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change dictionaries' icon feature

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change dictionaries' icon feature

Postby mah62ina » Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:35 pm

I am using GoldenDict version 1.5.0-RC2-170-g4c1dd16 on Windows 10 64bit.

I run GoldenDict in portable mode out of the box, without creating "portable" folder.

Every dictionaries are stored in their each subfolder in "content" folder.

I tried to have different icon for each dictionary, that is by using a .bmp file with the same name as the dictionary following instructions from

For example:
\content\KBBI III\
kbbi.bmp -> this is the icon file

The problem is, as we can see, i renamed the .bmp icon file with the same name as the dictionary, but it still won't appear as the dictionary icon.

(changing the subfolder name as the same name with the dictionary won't change it too)

Is changing dictionary icon possible in GoldenDict 1.5.0-RC2?

Thanks for answering my question.

regards :)
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