly 30 years, he re-as a student, study the time and proportion of ducks. And other tests have become, must bring to the general secretary to taste. Sun Guoliang said. Dongan village villagers Liu Yanhui remember the general secretary asked her details: he is very concerned about our farmers income, that can not let farmers suffer, but also encourage us to join more cooperatives, through the scale of operation, modern agriculture to improve efficiency, the national food security Own hands. May 24, Jiu Cheng rice cooperatives members, Fuyuan City Tongjiang Township Dongan village villagers Liu Yanhui in the fast seedling workshop to see the growing seedlings. Xinhua News designer bags outlet Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo Liu Yanhui said that in the past their own farming are spread sowing, harvest is very low, and now cooperatives unified purchase, seedling and sales, their own 10 垧 flow to the cooperative income of 60,000 yuan per Nike Mens Snow Boots year, Yuan, as well as husband and wife working income in the community 40,000 yuan, the day chaussuresmaxs outlet was very moist, many wait and see farmers to see the ugg guantes profit has also joined the cooperatives. The Heshe man's song and happiness passed down on behalf of the rain, we are here with the general secretary of the hand, everyone excitedly threw an umbrella came around, he shook hands while others to umbrella. In Tongjiang City, eight fork Hezhe village cultural square next, 65-year-old Hezhe old man You Xiuyun side of the side of the reporter said with a smile, you said the general secretary ye so easy approach! May 25, eight fork village of uomo cappotti e giubbotti Hezhe people walk in the new road on the road. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo Hezhe is one of the least populous nation in China, louboutinu outlet but also the last fishing and adidas originals fishing nation in the northeast region, experienced from the almost disappeared michael kors bags outlet uk to air jordan basketball shoes settle the fishing and hunting, from single fishing to agriculture and fishery, and then Doudoune moncler to the current multi-industry development The historical changes. Reporters into the village, rows of new two-story building as villa group. Village culture activities center came a burst of cheerful melodies, Hezhe singer who are clapping and singing. This song is called 'Ussuri Mangmang', mainly to celebrate our new life. Tongjiang City People's Art Museum curator Qi Yanhua told Cheap nike air max reporters. At that time, we are learning Hezhe traditional art Imaman, the general secretary came in and asked a lot Baratas Nike about Imagan to protect the heritage of the problem, but also listen to everyone singing 'Wusuli boat song', while listening to clap beat the beat. May chaussures adidas superstar 25, in the same river city eight fork Hezhe Imaman Institute, students in learning imaman. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photographed the famous Hezhe family Imajan singing artist Wu Liangui's grandson Wu Bao Chen is a national heritage of intangible cultural heritage. He said: Now the party's policy is good, learned in the study of Imagan, everyone's enthusiasm is high, everyone learn to have the head. General Secretary also visited the 82-year-old You Guilan old man, she said the Japanese invasion of China is to follow his father coach luggage for sale fled to retrieve a life. Today, the four elderly people living in the villagers each have a standard small building, enjoy the central heating, water supply and sewage. She said: my legs have arthritis, the past on the dry toilet squatting no old to suffer, and now really enjoy the blessing. May 25, 82-year-old Bachu village villagers You Guilan (middle) and son Chu Yanqiu (left), daughter-in-law Yin Chunxia recalled the scene. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo general secretary of the ethnic minorities are also very concerned about, he even know that we have farmland in the Basha Island, asked us to fishing and land after the transfer of income, the new rural insurance. Yu Guilan's daughter-in-law Yin Chunxia took a precious photo saying that this is the mother-in-law in 1956 with the minority delegation to Beijing to see Chairman Mao Zedong's photo, Xi Jinping, general secretary and mother-in-law together to identify. General secretary to a guest, many villagers have come to my house. Later want to engage in a Nike Air Jordan 13 family hotel, so that visitors experience fishing, personally do Hezhe fish feast, taste Tara, kill the fish and other specialties. You Guilan's son Chu Yanqiu told reporters that the words and happiness will be handed down from generation to generation. Innovation is the endless vitality of enterprises in a few days after the spring baptism, the ice city of Harbin ushered in the long absence of the sun. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the trip the last stop, is to study the scientific research institutes and enterprises of innovation and development. Sun Shifeng, deputy michael kors sandals director of the Institute of Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China, said that the general secretary in the visit made many detailed questions, canada goose outlet italia let us feel the importance of his research and production, scientific and technical personnel selfless dedication of the affirmative. This further enhances our sense of michael kors wallets uk responsibility, mission, scientific and technological achievements into the transformation of the old industrial adidas chaussure a la mode base of the kinetic energy. On May 25, Sun Shifeng, deputy stivali ugg scontati director of eboots outlet the Institute of China Shipbuilding and Heavy Industry, introduced the dialogue with General Secretary Xi Jinping. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ka-shing private enterprises Harbin Antian Technology Co., Ltd. chief architect Xiao Xinguang said that the general secretary of the scene to understand the anti-virus engine technology research and development, network security threats to real-time monitoring, etc., for us to take the Chinese road, Indicating the direction. May 25, Harbin Antian Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Architect Xiao Xinguang in the monclercool outlet introduction of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspection of the situation. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Kai photo public entrepreneurship, innovation, but also accelerate the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base catalyst. In Harbin Science and Technology Innovation Venture Building, Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Ma Jingxiang to the General Secretary introduced the industrialization of science and technology to try. After reading a few projects, the general secretary also asked everyone, how to invest in the company. Ma Jing said that the province in nike outlet our company invested 10 million yuan, accounting for 5% of the shares, the equivalent of support, and some companies have venture, fund participation and so on. General Secretary instructed us to persevere, innovation to the enterprise as the mainstay, market-oriented, government platform, the key to their , a virtuous circle gradually grow. May 25, Harbin Institute of Technology Institute of Astronautics Professor Ma Jing and Xi Jinping general secretary of the dialogue. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Kai-shu's return visit, we said, must live up to the generals of the earnest exhortations, in the transfer mode to adjust the structure of the key to continue to emancipate the mind, do solid work, pioneering and innovative, breaking the old industrial base in Heilongjiang revitalize the development of new ways The Reporter: Zou Dapeng, Li Jianping, Guan Jiantao Video: Ma Zhiyuan, He Shan, Ma Di, Qi Hongxin, Li You male Editor: Zheng Xiaoyi, Zhang Hao Pei, Li Bin, Wu Gang \u0026 copy; Xinhua News Agency media platform related news
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Re: own development path

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