A goodwill, like a beacon, illuminates the people around an

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A goodwill, like a beacon, illuminates the people around an

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ou can also resolve embarrassment embarrassment; humor can be Authentic Nike Shoes active in the atmosphere, but also can give people happy and happy. Thus we can see that humor is good for everyone. Learn humor, it Air Max Shoes will become a good interpersonal weapon, why not!Small eyes of the people, heaven and earth big deal Willing to suffer people, after all, can not afford to lose. Can suffer people, people must be good, good people have a good chance of life, people's life can seize one or two opportunities, enough! It is a blessing. Love to take advantage of cheap people, after all, can not take advantage of cheap. Picked up a grass, lost a forest, you see those who pay on the toilet or wallet half a day to dig out the smart people, basically nothing to achieve. Money such as dirt, righteousness and money. Small eyes of the people, heaven and earth big deal. Friends of the party, the three sentences from their own and their own people, is the reincarnation of the snail, inner emptiness, selfishness. Heart only their own things, the other things slowly has nothing to do with him. Especially men, when the heart is wide, can accommodate everything. Calmly in the middle, the prime minister can hold the boat. Only Xi Li, in order to keep the edge. In the way of life we ​​will encounter a lot of people, in fact: destined to meet, loved ones are mostly past friends, friends are mostly past relatives, to bring you most of your troubles hurt. So remember: treat the loved ones around, care about friends around, forgive those who hurt you. All things are margin. This is the cause and effect. This life is destined to what we do not go, then: I line my way, live in the moment, laugh at the moment, Wu in the moment, all things wait and see, laughing life, life is short, must be wonderful! Those who believe in the richest and most morality of the most virtuous, willing to practice the most safe Nike Free 3.0 V6 and intelligent people are most respectable. Honesty is the core of morality. Good heart is Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes good, heart bad everywhere bad. There is compassion, can benefit people; have understanding heart, to accommodate people; have patience, to be a man.Mature people do not ask the past, smart people do not ask now Everyone can have a free life, can live a big realm. There are two things in the world, Nike Free 5.0 V3 the same is seen with the eyes, such as flowers and trees, mountains and rivers, sun and stars; there is the same eye can not see, such as thinking, wisdom, emotions, need to be aware of the heart. Yuan Mei in the 'Park Poetry' mentioned Yang Wanli's words: never talented people, good talk about style, and not understand the funny, why? Style is empty shelf, cavity easy to describe, funny specialist spirit, non-genius do not do Can be the last month of the moonlight temperature to this year before the wine, which is a bit of temperament and talent. In fact, the greatest freedom is not the freedom of the Air Jordan 2 mind. If the mind does not reach the realm of freedom, where the body is not free. Terrible is through life, sad is unable to extricate themselves in failure. And a wise man, after recognizing the truth of life, still love life. Mature people do not ask the past, smart people do not ask now, open-minded people do not ask the future. A wise man lives in his own free mood. Rain in the mountain fruit, light under the grass insects Ming. Life a few people know you? There are several people intimate? Two three Mo against friends, thirty-five mind people, is a lifetime blessing points. Anger is to use their own mistakes to punish yourself; worry is to use their own fault to torture yourself; regret is to use the helpless past to destroy their own; worry is to use virtual risk to frighten yourself; lonely is self-made cell imprisonment; Strengths defame themselves. Do things to pay attention to things to heart to heart. Things, whether good or bad, should be calmly deal with. Go, as long as things have done, whether good or bad have passed, whether happy or sad have been useless, it should be the heart only. When we have such a state of mind, our life is free. Author brief introduction: Lu Xian Sheng, now living in Jinan. 'Reader', 'Youth Digest', 'Thinking and Wisdom', Longyuan Journals signed a columnist, the Ministry of Education Eleventh Five-topic literary experts, Shandong Province Writers Association.Have a thoughtful mind to reflect the true meaning of life Goodwill is one of our traditional Chinese culture, goodwill is the basic goodwill, a smile, a simple action, a greeting from the heart, which we are not difficult to do, but it may help others out Dilemma. With good character, there is really love their parents, love others, love the foundation and possible. A goodwill, like a beacon, illuminates the people around and warms himself, and goodwill does not need to be instilled and forced, and will only infect and spread with each other. The structure of the word is only one write a Na, but really written is not easy. One stroke overturned, two strokes, meaning that heaven and earth. To be a good man is not necessarily a thriving, but at least to be worthy of cons
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