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Party School Professor: Officials reported that personal matters have been doing so far
In the future, the leading cadres, if not truthfully fill in income, real estate and spouse children abroad, etc., are not allowed to appoint, not included in the list of reserve cadres. Yesterday, the Central Organization Department issued a notice, asked to coach hobo bag sale do a better job of leading cadres to report personal matters related work, the relevant departments will be randomized every year random checks. It is understood that in 2010, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the 'Provisions on Leading Cadres' Report on Personal Matters', running shoes arch support requiring leading cadres to report their marital changes and spouses, ), running shoes under 100 Practitioners, personal income, real estate, investment and other matters. The Central Organization Department to inform the requirements air max 90 womens of the various regional departments should conscientiously implement the running shoes bunions spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, and constantly strengthen the supervision of leading cadres, and further do a good job leading cadres to report personal matters, in strict accordance with the ' , Take the initiative to report personal matters, to ensure that the content is true and accurate. 'Notice' clear, no reason to report on time, not truthfully report or conceal not reported, according to the seriousness of the case, to give criticism of education, time limit correction, ordered to make inspections, admonish conversation, criticism or transfer from the post, ; Constitute discipline, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disciplinary action. In the National School of Administration Professor Zhu Li family view, the notice of the 'provisions' there is an important supplement, that is not truthfully fill in or conceal not reported, are not promoted, do not include the list of reserve cadres. Report materials will be randomly selected according to the proportion According to the 'notice', this year will also carry out the relevant cadres of the relevant matters reported to check the running shoes deals verification work. It is understood that the inspection and verification work is mainly to report the authenticity and integrity of the material to verify each year by a nike roshe women certain percentage of random checks. At running shoes outfit the same time, according to the needs of the work to be part of the object to be selected, to be included in the candidate for the candidate and other objects need to be verified for verification. Zhang Ji, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection had revealed that the central tour group in the first round of inspections, has been the first use of a means of patrol, is to spot the leading cadres to report personal matters, see the report was false, The question and the report of the situation can reflect the problem clues. We are mainly through these ways and methods, and strive to find the tiger and flies. □ problem report discount and even false information Central Party School Professor Xin Ming pointed out that the leading cadres reported that personal matters have been doing in recent years, but the effect is not obvious, did not meet the institutional arrangements for the intended purpose. Now the leading cadres in the report of personal matters, willing to report to the newspaper, do not want to report no newspaper, not only the contents of the discount, but also the emergence of false information or lack of short two information. There are hundreds of thousands of cadres at or above the county level, which does not include running shoes nike mens the cadres of the state-owned enterprises and institutions. There are also tens of thousands of cadres in the bureau-level cadres. The report on personal matters is undoubtedly a huge amount of data. The authenticity of the running shoes guide inspection is not easy. Will inevitably have moisture. National School of Administration Professor Bamboo said. The use of his office to facilitate the transfer of property for his relatives, transfer of property to overseas, and some corruption incidents in recent years show that the leading cadres report that the supervision and deterrence of the relevant matters system is not really reflected Out, need to be improved. nike air max 90 hyperfuse The Eighth Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clearly put forward the earnest implementation of the leading cadres to report on the relevant matters of the system and carry out checks and verification work. At present, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places have started running shoes buying guide or implemented the work. In Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, the local Commission for Discipline Inspection of 14 reports to verify the content. From the results of checks to verify the results of 37 samples of 11 people re-declared, the contents of all ugg guantes reported for the property missing, of which 10 people missed a total of 14 property. At the same time, some party and government leading cadres in the self-declaration of real estate problems on the issue of false reports. From the discovery of the problem, to accurately grasp the personal situation of leading cadres, must have a verification mechanism. For the false filmmaker to bear legal responsibility, should also be accountability. Tsinghua University School of Public Administration, Cheap nike air max Independent Commission Against Corruption and Public Governance choosing a running shoes Research Center Director Cheng Wenhao said. □ measures to declare and verify the cadre without a chances 'notice' clear, the annual random proportion of individual events report material. He Zengke, a researcher at the Central Compilation Institute, said that it was a substantive measure to improve the reporting of personal matters by leading cadres, adidas y3 that checks and checks were conducive to dealing with false declarations and improved the efficiency of corruption and helped to identify problems at an running shoes for shin splints early stage. Peking University Law School Professor Jiang Mingan proposed that the leading cadres to report personal matters should have to declare, verify, publicity three links, if only to declare and not check, then the declaration is not much significance, a lot of false reports can be found through the verification. Check and verify as a means, will form a deterrent to the leading cadres, to give zapatos nike up the chances. It can be said that a simple declaration running shoes how to choose can only make this system play two or three into the role, if the declaration plus verification, you can play 50% to 60% of the role, coupled with publicity, you can play a greater role. Jiang Mingan said. For the scope of checks, methods, results, etc., has not yet introduced specific provisions, but some experts said that sampling should be in all levels of leading cadres in full swing. Bamboo home proposed, sampling should be provincial and municipal level running shoes knee pain as the backbone of the three, cascade selection of sampling objects, focusing on party and government leaders, followed by members of the Standing Committee at all levels. Matters open or from the new cadre of the Central Organization Department of the notice mentioned running shoes jordans by the leading cadres of individual matters to declare, it is the Eighth Plenary Session included in the 15 major areas and 60 of the reform of one of running shoes clearance them. Li Jiacong, director of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), explained the trial of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Plenary Session of the running shoes in washing machine 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and put forward the pilot project on the implementation of the relevant running shoes online store matters in the public affairs of the newly appointed leading cadres, Check the verification method and so on. Bamboo brands of running shoes home that civil servants most important career expectations is to rise to higher positions, which is the performance of human nature, but now with a hard bar, if not truthfully declare, career expectations on the basic hopeless. This will be of great zapatos nike 2017 significance to some cadres' behavioral constraints. Declaration and sampling results should be open Bamboo home that the leading cadres of personal matters do not open opaque caused by the spread of corruption. Not open, the masses can not monitor. He believes that open and nike shox turbo transparent should be the first manifestation running shoes outlet of the power of openness and transparency of the post, because officials make mistakes mainly in the post power, and an important part of the post power is the understanding of the specific circumstances of the officials, including housing, children abroad, At least within a certain range of open and transparent, at least in the unit within the public. Later, some important units should also be gradually open to the community. For random checks and running shoes for wide feet verification, the National School of Administration Professor Wang Yukai that the results should also be open to the public, so that people know some details, in the end is true or false, if not real error how much, mainly reflected in what areas. nike air running shoes Should be reported to the relevant cadres of the relevant parties sneakers vs running shoes at all levels of the party organs, the organs of the people's congress, the executive organs, the CPPCC organs, the judicial organs, the procuratorial organs, the democratic organs of the county level deputy (above the county level) cadres and people groups, (Including state-owned wholly-owned Baratas Nike running shoes on and state-controlled financial enterprises) and the state-owned state-owned enterprises, state-owned holding enterprises (state-owned enterprises), state-owned enterprises (including wholly state-owned financial enterprises and state-controlled financial enterprises) Including state-owned wholly-owned financial enterprises and state-controlled financial enterprises) members of the leadership of the irregularities in accordance with the provisions of the report does not report personal matters, according to the seriousness of the adidas chaussures running case, to give criticism of education, time limit correction, ordered to make inspections, admonish conversation, notification criticism or adjustment work Post, dismissal and other treatment; constitute discipline, in accordance with the relevant provisions of disciplinary action. Failing to report personal matters in accordance with the provisions, and the matter constitutes another disciplinary action, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the merger. Application of the organization (personnel) departments in the work of cadres and cadres in the selection and appointment of work, approved by the relevant leading cadres to report personal matters related to the matter Discipline inspection authorities (institutions) in the performance nike shoes sale uk of their duties, approved, you can consult the relevant leading cadres Report of the relevant matters of the matter Procuratorial organs in the investigation of the case of criminal cases, the approval of the case can be involved in the leading cadres to report personal matters related to the discipline inspection and supervision organs (institutions), organizations (personnel) departments received the report, or Cadre examination, inspection and other work in the masses of the leading cadres involved in personal matters related issues reflect the outstanding, approved by the relevant leading cadres to report personal matters related to the investigation and verification of the matter (the original title: leading cadres will report every year) Editor: Song Yan
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