Without the umbrella, the world becomes cold

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Without the umbrella, the world becomes cold

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more and more farmhouse, I rarely eat. But occasionally think of that sitting in the shadow of the shade, his body on the dull days are not willing to be stubborn stubborn, is an ordinary people the most gentle education.The 15 principles of communication One, speak out Especially frankly speaking out of your inner feelings, feelings, pain, thoughts and expectations, but definitely not criticism, blame, complain, attack. Second, do not criticize, do not blame, do not complain, do not attack, do not preach Criticism, blame, complain, attack these are the executioners of communication, will only make things worse. Third, mutual respect Only to give each other respect only to communicate, if the other does not respect you, you have Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes to ask the other appropriate respect, otherwise it is difficult to communicate. Four, never outrageous words Bad words hurt, is the so-called evil from the mouth. Air Jordan 4 Five, do not say should not say If you should not say it, often to spend a great deal of cost to make up, it is the so-called words both out, Sima difficult to recover, from the mouth of the mouth, from the mouth, and even may also cause irreparable life Sorry for miles! So communication can not be true and false, mouth without cover; but do not speak, and sometimes will become worse. Six, emotions do not communicate, in particular, can not make a decision In the mood, it is easy to impulse and loss of reason; such as: noisy couple, anti-enemies of the parents and children, confrontation has long been the boss subordinates, but also a lot of money, Especially in the emotions can not make emotional, impulsive decision, it is easy to make things irreversible, it is regrettable! Seven, rational communication, irrational not to communicate Irrational only the dispute of the copies, there will be no results, but not a good result, so this communication to no avail. Eight, awareness Not just communication only need to know, everything needs to be wrong if they are wrong, do something wrong, if you do not want to make irreparable harm, the best way is what? I am wrong, this is a kind of awareness. Nine, admit I was wrong Admit that I was wrong to communicate with the disinfectant, can thaw, improve the communication with the conversion of the problem; on the sentence: I was wrong! How many people quit the old hatred, to resolve how many Cheap Nike Shoes Online years can not open the knot, people suddenly see the light, put down the weapons, to face their own, began to rethink life, and even who I am? In this vast universe of torrents, people are most concerned about is me, if someone does not respect me, suppress me, bully me or insult me, even if the pro-father and son, may be enemies, extreme, away from home What, the example of death to see you are not common! Ten, say sorry! I am sorry, do not mean that I really do what big mistake or wicked things, but a softener, so that things have the opportunity to turn the opportunity, and even can create miracles; In fact, sometimes you really It 's a big mistake. Eleven, let the miracle happen If you are willing to admit each other, is for themselves and their families to create a harmonious and miraculous; can not be possible. Twelve love Everything is love, love is the greatest therapist. Thirteen, waiting for a turnaround Of course, do not wait, the results will not fall from the world, or to your own efforts, but the effort does not necessarily have the results, but if you do not work, you will be Nothing at all. Fourteen, patiently waiting The only indispensable patience, aspiring things into. Fifteen, wisdom Wisdom makes people uncomfortable, and blessed to the soul.Understanding is a bridge, tolerance is an umbrella Understanding is a bridge, two is the road, No bridge, the road was broken. Tolerance is an umbrella, umbrella is warmth, Without the umbrella, the world becomes cold. Because Nike Shox Turbo 12 we have too much trouble, too much grievances and unhappy. So that Tianhundian, infinite feeling: human thin as paper In fact, the sun is still warm, the Nike Free 5.0 sky is still sunny, Just standing in the shadows of ourselves. Understanding, will let us out of the shadows, into a new world. Over the bridge of the road are wide, troubled black butterfly fly far, roadside Authentic Men's Nike Shoes full of warmth of flowers. From the world to become more beautiful. As the saying goes back to the brighter future, Tolerance of others is also treat yourself; Forgive someone else left his smile to himself. Tolerance is a blooming umbrella, under the umbrella we enjoy the warm sunshine. Life journey can meet you is a fate, we should cherish this fate. Do not let the grievances rush warmth, do not let the anger leave regret. Forgive others does not represent weakness, it is a kind of tolerance is a mind, is a smart choice. Let us build a bridge of understanding, hold a tolerant umbrella, enjoy a better life, so that the world is full of sunshine!Real friends, light pay, slowly The audience will only make people visually comfortable, but friends will let your heart moved. Friends do not meet every day, eat and drink, toute
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