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'One five' (1953 ~ 1957): industrial growth super British catch the United States
The development of Nike Free 3.0 V3 the five-year plan lasted five years, a few drafts. In July 1955, the second session of running shoes lightweight the National People's Congress examined and adopted the fifth plan. The plan covers more than half of the time. One of the basic tasks is to focus on the main canada goose trillium parka force, the Soviet Union nike air max running shoes for kids to help China's design of 156 large-scale construction projects (hereinafter referred to nike free 3.0 v5 as 156) as asics running shoes the center, by 694 large and medium-sized construction projects composed of industrial construction, the establishment of China's socialism The basis of industrialization. By 1957, the fifth plan had exceeded the prescribed task. In the new balance running shoes implementation of the five plan, there have running shoes brands been two economic construction of the aggressive, but have been promptly corrected. During the rainy season, transport vehicles often anchored; Songhua River as natural \u0026 lsquo; blockade line \u0026 running shoes adidas rsquo ;, cut off the north and south of the Songhua River north shore area is almost a barren wilderness, no roads, traffic inconvenience, every rainy season, transport vehicles often anchor; On both sides of the strait, many workers had to ride the boat. At the same time, the lack of construction experience, the lack of construction tools. Is in this running shoes black case, the construction of the army into the construction site, hard work, remove nike air max 90 hyperfuse womens the difficulties, to ensure the zapatos nike air smooth progress of the construction. Jilin Chemical District, an old worker recalled. Jilin Chemical Industry Park is the first chemical production base built in China during the first five, including three of the 156 chemical industry projects. In July 1952, the first draft of the fifth plan was completed. running shoes for high arches According to Chen Yun's words, the main point of the plan is running shoes discount in the next what running shoes do i need five years to do what new factory. In August the same year, Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun led the government delegation to the Soviet Union, carry the draft is. Stalin said after that, China should reduce the average annual growth rate of five years in the industry, so as not to plan too full, there is no room for maneuver. Five plan more than ten thousand words, but its core is the Soviet Union to build 156 large-scale construction projects. These projects are all over the national defense industry, machinery industry, coach bags for cheap electronics industry, chemical industry running shoes store and energy industry and other aspects, put up the whole of China's industrial skeleton, so people call it the foundation of the battle of industrialization. Although the 156 projects, in the fifteenth period of construction of the construction of only 146, and 4 postponed the construction, there are six finally did not change from the drawings reality, but this is still the largest in modern China since the largest and most effective industrialization Period, most of the works are scheduled or ahead of schedule to complete the construction plan. From the 156 (actually 150) of the industrial structure, was mainly due to the following three considerations: First, after the outbreak of the Korean War after the international situation and China's defense industry is extremely weak situation, the national security on the urgent position running shoes for plantar fasciitis The third is to take into account the use running shoes sale of the original industrial base, but also taking into account the preparation and improvement of the past regional layout is not balanced. Second, the old China heavy industry base is very weak, has become the bottleneck of industrialization; One of the Changchun first automobile factory, is China's first modern automobile factory. July 15, 1953, running shoes for flat feet the project broke ground, builders after 3 years cheap nike air max 2014 of Lebron James 8 struggle, eventually let a magnificent car factory stands in Changchun earth. July 12, 1956, from running shoes altra the assembly line out of running shoes on sale the first domestic Jiefang brand cars, this ended the history of China can not manufacture cars. Steel is the can running cause running shoes new balance back pain foundation of the big industry. According to the first five plans, China not only to expand the then largest steel base Anshan Iron and Steel Company (hereinafter referred to as Anshan Iron and Steel), will also build two new steel base, namely Wuhan Iron and Steel Company and Baotou Iron and Steel Company. The construction of Anshan Iron and Steel is the center of the construction of steel planning. To this end, the can running lose belly fat Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a call to support Anshan, the country a running shoes for women total of 55 cities, 199 enterprises from the christian louboutin pas cher human, materials, equipment and other aspects of support for the construction of Anshan Iron and Steel. December 26, 1953, Angang's three major projects \u0026 mdash; large rolling mill, seamless steel pipe plant, No. 7 iron furnace was put into operation ceremony, and to the CPC Central Committee, Mao Zedong personally reply to congratulate. Reporter Dong Wei finishing 【figures】 921 in adidas boost 2017 the construction of more than 10,000 construction units, the limit above the 921, running shoes asics they are in a very long period of time are the backbone of China's modern industry, many of which are not in the past New industries, such as aircraft, running shoes nike cars, power generation equipment and so on. Three and a half according to a machine department investigation, fifteen period of large and medium-sized projects, completed after an average of 3 and a half can recover the investment. Japan is 3 years, the United States is 4 years, the Soviet Union is 5 years. During the period of 18% and 15, the average annual growth rate of industrial output value reached 18% (14.7% of the plan). Interns Xing Liyun finishing [Quotations] You have so many people, you have a big place, so rich resources, but also heard that engage in running shoes barefoot socialism, is said to have superiority, the results you engage in five or six years can not exceed the United States What do you like? running shoes online It will be from the earth to expel your membership! Mao Zedong (August 1956) is now a bit running shoes best impatient for the blauer giacche uomo signs, which running shoes cheap need attention. The enthusiasm of socialism can not be impaired, but more than the reality may be and unfounded, do not mess with, do not mess up, otherwise it is very dangerous. running shoes for men Leaders' minds are hot, washed with cold water, and may be awake. Department Chaussures Nike pas cher of professional meetings to mention the plans are large numbers, please pay attention to seeking truth from facts. best running shoes Zhou Enlai (February 1956) interns Xing Liyun finishing [evaluation] one five plan results are huge, 1953 to 1980, five five-year plan in the fastest growing, the best period of efficiency. It parka canada goose langford has realized the rapid growth of the national economy and laid a preliminary foundation for China's industrialization. In this regard, the American scholar Fei Zhengqing in its editor of the 'Cambridge History of the People's Republic of China' in the evaluation of high: from the economic growth figures, \u0026 lsquo; fifteen \u0026 rsquo; plan quite successful. The average annual growth rate of national income is 8.9% (at constant prices). The first five-year plan has a decisive acceleration. That is, with the 50 years of the new independent, per capita annual growth rate of about 2.5% compared to developing countries, China's experience is also successful. However, this achievement is a price: because the pursuit of high speed and increase industrial investment, so that China's supply and demand from the to participate in the adjustment of the basic balance, into the country according to plan the allocation of resources in the shortage of economy. The socialist transformation is in fact a change that is required to adapt to the above-mentioned changes, but this change is too hasty, too fast, too single and too rough to work. 1957 had been adjusted, but soon was later the Great Leap Forward washed away. (Comment expert: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher force) reporter Dong Wei finishing
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