Unlike those open to the wind buds, innocence simple,

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Unlike those open to the wind buds, innocence simple,

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le, more trouble, the joy of less, live on the tired. Not like those Taidaliela Ma Dahaha, scheming soon, want to soon, worry about worry, trouble is not annoying, even if there is a big thing, the food to eat, drink drink, all day happy. Too mature people, courage on the small, worry more. Do things are always slowly, cautiously, unlike those newborn calves, dare to dare to dry, before the fear of the wolf, not afraid of the tiger, said dry, vigorous and resolute. Too mature people, no longer naive, no longer simple. Unlike those open to the wind buds, innocence simple, cute and lovely. Too mature people, the burden of thinking on the heavy, so that the more problems, the physical quality of the deteriorating. Unlike those who have no heart, people do not go to the heart, eat incense, sleep sweet, physical and mental superior, smiling. People, is really a contradictory body. Immature when the yearning for mature, craving mature, once mature, and regret it, miss the past, dream back, lament that the best life of the period, just to school teenagers gone. Really, mature or not, not in age, not in the depth of experience, all in their own self-cultivation. Some people are not old, but learn to be smooth, old-fashioned; some people even live to seventy-eight, still look young and fit, childish. Some people are experienced by the wind and frost, after the ups and downs, but also do not trend Air Max TN Cushioning Mens with the potential, bowed down, still head held high, full of energy! Life, may be tender some, pure some, foolish some.To overcome the taboo, live in vain Life is a Authentic Women's Nike Shoes process, life to contact all kinds of people, to be a variety of things, do all sorts of things, in case of big and small opportunities, was unexpected. In order to make their own life as much as possible, should learn to overcome all kinds of taboo life, learn to know people, learn to be things, learn to do things, learn to seize the Nike Free 5.0 opportunity to learn through the suffering, worthwhile life. The taboo of the man The children are taboo old Husband and wife of the taboo contempt The taboo of the family Parents are spoiled The teacher's bogey Students are taboo addiction The fool of the officials The judge's taboo is partial The police are taboo fierce Merchant's bogey sale The artist's taboo porn Men Free Run Play the taboo vulgar Investors hype The doctor's taboo money The driver of the taboo vindictiveness Friends of the taboo suspicion Cause of the bogey to give up The taboo of doing things frivolous Wrong whisper stubborn Learn the taboo carelessness Whispering arrogance Eat food for food and drink Speak the bogey boast Escaping away The taboo of life (1) Learn to avoid a exposure to the cold, the work of the sober, the work of bogey of their own way, life bogey and extravagant, for others to avoid words without words, words to talk about the words in fact, hospitality bogey rude, entertainment bogey extremely sad, guest bogey overwhelming, spending money, Friends of the bogey no sincerity, holding bogey bogey waste. The Taboo of Life (2) 1, do not pretend to separate iron and steel. Times change fast, sooner or later to be injured. 2: do not do too fast, only a hundred years. If you want to show, all in life. 3: do not be afraid of life, will eventually be happy. If you are tired, you are none other than you. 4: do not be afraid of life, have to be offenses. You want to be easy, then do disability. 5: do not be afraid of life, can be weak and strong. Today is dirty, good tomorrow Lang. 6: Do not be afraid of life, look at him and me. If you want to have Cheap Nike Shoes Online a day, you do not get angry. 7: do not greedy people, you always come. Now take advantage of the money to bury you 8: do not expose the short, beat people do not fight face. Today offended people, there are risks tomorrow. 9: Do not be too handsome, have a day If you want to play, there is a mountain outside the mountain. 10: do not do angry, gas injury liver and kidney. Harmony friends, the horizon who asked. 11: do not be too slippery people, their own like chaos. Count every day, sooner or later to suffer. 12: do not be too silly, people riding good horse. Work too old-fashioned, sooner or later have to be playing. 13: do not be too bad, no one to love you This is so, sooner or later to suffer kick. 14: do not be too Nike Air Max Shoes Sale lazy, often missed pick up. Nothing more hard work, why go to risk. 15: do not be naive, naive do not matter. Mature to see the world, Dapeng can wings. 16: do not do love, love one on the line. Met people want to love, sad will hurt.Others respect you, not because you are good, but others are very good! I thought that someone else respected me because I was excellent. Slowly I understand, others respect me, because others are very good; excellent people know how to respect others. Respectful is actually in the solemn yourself. Gone with the Wind Know how to respect others is the most basic requirements. Really respect for others, it is a state, a virtue. Mencius cloud: love people, people love love; respect who, people Heng Jing of the. This remark emphasizes the i
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