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GoldenDict main window won't get raised automatically

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GoldenDict main window won't get raised automatically

Postby brunces » Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:10 pm

Hey, guys.

Every time I try to use GoldenDict, I notice an annoying behavior which I consider a bug.

Goldendict is started normally and its icon rests on the system tray as expected. Every time I click on that icon or simply use the hotkeys I've assigned to show the main window, the window is "shown", however it doesn't get raised, I mean, it doesn't come to the front, on top of any other programs already open. When I have no other programs open or when they are minimized and all I see is my desktop, GoldenDict window appears normally; otherwise, it's always put below any other open windows.

By the way, nowadays I use Manjaro KDE, but the same thing also happened when I used Linux Mint (with Cinnamon), Ubuntu (with Gnome) and KDE Neon.

I'm pretty sure this is a GoldenDict specific behavior because it does not happen with any other programs I use. I always set windows to get raised automatically, be it on KDE, Gnome or Cinnamon.

GoldenDict 1.5.0-RC2+git - Based on Qt 5.13.0 (GCC 8.2.1 20180831, 64 bit)

I hope this can be fixed.

Thanks for your time.
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