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GoldenDict unicode characters failure. Please help!

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GoldenDict unicode characters failure. Please help!

Postby AlvinGilley » Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:00 am

The issue is that I am arranging a Bolivian Guarani word reference to use in GoldenDict and StarDict. Guaraní has two letters which don't exist in any standard console: ɨ (U268) and ɨ̈ (U268, U308)

Both are Unicode characters. That second character is a made with a Unicode diacritical stamp overlaid over the primary character.

In StarDict, I can embed Unicode characters in the pursuit box with no issue. I simply press CTRL+SHIFT+U and after that the number code for the character. In GoldenDict, notwithstanding, there is by all accounts no real way to embed Unicode characters in the pursuit confine either Windows or Linux. In many Windows programs, I can embed Unicode characters by squeezing ALT and entering the Unicode number in the number cushion, with the number gone before by a zero. For instance, ALT+0268 to get ɨ. In any case, this doesn't work in GoldenDict in Windows. GoldenDict in Linux likewise doesn't enable you to sort Unicode characters in the inquiry box. This is likely on the grounds that the QT toolbox utilized by GoldenDict doesn't have Unicode character input. I have already contacted essay writing service support representatives, but maybe you know what is the case?
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