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13-year-old girl was born 3 million yuan sold running shoes running shoes altra cheap his wife was her husband house arrest for more blauer giacche uomo than a year
13-year-old adidas boost 2017 girl in Hubei Xiao Li was cheap nike air max 2014 brought to Shucheng rural old man home, she was the price of 30,000 yuan sold to the man to do his wife, selling her was actually her biological father. Reporters learned yesterday from the Shucheng court, the case of a group of people have been sentenced to death. In early 2011, daughter Xiao Li is still less than fourteen years old, Li Jia for the burden nike air max 90 hyperfuse womens of raising to support the Lebron James 8 running shoes discount payment of 30,000 yuan for running shoes lightweight running shoes for high arches the support running shoes asics of the child, Conditions, Nike running shoes online Free 3.0 V3 so that the same village man Cao to her daughter to find her husband home. Cao will tell the matter running shoes for kids Luomou, Luomou also told Hanmou, happens to be my province Shucheng man Chen due to the right hand has a disability, in his hometown is difficult to find the right object, is asking Hanmou for nike air max its christian louboutin pas cher introduction, running shoes black Hanmou promised but asked To introduce fee. Then Hanmou and Luomou contact, in February 2011 accompanied by Chen Chen came to parka canada new balance running shoes goose langford Hubei Province, in Cao, Luo two running shoes barefoot arrangements, Chen and Li, Xiao Li meet each other, running shoes on sale 10 days later, Cao, Luomou, Hanmou and Li Jia 4 people best running shoes will be sent to the home of Chen running shoes for flat feet Chen, Chen secretly pay 30,000 support, the relevant running running shoes sale shoes for men staff of the corresponding benefits. In fact, the so-called blind date, Xiao Li has running shoes adidas been kept in the dark, because the father told her that the field can running lose belly fat of friends know the whereabouts of the mother, they will go to Anhui to find her mother, Xiao Li heard to find a few running shoes nike years lost mom, Do not mind more happy. Bitter woman was under house arrest for more than a year to Shucheng Chen's day, Xiao Li found everyone in the hair candy, ask his father reason, my father told her that running shoes brands running shoes store this is her husband to coach bags for cheap find her, this message is like a thunderbolt, Xiao Li Suddenly panic God, pulling his father's hand and holding, crying begged his father to take her away, but cruel father pushed her running shoes for plantar fasciitis away canada goose trillium parka after leaving alone. Fortunately, because Xiao Li is still young, Chen zapatos nike air is not forced with the same room, what running can running cause back running shoes for women pain shoes do i running shoes new balance need the two housing and living, but not Chaussures Nike pas cher let asics running shoes it go running shoes best out. Xiao Li escaped twice, due to terrain unfamiliar, and soon was Chen family to find back, and soon Chen go out to work, by Chen parents guarding Xiao Li at home. Until an early morning in September 2012, Xiao Li secretly escaped Chen, the woman in the river to pay a friend to see Xiao Li got into the bushes of no one, they approached asked, Xiao Li crying to pay a certain, She is Hubei, was sold by his father married here, she wanted to escape home! Fu Mou immediately with Xiao Li to the public security organs report. After the incident, the victim Xiao Li through Shucheng County rescue management station has been returned to the original. Han was arrested and brought to justice, Chen, Joo, Luomou surrendered, and soon returned to the case nike free 3.0 v5 of Lee. He was sentenced to five years in prison. The court held that the defendant, Fined 10,000 yuan, recover the illegal income. Cao Mou, Luomou, Hanmou: under the guise of the name of marriage, in order to sell for the purpose of helping Li Jia sell Xiao Li, because Xiao Li is a minor, three acts constitute a crime of trafficking in children, a joint crime; People help Li Jia contact, , transfer victims, is the case of criminals. Court sent Cao, Luomou, Hanmou imprisonment for six months each year, and fined 10,000 yuan. Chen: was sentenced to control for one year. (Cai Qi, Fang Ronggang) related news
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