This is a lack of self-confidence in the performance

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This is a lack of self-confidence in the performance

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y are afraid of the world chaos, like to spread some of the Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens so-called insider information, so that others after listening to the heart uneasy. In fact, 2014 New Nike the purpose of doing so is to attract the attention of others, to meet their vanished people under the vanity. They are not heart so bad people, as long as the depressed vanity to be satisfied, they also corpuscles without incident. Listening to the emergence of people, the performance of the dominant form. When they speak, they never relate to their own affairs, or about their own people. Their topic, more involved in someone else's chores, or the other's secret, very concerned about each other's every move. From the perspective of men and women, do so, that you are very concerned about Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes each other, or by the other side, because you are a loyal listener. However, a person is too concerned about their own things are not familiar with, only that his inner world is lonely. In real life, there is such a class of people, no matter what kind of occasions, talk to others, love the topic lead to their own body, boast how their own struggle. Fear that others do not know his glorious history, and the result is not as good as he imagined. You can find that he is a person who is dissatisfied with reality. Although he did not use his resentment language to talk about his ideas, on the contrary, only with the expression of self-expression. Perhaps he was an out and out of the loser, can only rely on nostalgia to pass the time; perhaps his promotion, through Authentic Nike Shoes the past to make up for the current situation, from his topic, others will find his heart is lurking Dissatisfied emotions. Talk way Analysis of a person's actions, you can know that his potential desire not only hidden in the topic, but also exist in the topic of the way to start. For example, at the party, everyone is talking to each other, Nike Free 5.0+ suddenly someone disregarding the conversation, **** irrelevant topic, this is quite annoying behavior. Some people talk to others, often the topic is very far away, so that you touch the clue, or constantly changing the subject, so that others feel baffled. These actions show that such people have a strong sense of desire and self-expression, rarely put others in the eyes, so in his speech, he will put a look of my own way, let others listen to his ideas, In his opinion. In general, a government official or a business leader, there will be endless talk habits. Through this phenomenon, we can see that he worried about the power of the psychological state. It can also be said that he is a person who likes to dominate the position. The constant change in the content of the topic is a good thing, but talk about the outrageous, everything seems no clue, it will make the audience feel dull. If he is an ordinary person, often talk about no clue of the topic, or constantly changing the topic, the East pull, then leave a fragmented impression. This shows that he is a lack of rational thinking of people. Of course, a good talker, is rarely talk about their own, but will lead the other side of the topic analysis, finishing, constantly from each other to absorb knowledge and information. In general, some people will focus on listening to each other's conversation, from the character point of view, this type of person would like to understand the psychology of others, but also a tolerant attitude, a real gentleman. Su Dongpo is a writer of the Song Dynasty, he is very linguistic talent, longer than eloquent, but very much attention to the content of other Cheap Nike Shoes people's conversation. Sometimes meet with friends, he will stop and listen to them talk. A party, Mi Fu asked Su Dongpo: others say I am crazy, how do you see? Su Dongpo humorously laughed: I am with the flow. All the people laugh. Even the different views of friends, he also to a few words, and the occasional attitude of treatment. Often used, uh, this, that person, that his conversation can not be carried out in a structured way, thinking no clue, thoughts unorganized. However, even if the same use of conjunctions, commonly used, but the people, generally can be considered, its strong thinking. When they speak, the mind will emerge in the relative language to filter the evidence. The so-called eloquent, mind-conscious people, refers to such people. For those who often have this vocabulary, most of the more prudent. It is also so, the words will inevitably intermittent, had to re-integration, it can continue. This is a lack of self-confidence in the performance. In interpersonal relationships, the language that is most likely to be deciphered is the guest language. The existence of guest language is the inevitable result of social development. However, the guest language to use appropriate, too far-fetched and seem unnatural, that this person is not intentionally, politelanguage is the opposite of vulgar, casually say vulgar, to show the relationship between the two sides are unusual, let People have misunderstandings. In the absence of barriers to interpersonal relationships, do not need to use courtesy words. However, when in close interper
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