Appreciate others is a realm; treat others is a kind of min

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Appreciate others is a realm; treat others is a kind of min

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7, no compassionate people can not pay! Or heart vicious, or selfish enough, this generation as a wolf as a companion Life to pay four friends 1, pay an appreciation of your friends, when you are down and down to comfort you to help you. 2, to pay a positive energy friends, when you are depressed to accompany you to encourage you 3, pay a friend for your lead, voluntarily do your stepping stone, take you through the muddy, fog. 4, pay a willing to criticize your friends, always remind you, supervise you, so you always find their own wrong.Be kind to others is a kind of mind 1. One day my word lost a write, became a word, to find that write, I asked a lot of people, that write what? Businessman said it was money, politicians say power, the star said is fame, the soldiers said to be honor, the workers said to be wages, the students said that the final life told me that is: health and happiness, without them, what are clouds! 2. Those who are confused, easy to happy; live awake people, easy to worry. This is because the sober people see too real, a more true, life will be troubled everywhere; and confused people, less care, although live a simple and rough, but therefore find the great taste of life. 3. What is the value of a bowl of rice? If a businessman, made a few dumplings, probably can sell two or three dollars; if an entrepreneur, after fermentation, if the same time, Make a bottle of wine, it is worth twenty dollars. Life is like a bowl of rice, everyone has their own value, the key is how to find, develop, enhance and enlarge. 4. sometimes do not understand, just do not want to understand. Sometimes do not know, just do not want to say it. Sometimes do not understand, but helpless, so he remained silent. Some words, suitable for hiding in the heart. Some pain for the silent forget. A lot of things that they know just fine. A lot of change, do not have to say out, they understand just fine. 5. Happy by their own, no one who can sympathize with and share your Cheap Nike Shoes sadness; strong on their own, no one who will have mercy on your cowardly; effort on their own, no one will accompany you to stay in place; cherish by others, others do not want to squander Their youth; persistent by their own, no one who will go back and forth with you; all the way through their own, no one who can keep you in the end 6. Do not know when to start, I have polished their own edges and corners. No longer a little bit sad and angry, no longer for some villain angry. Air Jordan 13 Retro I face a modesty mentality, do not seek meritorious service, but no merit. Perhaps this is very ambition, but I just thought of a dull life. Ann heart, simple, do something to make yourself happy, this life indifferent. 7. Life needs four kinds of repair: One is tolerant. Forbearance of the gas, eliminate the day of the disaster; can not tolerate, not necessarily cowardly. The second is to see broken The biggest calm, not see through the Red, but see through life is still able to love liThree can afford it. Life to have to play, do not prevaricate to escape, face a bleak life. Four is put under the next. Air Jordan 6 Put down the paranoid, put down the memory, put down unwilling, let go, flat, simple. 8. If the years quiet, then care for the body and mind; if dark time, then more experience. Life is the most confused, not no one to understand you, but you do not understand their own. Did not give up, how can we; do not keep lonely, see the bustling. Once again the United States, but a paper empty talk; at the foot of hard, but it is directed at tomorrow. Fate to give you, no matter how good or bad, all need to seriously face, calmly deal with, regret life is called Authentic Nike Shoes life, flaws are now considered real. 9. Life is a process of non-stop to give up. To give up the fear of love, in exchange for the stability of the family; to give up the applause of the sounds, in exchange for the calm Nike Air Max 2015 Womens of the soul. Accept or not, sometimes we have no choice. Love can not be owned and deep, because the dream can not be round and beautiful. Life, always with the beauty of incomplete, due to short regret and poignant. 10. the way to the newborn, follow the parents to go; students of the road, follow the teacher to go; social road, followed by celebrities to go; this has become a number of people grow up the model. The way of life alone lacks Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes itself. In fact, follow is to learn to be independent, not followers, but not imitate. Let the mind out of their own flowers, bear a different fruit, although may have to pay the price, experience the storm, but also make you proud, let others envy. 11. Appreciate others is a realm; treat others is a kind of mind; care for others is a quality; care about others is a conservation! Deceive my people to increase my knowledge; stumble my people to strengthen my ability; slander my people tempered my personality; contempt for my people awakened my self-esteem; reprimanded my people contributed my wisdom ; The people who abandoned me taught me to be independent; those who hurt me hone my mind. 12. lively but people look at people, anxious, but others and others, uncomfortabl
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