James has gotten up to in Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins

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James has gotten up to in Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins

Postby happylifea » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:17 am

Look at her dab!??Riley Curry had an epic dab-off with a Charlotte Christian School student, before her dad, Stephen Curry had his No. 20 jersey retired.(??: OwenCannon25 / Twitter)A video posted by Sporting News (@sportingnews) on Jan 25, 2017 at 7:06am PSTMORE: Why Steph Curry wore No. 20 and not No. 30 in high schoolShe's clearly watched her dad do the NBA Live Coins move a time or two. LeBron James' latest gamble could send Cavs down dangerous path | NBA | Sporting News

By any measure, what LeBron James has gotten up to in Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins Cleveland lately is, at least, strange. At most, it is a bizarre gamble that could result in a disastrous backfire. Now in a stretch of six losses in eight games, James expressed dissatisfaction with the Cavaliers as an organization this week, saying, “We’re not better than last year, from a personnel standpoint,” and implying that the team has gotten complacent.

He also said the team is “top-heavy,” an obvious dig at the Cavs’ bench players.TRADE RUMORS: These 12 big men could be on the block Of course, that is demonstrably false. The Cavs have put forth every possible resource to help this team defend its championship. Cleveland has the highest payroll in the league, at $129 million, and stands to be a taxpayer for the third consecutive year, with a bill of about $50 million.

They’ve mortgaged their future by committing to trade this year’s first-round draft pick, as well as their draft pick in 2019. By NBA rule, the Cavs can’t trade another first-rounder until 2021, and there just isn’t much of a market for picks four years down the line. They had to move a pick in order to acquire wing Kyle Korver, and the team simply has no more wiggle room for transactions.James knows this. He has been in the NBA for 14 seasons.

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