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When clicking Rescan 2x number of open files

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When clicking Rescan 2x number of open files

Postby CAEman » Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:45 am

After clicking of the button of Rescan in a tab Sources / Files of a window Dictionaries (even without change of dictionaries) number of the files opened by the program (check: in the console we launch the lsof command - p 'pgrep goldendict' | wc - l) grows by number, equal to 2-fold number of the connected dictionaries, and the maximum quantity, i.e. original quantity - in case of its reduction or finite - in case of increase that can lead to halt of the program if at the user insufficiently great value of the maximum file descriptor number that can be opened by a process parameter (check is set: in the console we launch the ulimit command - Sn), and only after clicking of the OK button it decreases to aggregate value, it depends in case of a choice of the File / Rescan menu the Ctrl+F5 files, on the contrary, the number sharply falls, and then in process of rescanning reaches aggregate value.
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