Humorous people, gestures, eyebrows blink of an eye are joy

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Humorous people, gestures, eyebrows blink of an eye are joy

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sonal relationships, suddenly join the courtesy of the time, you must be extra careful. Sometimes, couples use exotic courtesy when it is likely to be a sign of ghosts. When talking with overly modest words, it may be a strong jealousy, hostility, contempt, vigilance, and so on. Language is the standard of measuring the psychological distance of emotional communication between the two sides. Courtesy is too much to use, and is not necessarily able to show respect, often may also contain contempt and jealousy factors. At the same time, inadvertently will be separated from others and their own, with the prevention of their own not to prevent the prevention function. Some city people are very kind to talk to outsiders. This may be a strong Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes exclusionary performance, giving a cold impression. And so on, if the deep friendship of friends, still can not help but use courtesy words, it is likely that there is a sense of inferiority, or hidden hostility. People who like to use celebrity terms and stories, in general, are mostly authoritarian. Usually, if a person shut out the book bag, will make people have a feeling of the wrong temple door. In fact, he is just a language as a defense of their own weaknesses. He did so, nothing more than to strengthen the weight of the speech, but also that he knows the broad, to raise the identity and Air Max 1 expand their influence. There is a trick 1, in a formal occasion to speak or speech people, at the beginning to clear the throat, most people are out of tension. 2, talking constantly clear throat, change the tone of the people, there may be some kind of anxiety. 3, some people clear his throat, because he is still not clear about the issue, need to continue to consider. People who generally have this behavior are more than women. Adults more than children When the child is nervous, it is usually stammered, or hesitantly said Well, ah, repeatedly said: You know 4, deliberately clear the throat is a warning to others, to express a dissatisfaction with the emotions, meaning that if you do not listen, I have to bluntly. 5, the whistle is sometimes a chic Air Max Shoes or in the calm expression, but some people will be used to bluff, to cover up the inner uneasy. 6, inner dishonest people, when the words Nike Shox Roadster 12 of hesitation, this is the performance of guilty conscience. 7, character perverse people, pregnant with ghosts, talking yin and yang weird, the sound is very harsh. 8, there are rebellious attempts of people, talking often a bit shame. 9, the heart of calm people, intonation will be calm. 10, people who slander others flashing, the loss of the conduct of people talk hesitantly. 11, impetuous people chatter endlessly. 12, the hearts of doubt people, talking is often ambiguous 13, good and gentle people, the words are always small. 14, the heart of soft people, talking always like a small bridge water, gentle and gentle, very rich affinity.Humor is a lubricant to resolve disputes There is a just admitted to the driver's license of the young man, open the father of the old car on the road a show! Along the way fairly well, at the crossroads and other red lights, the car even turned off the fire. He suddenly rush, seeing the green light immediately to light up, but the car is ignored, the young man sweating to the early troubleshooting, behind the car driver to the speaker was deafening. The young man hurriedly drove the car and walked towards the rear. Bystander thought there was a good show, did not expect the young man, but the car people said: Sir, so good? I'll help you press the horn and drive you to help me get the car out of the car, how? Another story is also said on the road, a wide less on the highway drag racing, was a female traffic police stopped, wide and reluctantly parked in the side, rush to intimidate Men Air Max Motton 2014 law enforcement: You know my father is Who? Say it will frighten you! Female traffic police froze a moment, replied: I am not interested to know who he is? But your mother will not be satisfied with your current virtue! From these two little stories, the description of humor may be to some extent to resolve the dispute, to ease the conflict of lubricant. Clowns cheer because of funny performances, teachers get humor for the humor of the applause; world Authentic Nike Shoes Sale famous comedian Chaplin's fun, so that the world will never forget; American comedian Mr. Bean's humor, his career reached its peak. In the past when the United States President Ronald Reagan was hit by the criminals fell to the ground when the wife Nancy quietly looked at him, almost fainted, Reagan was calmly say that the United States, the United States, the United States, A word: my dear, let you frightened! I'm sorry, I forgot to hide the bullet! So bitter for fun, humorous, really worthy of the great head of the great country. In this way, humor is a catalyst for dealing with interpersonal relationships, but also to resolve disputes compete for lubricants, and sometimes pretending to help boosters. Humorous people, gestures, eyebrows blink of an eye are joy; good humor, all are welcome. Humor can be closer to each other, y
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