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'Ping language' approach - Xi Jinping's 'three rural view'
】 【Preface to running shoes cheap the well-off is not well-off, the key to see fellow, no rural well-off, especially in poor areas of well-off, there is no comprehensive well-off society. Xi Jinping, general secretary repeatedly talked about such a profound words. In the process of modernization, the rural nike free 3.0 v5 areas can not fall behind; in concentrating the process of running shoes new balance building China's dream, not hundreds of millions of farmers dream building. China must be strong, agriculture must be strong; China to the United States, rural must be the United States; running shoes online China to be rich, farmers must be rich. What are some important expositions nike air max 90 hyperfuse womens on the three running shoes discount rural areas and Xi Jinping? Xinhua learning to carry out with you to explore the mind of Xi Jinping three rural view. [Agriculture] (a) strong agriculture, we must rely on blauer giacche uomo scientific and technological progress, take the Chinese characteristics of running shoes adidas modern agricultural road ▲ agricultural approach in the running shoes nike modernization of agricultural modernization running shoes asics key in scientific running shoes sale and technological progress. We must pay more attention than ever before and rely on agricultural science and technology progress, take the connotation of development path. Contradictions and problems are the guide of technological innovation. We should timely adjust the agricultural technological progress line, strengthen the construction of agricultural science and technology personnel, training new professional farmers. November 28, 2013, christian louboutin pas cher Xi Jinping held a forum in Shandong Academy running shoes barefoot of Agricultural Sciences, said the afternoon of November 27, 2013, running shoes black Xi Jinping in the Shandong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences intelligent greenhouse to understand the agricultural science and technology innovation. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Huan Chi photo ▲ solve the problem of agriculture, agriculture and agriculture, is to deepen the reform, take the Chinese characteristics of modern agricultural road. To the agricultural wings of science and technology, in accordance with the increase in production efficiency, good variety of matching, agricultural running shoes store agronomy, production and ecological coordination of the principle of promoting the integration of agricultural technology, labor process mechanization, production and operation of information technology, And build a technical system that meets the requirements of high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecological and safe agricultural development. November 24 to 28, 2012 Xi Jinping in Shandong inspection stressed that on the afternoon of December 13, 2014, Xi Jinping in Zhenjiang City Dantu District World Town Pioneer Village Agricultural Park Strawberry Greenhouse, on-site canada goose trillium parka view of strawberry growth. Lebron [url=https://www.vbags.co.uk/coach-c-1.html]coach bags for cheap James 8[/url] Xinhua News Agency reporter Lan Hongguang photo ▲ modern and efficient agriculture is a good way for farmers to get rich. To go along this path, so that agricultural operations are effective, so running shoes best that agriculture has become the running shoes brands head of the industry. December best running shoes 13, 2014 Xi Jinping in the town of Jiangsu Province, the town of running shoes altra Pioneer running shoes on sale Village Agricultural Park survey to understand the development of modern agriculture, said that ▲ China is not the Nike Free 3.0 V3 current stage of agriculture, but in the new situation, how to overcome difficulties, continue to catch Good question. New industrialization, information, urbanization, agricultural modernization, agricultural what running shoes do i need modernization can not drag cheap nike air max 2014 the hind legs. We must always keep the strategy awake. East three provinces in the realization of agricultural modernization in front of Chaussures Nike pas cher the team, we must vigorously develop modern agriculture, follow the law, scientific development. March 9, 2015 Xi Jinping to participate in the running shoes for men Jilin delegation to consider that ▲ to speed nike air max can running lose belly fat up the modernization of agriculture, consolidate the running shoes for kids basic position of agriculture, to ensure national food security, improve the income level of farmers. To speed up the establishment of modern agricultural industry running shoes for flat feet system, extend the agricultural industry chain, the value chain, promote the running shoes for high arches cross industry integration. April 30, running shoes for plantar fasciitis 2015, Xi Jinping in the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the twenty-second collective can running cause asics running shoes back pain study, said (b) strong agriculture, we must deepen the rural reform July 22, 2013 afternoon, Xi Jinping to Ezhou City E City Dushan Town Investigation on Rice Breeding running shoes lightweight Base new balance running shoes in Donggang Village. Xinhua News Agency reporter running shoes for women adidas boost 2017 Huang Jingwen photo ▲ deepen rural reform, improve the basic rural management system, to study rural land zapatos nike air ownership, contracting rights, the right to operate the relationship between the three, land transfer to respect the wishes of farmers to protect basic farmland and food security, To help increase the income of farmers. July 21 to 23, 2013, Xi Jinping in Hubei to study the reform and development work stressed that ▲ to steadily promote rural reform, create conditions parka canada goose langford to give farmers more property rights. Urbanization is not the land of urbanization, but the population of urbanization, do not pull seedlings to help, and to be a matter of course, do not rush into, but to be positive and secure. November 28, 2013, Xi Jinping held a forum in Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said ▲ rural reform is an important part of the deepening of reform, do a good job in agriculture, the key is to reform to vitality. March 9, 2014, in the two sessions of the country, Xi Jinping to Anhui delegation said ▲ rural development, we must rely on hundreds of millions of farmers. We should persistently promote rural reform and system innovation, give full play to the role of the hundreds of millions of farmers and the pioneering spirit, continue to liberate and develop rural social productive forces, stimulate rural development vitality. April 30, 2015, Xi Jinping in the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the twenty-second collective study, said the previous page 1 2 3 Next
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