A reporter was determined to study the ministers of the psyc

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A reporter was determined to study the ministers of the psyc

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deliberately twisted turned, light cough a few times, would Authentic Nike Shoes like to remind each other not to smoke. But the man did not notice her move, or if nothing had to suck. Woman intolerable, angry to the man said: Sir, you may be outsiders, this train specifically has a smoking room, where is not allowed to smoke. Listen to a woman say so, men fully understand, he smiled and apologized to the hands of the cigarettes pinch off, thrown out of the window. For a while, a few men in uniforms came in, they came to the woman, said to the woman: the lady, I am sorry, you go wrong car, and this is General Grant's private car, please leave immediately. Woman was horrified, the original sitting opposite her is the famous Grand General, she was very afraid. But General Grant did not blame her the slightest meaning, his face still hanging a faint smile, kindly said to the subordinates: nothing, let the lady sit here. Grant's generals won the respect of the woman, his benevolence was widely praised. Grant is the general with such a broad mind to conquer the men of the soldiers, making him in the battle of attack, in every danger can be saved from danger. Tolerance is a mind, is a kind of grace, is a virtue, it is a blame wisdom. Tolerance of others, not only will not make their own interests and reputation damage, but will win the hearts of people, have been widely recognized. Especially against opponents, tolerance will often produce unexpected results. Lincoln's election to the US president, his campaign opponent Stanton had tried every means to insult him in front of the public, let him lose face, but also fabricated a variety of rumors to defame him, slander him, destroy his image The To this end, Lincoln suffered a lot. But in the end Lincoln still beat Stanton, successfully elected president of the United States. While all the people think that Stanton from bad luck, he was accidentally appointed as chief of staff Lincoln. Lincoln's tolerance and generosity were completely moved and conquered Stanton, and in later work, Stanton was always on Air Jordan 4 Retro his head and dedicated himself to repent Lincoln's knowledge. A few years later, Lin certainly assassinated, the people Nike Air Max Shoes Sale of the country in the grief, with a lot of praise to describe the great man. Among them, Stanton's words have the most weight, he said: Lincoln is the most admirable people in the world, his name will be handed over. In life and work, we will Air Max Shoes on Sale inevitably with their loved ones, friends, colleagues friction, resulting in a variety of misunderstandings, disputes, hatred, etc., if handled poorly, it may make the contradictions to upgrade, make themselves in a passive situation, and even let Their own troubled, life and work are covered with a shadow. Tolerance of others, in fact, is equal to give their own winning power. Facts have proved that generous people can get more respect and help others, so that their lives more enjoyable.It is critical to find people The ancients cloud: words are not out of Italy has been born. In real life, it is often hesitant, hesitantly, at this time, some of his small moves, has leaked its real thoughts. Check the contents of the chat How to decipher the mentality of a person's language from the password? Chat is a better way. Because most of the chat in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, easy to make the other side to remove the psychological line of defense. In the middle of the Second World War, Tokaido became Prime Minister of Japan. The matter is a secret decision, the newspapers are very want to explore the secret, trying to chase the ministers interviewed, but nothing. A reporter was determined to study the ministers of the psychological set: no one will say who as prime minister, if the question raised clever, the other side will inevitably reveal some signs, which may explore the secret. So he raised a question to a minister who attended the meeting: Is the man of the prime minister as bald? At that time, the Japanese Prime Minister has three candidates: one is bald, one is white hair, one is half bald, this half-bald is the Tojo, in this seemingly unintentional chat, the minister did not think of which hidden organs , Because he heard the question, the look of some hesitation, did not directly answer the question. Smart reporter from this moment, to infer the Air Jordan 9 final answer, access to the exclusive news. Because the other side of the pause, is certainly thinking: half bald is bald? Nike LeBron ST II Talk to people, some shallow, not scheming people, it is easy to talk to your discontent emotions to listen to you. For such people, you should not establish a deeper degree of contact with him, just put him as an ordinary friend. If you meet each other soon, the other side hastily to the minds of a child to talk to you, and a pair of earnestly look, which on the surface seems very easy to make other people say something, that he was completely sincere, Is not a worthy person. This kind of thing is the lack of exploration of things, do not attach what he said, it is best not to express any advice, only perfunctory on the line. There are a class of people, the
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