The world that we are silly

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The world that we are silly

Postby Jay332843867 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:04 am

itude, appreciation of the eyes, will feel that you have a spirit of gravity as willing to contact with you. In this way, you will double to get someone else to bring you joy. Life, but a cup of tea, or Ye Hao, Ye Hao, what fight! Thick Ye Hao, light Ye Hao, Nike Free 3.0 V6 own taste. Anxious, too slow, then how? Warm Ye Hao, cold Ye Hao, like a smile. Life, because care, so painful. Because of suspicion, so hurt. Because of the light, so happy; because the bearish, so happy. We are all the passing of the world, a lot of personnel, we can not do the Lord. Keep a happy and forgetful heart, so contentment. As the saying goes: contentment often music. The normal desire of the people is nothing wrong, but once unbridled to produce many unrealistic fantasy, you can only add much trouble to their own. Contentment often refers to the calmly to deal with the current situation, to determine a viable pursuit of the goal, do not have too high expectations, do not look too low their own. In fact, optimistic and self-confidence, can make life more smooth journey. To be a happy person, we must have a contented heart, to be good at dialectical comparison to understand happiness. Than on the lack of more than the next. Wide their own heart, also opened a happy door. People do not lose the direction as long as they will not lose their own! Life is very tired, even if you are not tired, you will only be more tired later Cheap Nike Shoes Life is also bitter, even if you are not bitter, then the same will be more bitter later. Taking advantage of the young, we should be bold to go out to meet the wind and frost rain and snow baptism, trained a patience, open-minded, wise heart, happiness will comeThe more people are 'silly', the greater the blessing We live in this world, do not be too seriously, do not care too much, do not be too serious, the best silly, journeying. Let others go to play Nike Free 2012 smart, we do a stupid like. If someone else bully, how to do? If nothing had happened, if nothing had happened, you have to be comfortable. Do not be so serious about the world, you have to know that everything is false, illusory. 'Diamond Sutra', the Buddha told us that everything is law, such as dream Authentic Women's Nike Shoes bubble, such as dew, such as electricity, should be so as a concept. To Women Air Max 2014 Leather keep this sentence in your heart, you do not have so much trouble. False, illusory, false is not no, is short and not eternal, fleeting, gone how to do? Irreparable, unpredictable, so now no need to perseverance. Not serious, not to say that things do not seriously do, do is to do seriously, and my heart is not persistent, not the same thing, there is no hindrance. Buddha tells us that all the phases are false, if see the phase of non-phase, that see the arrival. Others look down on how I do? Look down on look down. How can you look and look down on what life is too short, you really do not know when to die, sometimes it is sudden, you did not expect. When life and death come, everything becomes meaningless. You do not be false to deceive, or only in the beginning and end of the reincarnation, the more the deeper the deeper. Then we repair the land of the law, is dead heart of this life must be reincarnation, to the West, the West is true, this world is false. Basically, the West is also false, but the fake world is not bitter, much better than we are here, so do not nostalgia here. You want to go to the West's desire is not enough to cut, because you do not see the benefits of the Western world, where in the end where is it? You do not understand. So you are still obsessed with the world, that there are some good things in this world, which is reversed. Take a look at the 'first machine net industry guide', you know how good the West Paradise world. We do not fight with others, let others win, let others go to his head. There are so many wise people in this world, but the wisdom and wisdom are not the same, clever can not get six reincarnation, wisdom can be out. If you do not understand, you go everywhere to account for others cheap, at most can account for decades, hundreds of years, well, enough, the go to the cycle, the next three way. Life and death industry, karma, by the time who can help you, how to do when the time Buddha to save you, supernatural powers lost to karma, finished. This life silly, crazy, the so-called silly is not Cheap Air Jordan Shoes really silly, crazy is not really crazy. The world is completely upside down. The world that we are silly, we are crazy, do not care so much, the more silly the better, the more crazy the better, behind your blessing came. The greatest blessing, world out of the world, not only this world, there are also come out of the world. We say, what is the greatest blessing in the universe? Ignorant person, he likes to take advantage of; wise man, he likes to suffer. You have a lot of money, and the calamity is followed by you. So too smart, anti-smart mistake. You do not care too much, eat a little loss, a Amitabha Buddha, consumer barrier, and behind the blessing, blessing Donation. Blessing will not be less, plot in there. We have to know, eat more losses, but also a few de
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