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Even if only three minutes

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family background is better than the other side, can not show Air Jordan 4 Retro off. The second minute, experience introduced: made what done> what done Remember that achievement is more important than your experience! Others care about your results. 01 experience \u0026 ne; experience. Experience is a kind of understanding, not necessarily their own to do. Self-introduction, say more experience, less experience. The real experience is easier to attract each other, let the other concerned about you. 02 show the most proud of your achievements. Not to show off, just to prove their ability, but also to their own confidence! If your achievements are not so much gold content, it can also light their own charisma, such as in the most difficult time, and the Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes company never betray. 03 experience as needed. Do not have any experience that your experience to be related to the subject, otherwise it is a waste of their tongue and other people's time. 04 The power of numbers. Numbers are concrete and convincing, and your numbers are credible and reliable. 05 awards should payattention to gold content. For example, international certification, industry certification, family certification (although not well-known, but the family's recognition and support, the cause must be helpful.) Note that there is strength can be enough to stop, do not let people show vanity to show off The sense of. 06 with the growth experience attractive. Let the other side to see you step by step to grow up the footprints, so as to move each other, so that the other always maintain a high degree of interest. Remember, there is a growing experience is the most attractive, this growth can be the cause, it can be psychological. Note that it is selective to say that time is limited. 07 appropriate to introduce the relationship, closer to each other distance. This relationship should be Nike Free 2012 moderate, do not give pressure on each other. Let the other know that you and he is not entirely a stranger can. Note that the relationship between the use of appropriate, otherwise counterproductive. The third minute, the advantages of introduction: what Authentic Women's Nike Shoes can be done> want to do In general, others are not interested in what we want to do, more concerned about what you can do, Women Air Max 2014 Leather what can bring him. This section mainly has the following points: 01 summarize your strengths. Know where their strengths and weaknesses, really understand themselves, to let each other know you. Only summed up their own advantages, in accordance with the needs of each other in time to come out. (So, keep asking yourself, where is my advantage?) 02 highlight the most advantageous advantages of the characteristics. The so-called advantage of the most advantageous features, is your own advantages and characteristics of the combination, is your different ability. There is no advantage, it means no ability. I think that 's your core competency. What can you bring to each other? The ultimate goal of the above is to let the other side know what you can bring for him. (This is the other side of the most concerned.) So, the other will have to want to further understand your intention. 04 illustrate your advantage with facts. That's what happened, and those that you turn your advantage into action. Note that it is best not to take advantage of the collective. Future planning is more important than slogan. A person who has a plan for the future must be visionary. You can show your planning plan, for which you need to consider your career future development goals, what goals are Air Max Shoes needed to achieve this goal, and which are planned and which are adjustable in future planning. In general, the third division is about their own advantages, especially those who just need the other side of the advantages. The plan for the future is to let the other increase your confidence. Three minutes of speech content, we should pay attention to what? More than three minutes, stressed that we talk about the contents of the mouth. Besides, what should we pay attention to? 01 in order to let others remember you, you have a good impression, in addition to the mouth of the speak, but also pay attention to body language. Such as the appropriate dress, pleasing appearance, always keep a smile, etc., gives a good feeling of self-cultivation. 02 said before you first listen to see. To see each other's eyes, body language, expression; to listen to each other's words outside the sound. 03 practice their language simple and powerful. Use their own characteristics of the vocabulary, try to use the visual effects of the statement (such as verbs + details)! Finally, I want to say, communicate with people is heart and heart communication, we may be able to talk to each other's heart to go. Even if only three minutes, but also to others to leave a good impression. wish everyone!Tolerance is a kind of wisdom On a train to Philadelphia, there was a woman on the way, and she walked into a carriage and chose a seat to sit down. At this time, a man opposite her lit a cigarette, deeply sucked a few mouthfuls. The woman smell the smoke on the uncomfortable, she
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