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agricultural health in China

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On the Strategy of the 14th National Congress of the CPC
China today launched the 'Xi Jinping and thirteen fifteen big strategy' series of articles 'lucia on the land, the grain in nike air max the strategy of science and technology' running shoes sale articles.... , The full text is as follows: grain, the people of life, the country's treasure. Grain production is the strategic industry of peace and stability. Xi Jinping pointed out: nike free 3.0 v5 China is a large population of large countries, to solve the problem of food is always a top priority for the rule of law. Thirteen Lebron James 8 Five Plan proposed: adhere to the most stringent arable land protection system, adhere to the red line of cultivated land, the implementation of the grain on the land, possession of food strategy, improve food production, to ensure that the basic grain self-sufficiency, rations absolutely safe. Pictured: November 27, 2013 afternoon, Xi blauer giacche uomo Jinping in the Shandong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences intelligent greenhouse to understand the situation of agricultural science and technology innovation. Fundamental land in cultivated running shoes black land is the lifeblood of grain production and the main carrier of grain production. The skin does not exist, Mao will be attached? Without arable land, there is no rations. The red land is a food safety dam, and the running shoes altra protection of arable land is the protection of food production. Thirteen Five Plan proposed: adhere to the most stringent arable land protection system, adhere to the red line of cultivated land. Only to ensure that the area and the number of arable land in order to talk about how running shoes for plantar fasciitis to use arable land zapatos nike air to improve food production. Protection of cultivated land is running shoes running shoes brands for kids to keep the people's rice bowl, stick to the red line of cultivated land is to hold the bottom line of 1.3 billion people rations. According to the land and resources sector estimates, cultivated land provides 88% of human food and other necessities of life. More than 95% of the meat, eggs, and milk are converted from the products provided by the cultivated land. Farmland provides farmers with 40 to 60 per cent of their economic coach bags for cheap income and 60 to 80 per cent of their daily necessities running shoes discount directly or indirectly. In addition to our country, the quality of cultivated land is low and the pollution damage is becoming a new challenge for cultivated land protection. The results of the survey and assessment of the quality of cultivated land completed nike running shoes for flat feet air max 90 hyperfuse womens by the Ministry of Land and Resources show that the quality of cultivated land in China is generally low. National arable land from high to low 15 equal, the average wait 9.80, etc., what running shoes do i need of which more than 57% of the cultivated land is not lower than the national average. Therefore, the red line of farmland has been retreated, in addition running shoes online to guarding the stick, there is no choice. Xi Jinping pointed out: arable land is China's most valuable resources. The basic situation of our people more and less, decided that we must have more than one hundred million people to eat a big deal of land conservation, there must parka canada goose langford be no slip. To implement the most stringent arable land running shoes lightweight protection system, according to the law to do a good job of cultivated running shoes barefoot land balance, standardize the orderly promotion of rural land circulation, adidas boost 2017 running shoes on sale like the protection of giant pandas to protect the same cultivated land. In the central comprehensive reform of the leading group at the seventh meeting of Xi running shoes new balance Jinping pointed out: to always maintain good, to achieve good and development of farmers' rights and interests as a starting point new balance running shoes and foothold, insist on the nature of land public ownership does not change, the red line does not cheap nike air max 2014 break, Loss of three bottom line, in the pilot on the basis of orderly advance. Land expropriation, collective management of land for construction canada goose trillium running shoes adidas parka land, homestead system reform is closely related to the unified deployment and requirements, but the pilot work to be classified and implemented. christian louboutin pas cher Strictly adhere to the 18 million mu of cultivated land red line is to running shoes for high arches promote the reform of the rural land system, the bottom line, is the pilot of the running shoes cheap premise, must asics running shoes not go beyond. China has long been accustomed to possession Nike Free running shoes nike 3.0 V3 of grain in the best running shoes warehouse, possession of food in the people, to Feng apology strategy. The quality of arable land is seriously unbalanced, and the can running lose belly fat running shoes for men overall quality of the cultivated land is reduced. As a result, the grain production capacity is insufficient, and the grain sown area can be expanded as much as possible and the yield can be increased. This has brought a high amount of storage costs, the formation of a huge financial burden, but also affected the development of other crops and the increase in income of farmers, in particular, can not guarantee China's food security, if successive running shoes for women years of running shoes asics poor harvest, give food The supply brought great pressure. And the grain conservation strategy is timely to adjust the problem in the food supply is too demanded, to take a part of the land to reduce the number of grain production, food shortage and can running cause back pain then the land quickly for the production of food, through the increase or decrease of cultivated land running shoes store To maintain the general balance of food supply and demand. The implementation of land fallow, although not the production running shoes best of food, but the grain production capacity is still, and land after the fall can also increase soil fertility, in fact, is equivalent to the grain production capacity stored in the land. At present, the domestic grain stocks increased more, the burden of storage subsidies heavier. At the same time, the international market, lower food prices, domestic and international market prices upside down significantly. It is beneficial to cultivate cultivated land reclamation and sustainable development of agriculture, and to balance the contradiction between grain supply and demand, stabilize the income of farmers and reduce the financial pressure, and make use of the current situation of domestic and foreign market supply of grain. The implementation of arable land rotation system, the state can be based on financial and food supply and demand situation, focusing on the groundwater funnel, Chaussures Nike pas cher heavy metal pollution, serious ecological degradation of the pilot areas, arrange a certain area of ​​arable land for fallow, the farmers to give the necessary food or cash Subsidy. To carry out this pilot, to protect the national food security and does not affect the income of farmers as a prerequisite, fallow can not reduce the cultivated land, engage in non-agricultural, weaken the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, to ensure that when the food can be produced, While the full delineation of permanent basic farmland to ensure the amount of arable land. It is an important part of establishing a long-term mechanism for the development of food security and, which is more active, more long-term and more active. Previous 1 2 3 Next page
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