Those who have their own dignity and personality

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Those who have their own dignity and personality

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mportance of respecting others, a person in dealing with others, if you can understand and understand others, then he will get a hundred times the understanding and respect. Excellent people who will respect. Respect for leadership is a kind of duty, respect Nike Free 3.0 V6 for colleagues is a part of respect for subordinates is a virtue, respect for customers is a common sense, respect for opponents is a generous, respect for all is a kind of education, can be said to respect the charm unlimited. No one can be perfect, we have no reason to look up to others in the eyes of the mountain, nor qualified to disdain look to hurt others' self-esteem, if some of their own as others, we do not have to self-esteem or jealousy To replace the proper self-esteem. Only learn to respect others, in order to win the respect of others. In fact, respect for others is to respect themselves. A cheerful shop in front of a businessman standing in front of a ragged body exudes a bad smell of beggars. Next to the guests are frowning, revealing the look of disgust. Man shouting \u0026 lsquo; go, go 'Beggars have come up with a few dirty little denomination notes whispered: I came to buy a cake, the smallest kind of. Shop owner came, warmly from the cupboard to take out a small and delicate cake handed the beggar, and bowed deeply to him, said: Thank you care, welcome again! The beggar was flattered, knowing that he had never been Cheap Nike Shoes so honored. Shop owner's grandson puzzled and asked: Grandpa, why are you so beggars so warm? Shop owner explained: Although he is a beggar, but also customers ah He in order to eat our cake, spent a long time to discuss a little money, it is rare, I do not personally serve him how worthy of his love? Grandson asked: why, why should he receive his money? Shop owner said: he is not the guests today to beg, we certainly want to respect him. If I do not Nike Free 2012 accept his money, would not Air Jordan 1 GS it be an insult to him? We must remember that we should respect every customer, even if Authentic Nike Shoes he is a beggar; because everything we are given by the customer. The child nodded thoughtfully. The owner of this shop is the Japanese big entrepreneur Di Yi Ming's grandfather. Di Yiming frankly, when the grandfather of the beggar's every move deeply printed in his mind, and later repeatedly talked about the story at the meeting, requiring employees to respect every customer as his grandfather. It is conceivable that the respect here is not the courtesy of social occasions, but from the depths of the deep understanding of another life, love, understanding and respect, such respect does not contain any utilitarian color, nor any identity Status of the impact; but it is so purely the most simple and most worthy of the return. Heart wide foot wide road ten feet, open heart to treat everyone. Whether you like or hate, whether it is your friend or your enemy, have to respect them, it is a kind of courage is a kind of wisdom!Ancient discipline has 'six different' 'seven do not pay', remember to do good people There are six tricks do not pay, it makes sense, remember to let you do good people! One or six 1, do not cooperate with the desires of too desires, because they can not see other people pay, only care about their own gains and losses with the results. 2, do not cooperate with people who do not have a sense of mission, because they make money for the purpose. 3, do not cooperate with people who are not humane, because together will be unhappy. 4, do not cooperate with negative energy people, because they will consume your positive energy. 5, do not cooperate with people who do not have the principle of life, because they think that earning Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes benefits is the principle of life. 6, not with the heartless people who cooperate, because ungrateful people will be negative. Two, seven do not pay 1, the parents filial piety can not pay! 2, for people who can not pay! Outrageous, mouth without cover, not a husband, doing things can not care, such people tend to hurt others, how can the army? 3, preoccupied with the people can not pay! Everything preoccupied, for fear of their own disadvantage, stealing machine drilling camp, playing carefully, it seems to take advantage of the way to make his mind safe, 4, I do not know the respect of the people can not pay! As the saying goes: to not indecent assault also. Everything has come and gone, you respect me a foot I respect you ten feet, and then dripping of the grace when the Yongquan phase reported that the selfish only know how to ask the villain! 5, good at flattery can not pay! This generation often see the wind to the rudder, goodwill unforgettable, such selfishness, no sense of the mouse generation, is the most dangerous characters in life, must not be taken lightly, with the intersection of how to know bad fortune? 6, the power of nobody can not pay! Those who have their own dignity and personality, or senior officials or civilians, or wealthy or poor, are flesh and blood, can not look up to sniff others, but also not overlooking others to make it groveling, the gap between the big one why the intersection.
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